Monday, January 30, 2006

Want Beautiful Lips?

First Impression Beautiful Lips

Want Beautiful Lips?

You’ve seen them on T.V. and in fashion magazines. Whenever your favorite movie star or supermodel catches your eye, you can’t help but feel envy. Especially if you suffer from thin, dry, wispy lips. Aren’t their full, luscious lips to die for?

Finally! Full, Kissable Lips.....Without Injections!

Enhance volume & shape, without stinging!

Plump and shape all day long

Soften and moisturize for comfort & shine

Retails for $77 but for a Limited Time only, Try it Free!

The first three-part lip-care system to increase Collagen AND Hyaluronic acid, without incjections or stinging.

There's no longer a need to be frustrated by lip-enhancers that burn, sting and then quickly fade. And you don't have to risk the time, money and pain for injections and other artificial methods. Now you can get that lush, luminous and perfect look that your lips deserve without spending a fortune.

First Impression Collagen and Hyaluronic acid enhancerEnhance, Repair, Renew.

First Impression is the first three-part system specially designed to enhance the look AND the health of your lips. Without stinging, pain or inconvenience.

This advanced formula naturally stimulates the production of both collagen and Hyaluronic acid, which both contribute to fuller, softer lips. Recently, fashion magazines have praised these lip-enhancing compounds for helping achieve full, kissable lips without the swelling and irritation of cheap lip enhancers or expensive injections.

First Impression softer lips

Retails for $77 but for a Limited Time only, Try it Free!

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  1. Please note that currently not shipping outside of the continental United States. But stay tuned on this one.