Thursday, January 11, 2007

Girls Luv Hot & Sexy Charlie!

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Yes the sale at the online boutique LuvCharlie is still on sale.... :)

My pick: Well there's still a great range of gorgeous pieces still on sale and heavily discounted but my pick is this Velvet Lavender Nell Top. It certainly exudes a feminine grace that just drew Charlie in! Simple and elegant, this easy piece is just stunning! Baby Jersey. Was $68 but now on sale at $44!!

LuvCharlie has a BIG range of chic and sassy fashion including those hard to find unique and special pieces from a BIG range of designers including 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, AH Jewelry, Alisha Levine, Anna Beck, Ayazakura, Beau Bois, Begeren, Beloved by Sophie, BT Couture, By Jeannie, Charlotte Ronson, Chrissa Collection, Christopher Deane, Claudette, Conspiracy 8, Ellura, Fighting Eel, Free People, Gina Michele, Graham & Spencer, Guy Baxter, Harkham, Hype, Jami Rodriguez, Je Lee, Jenny Han, Julie Brown, K. Amato, Kerry Cassill, Kris Nations, Kristinit, LA Made, La Mer, Lara Kazan, Lewis Cho, Lexy Charms, Lilia, Mary Meyer, Mel En Stel, Mike & Chris, Mimo, Misile, Modern Adornment, My Rebe, Pink Dice, Porridge, Red Room, Saint Grace, Simplysoo, Soda Blu, Tiny Armour, Topin, Vale, Velvet, Yu, Yumi Kim, Zhen-U.N.

Try HOLIDAY as your LuvCharlie checkout code!!

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