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Christina Jones' Top 5 Beauty Bargains

Beauty Fashionista Christina Jones

I thought that additional to posting about great retail sales and promotions, I'd do something different and include what I hope will become a regular Chic Alert feature. From time to time I will invite a designer, a manufactuer, a retailer, or even perhaps a model, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, or a beauty therapist, someone passionate about fashion, health or beauty to post something about their passion. In thisregard, today I'm pleased to introduce, beauty extraordinaire, Christina Jones who

will share some beauty tips with us. Amongst other things Christina writes eBeauty Daily and PittWatch blogs and is the editor of the Womens and Lifestyles Channel for b5media.

Hi Chic Alert readers!! In keeping with Sally's theme here, I wanted to tell you about my Top 5 Skin Care Bargains. These aren't necessarily the cheapest items (some are!!), but are very worth the price and are things I won't do without in my beauty cabinet. I hope you find these products as useful and as bargain-worthy as I do:

1. The Panasonic Pore Cleanser - this is one of the best and least known beauty items on the market, it is cordless and rechargeable, and will suck the dirt right out of your pores as well as the best esthetician! It costs around $50, but is many years worth of professional facials rolled in to one great product!

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Panasonic Health & Beauty Pore Cleanser
Tweezerman Beauty Skin Care Tool

2. The Tweezerman Skin Care Tool This tool, shown here, has a wide flat loop for gently extracting blackheads and a wire loop on the other side for whiteheads. I know some people are really frightened of this tool, but I really do love mine and always higly recommend it if you have problems with black/whiteheads. It is sanitary (of

course you must clean it!) and will not bruise your skin like trying to pop those annoyances out with your fingernails. And without it, I WILL try to pop those annoyances out with my fingernails!! This is usually under $10 and can be ordered online or found at your local Tweezerman dealers.

3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask - This is *oh so* inexpensive and so good for really deep cleaning your skin. I was introduced to this product in beauty school many years ago and I have never found anything that worked so well. This is usually around $7 and can be found anywhere from your local drugstore to your local beauty supply.

4. Miracle Whip - yes, the salad dressing. This is an excellent moisturizing mask with qualities of a peel. Use the regular variety, no low fat or low cal version. Check out the comments section of my Miracle Whip Facial post to see the play by play as I was trying it for the first time. I found it immensely more effective than the Lancome Peel that recently cost me around $120!!!

5. Sunscreen - I don't care if you buy it alone or contained within the cover of a foundation, moisturizer or whatever - just be sure you put it on your skin every day, especially if you are fair skinned. Take it from one who has been there and has a 1 1/2 inch scar down the center of her nose to show for it - sunscreen is a beauty necessity. My favorite for everyday use is Clinique's CityBlock - it has an SPF of 25 and is a tinted moisturizer and is $16.50 for a 1.4 ounce tube that lasts a long time. Just a little dab 'll do ya!

Thanks so much for inviting me to post on the Chic Alert, Sally - I really enjoy reading your posts and look very forward to more great deals and the different stores you feature.

Christina Jones
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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Thanks for recommending the Panasonic Pore Cleanser! I just got mine yesterday & it works great. Much, much better than the $20 model (made by a different company)I was looking for when I came across your blog.