Wednesday, February 07, 2007 - New York Fashion Week Day 3

ELLE Magazine | New York | Fashion Week 2007 New York Fashion Week, Fall 2007 is now well in progress and being a fashionista you will undoubtedly have already started seeing, and will no doubt for some time continue to see, many more runway reviews and televised wrap-ups hitting both the traditional media as well as the new media; watch this space! These will show glimpses of fashion models and fashion designers, as well as both the fashion media and general media reporters and their crews, the celebrities like
Britney Spears at the Baby Phat fashion show gracing the front row limelight, the many fashionistas, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful people, in crowded and barely standing room only areas behind the velvet ropes patrolled by stereotyped security staff, and of course, the paparazzi jostling for the best vantage point and hoping that through their lenses they will snap that one in a million shot of a fashion designer, fashion model or fashion conscious celebrity! Thought of in this way you can easily imagine the hustle and the bustle of the meeting of the like-minded at this fashion extravaganza! However, to many a fashionista this would be too much, and to them it is far more enjoyable and less stressful to see this through the eyes of others like Elle Magazine,! So once again, with a big thanks to Elle Magazine, here's a video wrap-up from with all the action behind the scenes and in the front row of the runway of this fashion extravaganza on Day 3. Here we catch snippets of the collections and insights of the talented fashion designers Lela Rose, Erin Fetherston, Nicole Romano and Phillip Lim.

Fashion Designer, Lela Rose

Texas native and fashion designer Lela Rose starts off by divulging how she is very much inspired by the fabrics. "Everything starts with fabric," Lela says and when you look at her ready-to-wear collection you can easily see why. Beautiful, hand finished fashions in blacks, whites and greys with shots of rich Spring colors including yellow and crimson, each exuding a casual luxury and refinement. The Lela Rose collection can be found at in-store boutiques in Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Stanley Korshak as well as in over 60 specialty fashion boutiques nationwide. Lela Rose can also be found in Nordstrom and Bloomingdales as well as internationally in fashion stores throughout Canada, Taiwan and Japan. For a closer look at the Lela Rose Spring 2007 New York Fashion Week collection, visit

Fashion Designer, Erin Fetherston

The behind the scenes look at the much spoken about fashion designer Erin Fetherston gives us some insight into her wandering stars collection which she herself describes as being "inspired by things nocturnal and the stars and everything can look more beautiful under the moonlight." While I myself am not hot on the whimsical styles in her Spring 2007 fashion collection, without the wizard caps I do like many of the Erin Fetherston outfits, very original, girlish and fun, and yes the "baby dolls on the moon" are very feminine.
Fashion Designer | Erin Fetherston | New York | Fashion Week 2007 Fashion Designer | Erin Fetherston | New York | Fashion Week 2007 Fashion Designer | Erin Fetherston | New York | Fashion Week 2007
Click on any of the above images to see that particular outfit in the Erin Fetherston Spring 2007 fashion collection in more detail and perhaps you will better see the point I am making about the whimsical look! You can also see lots more of the Erin Fetherston Spring 2007 New York Fashion Week collection at

Fashion Designer, Nicole Romano

What professional women wouldn't love the Romano collection by notable fashion designer Nicole Romano. Just love her styles, use of bright rich colours and delicate prints. Definitely unique elegance, sensuality, with a strong and playful, flirty and sexy feel about them. It's really no wonder that Nicole Romano is a long time favourite of Sex and the City and loved by so many fashion conscious celebs including Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Keyes, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. The Nicole Romano collection, full of vibrant separates for women wanting to make a fashion statement was presented to a packed audience.

Fashion Designer, Phillip Lim

Gosh after only Day 3 and so many favorites already at this year's New York Fashion Week and here's yet another. Successful fashion designer Phillip Lim's collection of beautiful, chic and elegant designs in soft pristine whites and neutrals demonstrate functional fashion and as succinctly stated by Phillip Lim himself, "every piece has a purpose." Being available in over 250 US boutiques and department stores and represented in 26 countries worldwide Phillip Lim is already a commercial success but there can be little doubt that he will be an even bigger success in the years to come. Photography kindly sponsored by and once again a big thank you to for the fantastic video wrap-ups. I can't wait to see the next installment!

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