Friday, October 13, 2006

Handbag Sample Sale

Sample Sale, scoop on Shopping for Women, Teen, Girls, Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, specials, reductions, Bargains Sales Cameron Nicole Designs currently has an online sample sale in progress. The good news is that they have slashed their prices on their designer handbags and belt samples up to 75% off retail prices, and that's below wholesale!!

Cameron Nicole handbags and accessories are absolutely gorgeous and made to high quality standards. Very functional in design and everything is done right, from selecting the best, soft Italian leather down to the hardware and linings.
There are a number of gorgeous handbags on sale but like most good sample sales, the early shopper gets the best selection and I know that Cameron Nicole Designs handbags are selling out quick so don't leave your run too late with this one.

While you're there, also have a look at their Fall 2006 Evolution Collection, it's a must see; simply gorgeous! The Betsy shoulder come clutch bag shown in the picture above, is my favourite; just love the style, love the color.

Often spotted on the hottest Hollywood stars, Cameron Nicole Designs handbags and accessories will make you feel like a celebrity! Click here to visit Cameron Nicole Designs' online boutique.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    The bag shown in your article may be great for some occassions, but find it rather large and bulky. I much prefer a slimmer look with a handbag, and one that is more tailored looking. I love the one Liz Claiborne has, which I just featured in my blog.

  2. It's horses for courses. Often you do need a larger handbag and the one shown looks fab. I too love the style and color and besides you can't beat sample sale prices. I like the Liz Claiborne bag too but it's more a purse and I think for more formal occassions.