Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Annette's Angels

We all love department store shopping but if you're like me you'll also enjoy walking into the smaller boutique stores that have a charm of their own and quite often great finds and unique merhcandise. I've found that the same applies in the online world and Annette's Angels is one good example.

Inspired by the loss of their Mom, Annette Roberta, to breast cancer in late 2005, Barbara Pfeiffer and her sisters, Linda Mandato and Jennifer Perlman, along with nieces Alyssa and Amanda, started Annette's Angels. This online boutique sells unique, handcrafted and limited edition tees, jewelry, bath and body and fun stuff. I'm not talking here about “cutesy” stuff, but edgy pieces like the designer created Boxer tees (shown below), and F*(&K cancer shirts and handcrafted jewelry in PINK. The tees said what they really thought, items sold are classy and trendy and can be worn everyday.

But what really caught my eye is the fact that 50% of ALL profits goes to FORCE, a non-profit organisation supporting those at risk for or with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Now that's a good cause.
Fashion shopping for women, teen and girls My pick: The Boxer Tee shown here is really fab (click on image to enlarge). It's hand distressed, artistic design is symbolic of the fight for life. It's dyed and printed in New Orleans to achieve the soft and vintage look. Each shirt is hand crafted and printed in a limited number, and no two are exactly alike. Be proud to own a truly unique work of art, and help make a difference at the same time. How can you get better than this!

I also like Annettes Angels' Body Soap and the Dodo Necklace. Made from a moisturizing glycerin base and scented with essential oils of lemon grass and lavender in the ivory version or sweet almond and vanilla in the ebony version, the Body Soap will calm and uplift your spirits while you cleanse. Each soap is
individually packaged in a beautiful clear case, perfect for gift giving. The fanciful pink Dodo styled on Alice in Wonderland represents a desire for the extinction of breast cancer. The Dodo is protected by a glass dome, surrounded by sterling silver. Strung on a delicate sterling silver beaded
chain, the piece is accented with a single pink Swarovski crystal heart charm.

With 3 days left for Christmas shopping, Annette's Angels is another perfect place to shop for that last minute Christmas gift.
Fashion shopping for women, teen and girls

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