Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sales, Sales, Sales!


As stated in the header above, the Chic Alert is about all things chic! It's about the latest news on new fashion as well as on quality sales and designer bargains of chic and sophisticated fashion and lifestyle products. As well as sales, promos and special offers, the Chic Alert will also include GWP offers, gift vouchers and competitions. Being a fashionista the focus will be on fashion, health and beauty but heck, if there's something else really extraordinary and worth mentioning then it will be mentioned. Now some things to be aware of:

1. Don't you just get so mad when you hear about a great designer sale or a warehouse clearance 2 or 3 days after it has ended? Well now with the Chic Alert you will hear about such sales while they're still hot, hot, hot and without the need to continually re-visit this site? And, what's more, unlike other websites and alert services, with the Chic Alert you can get the hot news as soon as we publish it!!!! This means that instead of hearing about hot specials on a daily or weekly basis, you can hear within minutes of us publishing so you won't miss out. It's simple! Just use the Subscribe option on the sidebar to get the scoop on fashion news, sales and designer bargains delivered directly into your email's inbox while it's still hot, hot, hot! You'll be amongst the very first, ready to take advantage of the latest offers. This is particularly useful when for example, there is limited stock on sale (you know, the while stock lasts type of sales) or when the sale is only on for a limited time such as in the case of a daily or a weekend only sale. You don't want to be amongst those that hear about a great sale only after it has ended. By the same token, you don't want to hear about a great sale only to find that by the time you get on to it, they're out of stock of your size or particular fragrance fancy! Remember, it's usually first in, best dressed. So the first thing to do is register.

2. Please don't worry about your privacy as we will not give away, sell or do anything nasty with your email address or personal details. And yes, that's a no ifs and no buts promise!! However, if you want to maintain your anonymity, then during the registration process you register anonymously. However, I suggest that you don't, the reason being is that if you register anonymously then we will not be able to contact you about your registration or when delivering news to you outside of the posted sales and, perhaps more importantly to you is that you won't be able to enter into any competitions that we run as you will not be contactable should you be one of the lucky winners!

3. As well as reading about the sales and promotions, you can read comments made by others about them. It's really simple! Just select the Comments link at the end of the sale and any comments made by others will be displayed in a pop-up window. On this pop-up window you can also enter your own comments. This option allows you to share your experience and let others know what you thought about any given post. Was it a good sale? Did you pick up a bargain? Was your size in stock? Was there a good enough range? Was it crowded? Was it worth going to? We'd all love to hear your thoughts and we can all benefit by this sharing. The designers and retailers themselves might also pick up a hint or two about what us fashionistas thought about their sale and perhaps they might improve things on their next promotion!

4. There can be little doubt that today, because of the Internet, we all live in a global village and nowadays, from the very comfort of our homes we can shop just about anywhere in the world. So if you're living in Sydney, Australia you can shop the hottest women's clothing and lingerie at Frederick's of Hollywood or take advantage of a sale on the great selections at Macy's in California. So today we can all easily shop in Paris, London, L.A., New York or Sydney without having to stand in line in any queue! It really is all amazing. It's because of this that as well as the usual sales that we so often come across in the traditional fashion outlets, I intend to hunt out the best online boutique sales and promotions and report these to you. You can help on this too. If you walk past a store or come across an online boutique with a great promotion that you think we all might be interested in, then let the retailer know about the Chic Alert. It's easy as 1-2-3. They can use the Contact Us on the right-hand sidebar to tell us about their promotion or you yourself can use the Contact Us to let us know about the sale and we'll contact the retailer directly. If you are a designer or merchant, then talk to us about reviewing your line or new releases. We're always happy to promote exciting new lines.

5. There's another useful option at the bottom of each sale, called Email Post and you can use this to email the details of the post to any of your friends. The more friends we have the more interested retailers will be in having their sales listed here. It's all a numbers game!

6. Finally, if you wish to contact me for any reason or have a suggestion on how we can improve things here, then please let me know by using the Contact Us option. If you're an advertiser or retailer and wish to find out more on how you can participate then again please use the Contact Us option on the sidebar. I'd be happy to hear from you.

OK that's it for now. Cheers and happy shopping.....

Sally Green
The Chic Alert Team


  1. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Hi Sally,
    What a great idea you have here and what a lovely looking site. I too am a fashionista of sorts and have just used your email option to let some of my girlfriends know about your site. What would be great is if you could allow more than one friend to be added to the Email post so that I can send the post to multiple friends rather than have to do this one friend at a time. Anyway, I've registered and look forward to hearing about some great offers.


  2. Thanks Rhonda for taking the time to comment. Yes that's a great idea for later consideration.