Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chic Alert Shopping Tips

This section will be used to record and group together useful shopping tips.

  1. Be an Informed Shopper: If you shop online and are making a first time purchase at a particular store then it is recommended that you first check the store's terms and conditions, especially Shipping Rates and Shipping Terms and Conditions, as well as it's Returns and Exchange Policies. It's also always a good idea to check the store's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  2. Make Sure the Store Will Ship to You: When shopping online you may find that a store doesn't ship to the country in which you live or if it does, it's quite expensive. So checking the store's Shipping Rates and Terms and Conditions is very important. For example, currently the online boutique eLUXURY does not ship to international destinations. Similarly, the leading fashion retailer Nordstrom, based in Seattle Washington does not send orders internationally.,, and Victoria's Secret are other examples. So make sure you check Shipping details before you buy!
  3. Get Your Own Private US Address: Shopping in bigger markets like the US is great but if the store doesn't ship to your destination then in the absence of using a family member or friend there, you could look at using a Freight Forwarder (International Mail Forwarding service such as Shop the States). This is an excellent alternative for when ordering products that the store cannot ship to your destination and can also provide you with savings in terms of shipping, customs and duties. As well as the US this could be useful when shopping at stores in the UK and Europe
  4. Often Cheaper in Bigger Markets: Even with the added shipping costs and taxes, and the costs of using an International Mail Forwarding service, it can be a lot cheaper to buy certain goods in larger markets such as the US and UK. Often in these markets, the lower prices and discounts offered, especially for designer items can result in substantial savings. Just do your homework before you shop.
  5. Check Prices Carefully: Especially when buying large ticket items, as some designer items will be, make sure you shop around for the best price for the item that you're thinking of purchasing. Very often the price of an item will vary from store to store and from one country location to another, even for the same merchant! For example, a US merchant might have an item at one price on its US site and a different price on its International site!! Check before you place your order.
  6. Check Prices In Your Local Currency: Often the international shopper will see prices in different currencies (eg. USD, Euros). When thinking of purchasing an item, it's always a good idea where necessary to check its price in your local currency using a currnecy converter. You may also need to add a small amount as your bank may also charge you a currency conversion fee. Work out the price, including any shipping costs, taxes and fees and then convert this to your local currency to see if it's a good deal when compared to local prices for the item before placing your order.

Let me know if you have any tips.

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