Wednesday, December 20, 2006

L'Artisan Parfum of Paris

L'Artisan Parfum of Paris makes a range of classy perfumes and beauty products. Take for instance, Premier Figuier, Premier because....

it is the very first perfume based on the fig theme! Green like its sweet-smelling leaves, milky like the sap of the tree, fruity like the soft flesh of the fig; woody like its branches and trunk…It is unique as it conjures up an image of the entire tree. As surprising as a first kiss, as caressing as shadows on a bright, sunny day, Premier Figuier has captured, in its bottle, a whole host of summer memories… exactly under the fig tree!

And today in the Christmas gift competition you have the chance to win the gorgeous L'Artisan Parfum shown here and valued at £70.
Scoop on L'Artisan Parfum giveaway for sassy and chic women, teen and girls
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Note: Conditions apply.

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