Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Foster Grant Fashion Sun Glasses for 2007

New Foster Grant | Fashion | Sun Glasses

From both a fashion and health perspective, over the years sun glasses have become a very important personal accessory. But do we need expensive, designer brand sun glasses to satisfy the requirements or will the much more affordable sun glasses like those from Foster Grant satisfy our fashion and health needs when it comes to sun glasses?

We all know of the importance that sun glasses play when it comes to eye protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. This is not only important on sunny days but is also important all year round because the sun's UV rays get through even on cloudy and overcast days. It's because of this that many, including socialites and celebrities like James Dean, Jackie Onasis (Kennedy), John Lennon and Roy Oberson wore sun glasses all the time. Even today, celebs like Elton John, Jack Nickolson and U2 lead singer Bono Vox are almost never seen in public without wearing their trendy sun glasses. But is it more than just UV protection?

Sun Glasses, it's only About Fashion!

During a Rolling Stone interview U2's Bono Vox said that as well as privacy and sensitivity to light, he wears his Bvlgari sun glasses partly for vanity. I like the honesty of the guy. Bono is quoted as saying that "a lot of people think that, when they see a "B" on the side, that it's just my own megalomania. Only half the time it is. I'm the Imelda Marcos of sun glasses."

So as well as providing critical UV eye protection from the sun's damaging UV rays, over the years sun glasses have become an important fashion accessory. It's about looking good, being trendy and stylish!

We Only Want Leading Brand Sun Glasses!

It's because of this that we want to wear the latest trendy sun glasses from leading brands as worn by celebrities and models, the beautiful people, don't we? But at a couple hundred bucks and even more for some, not everyone can afford the "top Designer brand" fashion sun glasses like Marc Jacobs, Bvlgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Vera Wang, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Versace or Yves St Laurent, and the list goes on and on.

Fashion Sun Glasses. Can we get the look at an Affordable Price?

But it's not only the fact that they go for top brand, fashion sun glasses. What I find really super chic and trendy is that pop divas and celebrities like Paris Hilton don't just have one pair of fashion sun glasses, they have many. The Hilton heiress, for example just about wears different shades to compliment her style and to suit different moods or occasions! I think that's great! To me, with sun glasses it's really no different to wearing different fashion clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and even fragrances, and mixing and matching from one day to the next depending on the occasion and how you feel.

"But," I hear you say, "pop divas and celebrities like Paris Hilton can afford a new look and a different pair of trendy sun glasses each day!" Yes true they can but can we? Can we get the look and the eye protection that we need at an affordable price?

The Foster Grant, Fashion Sun Glasses Alternative

While pop divas, celebrities and socialites can afford a new look and a different pair of designer fashion sun glasses each day, some of us might be able to afford one pair at best and others might just need to hang out for sales like the recent SmartBargain Fashion Designer Sun Glasses Sale. But is there an alternative?

Now don't get me wrong because when it comes to fashion sun glasses I too love the top designer brands like Maui Jims, Ray-Ban, Bvlgari, Chanel, Versace, Yves St Laurent, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and so on, but other than one or two pairs, I can't justify or afford five or six different styles of these to suit my moods and looks from one day to the next! And besides, as well as effectiveness in terms of sun protection, at the end of the day, sun glasses are just another fashion decision.

Yes it's about style but not all about what's popular or the latest looks. It's what I feel comfortable with, what I think looks good on me and fits in with the clothes that I wear. I'm also a stickler for correct fit and want every pair to feel good, so comfort and fit are also vital. Because of all this I'm well known for visiting mall stores such as Sun glasses Hut, and after browsing through the rotating sunglasses racks, trying on a pair or two trendy sun glasses before gazing into the display mirror. It is always fun looking, I just love it and believe me I've bought some great looking shades this way!! So like handbags, shoes, jewelry and even fragrances, I have a range of great valued hot and sexy fashion sun glasses to suit! These are comparable in quality and style to the top designer brands but I do not buy fake shades, sun glasses that are copies of the name brands and with their trademarks or signatures on them!

Foster Grant | Fashion Sun Glasses | Men | Women

And if you want to wear trendy, fashion sun glasses but don't wish to spend mega-bucks on them, then the new funky range of Foster Grant fashion sun glasses for 2007 is a great option. They are available in a range of metal and plastic frames and a wide variety of styles, lenses and colors including shiny black, brown and solid white, and at under $30 these trendy sun glasses are very affordable. In fact, at this price you can easily afford to buy a number of different styles to go with different outfits and occasions.

New Foster Grant | Fashion | Sun Glasses

Foster Grant offers a big range of trendy, fashion sun glasses in a huge array of styles designed to meet all needs. I looked at 12 of the different styles in the Foster Grant new 2007 range and was pleasantly surprised. It was hard to pick an outright favorite style from these so here's a brief look at my final selection.

I really like the "La Fleur" style of Foster Grant sun glasses. Even Paris Hilton would love these sexy sun glasses. As shown in the picture below they stand out because of their shiny white plastic frame with gorgeous in lay rose detail on the temples and the soft gradient brown Acrylic lenses (tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darkest).

Foster Grant | La Fleur | Sexy | Fashion | Sun Glasses | Woman

Another style I like is the "Salerno" fashion sun glasses. Now frame styles is a personal preference but I do like the Salerno frame. It's in a metal and plastic combination and with a one piece, shatter resistant Polycarbonate shield/lens with stunning clear stone details at both ends. The shield/lens is in a smoke gradient color. The "Salerno" is shown and labelled in the group picture above (click to enlarge).

Next, for those more sophisticated occasions, I like what have been named "Lost", and believe me you will look far from lost in these. These sexy sun glasses have a shiny gold double bar metal front frame with brown plastic temples and gorgeous decorative hinges. The "Lost" style has frameless brown gradient Acrylic lenses. The "Lost" sun glasses are also shown and labelled in the group picture above.

Foster Grant | Santa Cruz | Trendy | Fashion | Sun Glasses | Women

Next in the range, I fancy the classy "Santa Cruz" style. These hot sun glasses are very similar to the "Salerno" but with different, again stunning, decorative clear stone details at both ends. Click on the image to see the "Santa Cruz" in more detail and also see why I fell in love with this style of Foster Grant sun glasses. Of course, being polycarbonate the lenses on styles like the Salerno and "Santa Cruz" sun glasses are extremely durable and hard to break even in high impact sports. Very important to me because I roller blade.

OK, Foster Grant are Affordable have got the Styles but at that price they couldn't possibly provide good UV Protection!

Well in fact, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, "sun glasses don’t have to be expensive to protect your eyes and...unfortunately, a high price is not always a guarantee of high quality and protection." Fashion aside, when it comes to sun glasses the most important factor to look for is UV protection and the Glaucoma Research Foundation says that we should not be deceived by color or cost. "The ability to block UV light is not dependent on the darkness of the lens or the price tag. While both plastic and glass lenses absorb some UV light, UV absorption is improved by adding certain chemicals to the lens material during manufacturing or by applying special lens coatings." It goes on to say that we should "always choose sunglasses that are labeled as blocking 99-100% of UV rays."

The two major components of UV rays that affect us on earth are UVA and UVB and so we should look for sun glasses that provide from 99% to 100% protection from both UVA and UVB light.

So do Foster Grant Sun Glasses offer good UV Protection?

Well just because Foster Grant sun glasses are so affordable doesn't mean that they offer poor quality sun protection. However, I decided to find out what UV protection is provided by Foster Grant sun glasses and so I contacted FGX International, Foster Grant Sun Division at Smithfield, Rhode Island. Nawal Macedo, the Sr. Product Manager advised that the Foster Grant division complies with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Regulation Z80.3 and that all Foster Grant sun glasses offer 100% UVA and 100% UVB protection.

According to ANSI "determining if the sun glasses you wish to purchase meets the standard is important and until every pair of glasses is built to standard and labeled, consumers must put some consideration into factors other than fashion and design. Looking into which manufacturers do follow standards is a good place to begin." So it's a matter of caveat emptor!

Foster Grant Sun Glasses are Affordable, Stylish and offer 100% UV Protection

So, if you're after quality fashion sun glasses that will compliment your style and suit your mood of the moment, or whether you're looking for that sophisticated look, the new, Spring 2007 range of Foster Grant sun glasses is definitely a good place to start. There's a great range of styles, they offer 100% UV protection and most importantly, they are very affordable. In fact, they're so affordable that you easily afford accessorize using different styles. I think you too will love these shades. So next time your in your Wal*Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Meijer or Publix check them out. You'll look good, sexy and sophisticated in any of the new FosterGrants and without breaking the bank! And you don't have to be a celebrity like Raquel Welch or Cindy Crawford (both previous faces of "Who's that behind those Foster Grants?" ad campaigns) to look great behind a pair of Foster Grant fashion sun glasses! Now it's your turn so "Who could you be" in those Foster Grants?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Muleos for Sexy High-Heeled Backless Shoes

Q. "If you owned 37 pairs of shoes, of which 14 are backless what would you need?"

A. "Muleos!"

"Muleos," did you hear me say?

"Yes Muleos."

High-heeled shoes, necessity is the mother of invention!

Muleos for Backless | High-heeled Shoes | Slides | Mules

One fateful night in early 2006, Michele Hickford was having a party. She wanted to wear her new high-heeled mules with jeans, but the hem of her designer jeans kept catching under her heel.

“As well as slapping the floor, every time I took a step my backless sexy high-heeled shoes caught my jeans. Here I was dressed to kill, in my new sexy high heel shoes and designer jeans and I just felt and looked like a dork,” she recalled.

With a bit of blind inspiration, Michele borrowed a pair of men’s shoelaces, wrapped them under the sassy shoes and around the ankles, tied a bow, and voila – the first "Muelos" prototype was born. Like most successful innovations, Muleos were created out of necessity.

The next morning, a light bulb went off over Michele’s head. If she needed to solve this problem, there were probably a lot of other women who needed to solve it too. Naturally, the next call she made was to a patent attorney.

Less than twelve months later, Muleos opened its online store with the first collection of ties and straps for backless mules and slides. Now thanks to Muleos, women from coast-to-coast can walk around the office or home without that annoying slap-slap and can wear their favorite backless shoes more comfortably with trousers, and can also wear them more safely when hitting the dance floor.

What makes Muleos unique?

It’s not enough to simply secure your backless mules and slides – you want to make them more beautiful too! Muleos straps and ties let you change the look of your shoes, and match them to whatever you’re wearing. Plus they keep your backless shoes from slapping the floor like a pair of flip-flops as well as keeping them from nipping the hem of your trousers. You'll be much safer wearing backless heels on a girls night out and when rocking the dance floor.

Muleos for all backless shoes.

Muleos are for any woman who has a pair of backless shoes! They look great with expensive designer shoes like Prada, Gucci, Stuart Weitzman, Anne Klein, as well as budget shoes all the way to shoes from Target!

Muleos come in strap and tie versions and in a variety of styles and colors. Which to use depends on the shoes you wear them with. The Muleos leather straps, available in black, tan, gold and silver with gold or silver buckles, are a bit more tailored perhaps – well-suited for shoes at the office. The Muleos ties, available with either jet black beads or signature Muleos charms, give your shoes a sexier, dressier look. The Muleos straps and ties range from $9.99-$11.99 a pair. But fancy-shmancy versions with Swarovski crystals and exotic leathers are planned.

Muleos are really Chic and Functional!

Muleos Ties for Backless | High-heeled Shoes | Slides | Mules

I tried out the Antonia Gold, classic black leather with gold buckle Muleos shoe straps and the Cosima, black satin shoe ties with signature charms and love them. Both are really sassy, chic and functional with my hot and sexy backless shoes. No more looking like a dork when tripping while wearing my backless high-heeled shoes with jeans :)

Muleos, a great accessory for backless high-heeled shoes.

Muleos straps and ties are a must-have accessory for the Spring fashion season and warmer weather. A great accessory to have when you want to wear backless slides or mules. They will easily slip into your purse and can very easily and quickly be put on your backless heels if and when required

One thing I've noticed when wearing my stylish black satin tie Muleos - they're much more secure if after you make the bow, you tie the loops a second time :)

You can see the full range of available styles and colors and can purchase your Muleos straps and ties at the Muleos online store.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fashion Designer Sunglasses on Sale

It's that time of the year when eye protection from the sun's harmful UV rays becomes more important but we all know that as well as protecting our eyes and skin from the sun's Ultraviolet radiation, sunglasses are also great accessories for looking stylish and individual. So it's timely that there's currently a great SmartBargain offer on Fashion Designer Sunglasses.

This promotion covers a good range of brands including Carrera, Christian Dior, Diesel, Fendi, Nautica, Nike, Police, Ralph Lauren and Ray-Ban, in most colors and in Aviator, Round as well as Square and Rectangular styles all discounted up to 60% off!!!

For him, I like the Nautica Men's Lanai sun glasses with shiny dark grey frame and lightweight polarized lenses providing 100% UV protection. These Nautica sun glasses have been discounted down to $49.99 saving you 54%. For men I also like the Polo by Ralph Lauren sun glasses in a Tortoise plastic frame with brown polarized lenses and are good value discounted down from $130 to $79.99, a saving of 38%.

SmartBargains | Diesel | Fashion | Designer | Sun Glasses

While the range is mainly for men, there are a number of unisex sunglasses that are worth a look at including the Ralph Lauren Unisex 1524 sun glasses discounted down from $250 to $119.99, a saving of 52%. There's a choice of two colors as the Ralph Lauren Unisex 1524 Sunglasses are available in either Brown Metal and Cognac Metal. The Carrera Unisex CA913S Polarized Sunglasses discounted down from $100 to $59.99, a 40% saving are also nice looking and stylish.

However, my pick out of this complete range of Designer Sun Glasses, are the Diesel Unisex DS0021/S-0KE3 Sunglasses discounted down from $150 to $79.99, giving a saving of 46%. I like the style and the design of the Diesel DS0021/S sun glasses as shown in the image above, in a rectangular frame with a spiral design in a contrasting color on the temples and frame. They're lightweight and have scratch/impact resistant, 100% UV protection, polycarbonate lenses.

If you're after a new pair of designer sun glasses at an affordable price then if you shop around you'll see that these are really great prices and with an additional 20% limited offer on these, see the Special Offer, then SmartBargains is worth a visit.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zimmermann Summer Warehouse Sale

Zimmermann | Fashion | Clothing | Designer

Zimmermann is holding its Summer Warehouse Sale in Melbourne featuring Summer 06/07 Collection and Preview Swim 06 stock.

This warehouse sale will include collection and swim dresses, skirts, jackets, pants and swimwear starting from $50. There will also be a variety of unrealsed samples to choose from. Lots of Zimmermann party tracks and all the seasons "must have" prints will also be available.

Clothing and swimwear will be replaced and updated each day.

When: Friday 16th March 8am - 7:30pm, Saturday 17th March 9:00am - 5:00pm

Where: Level 1, 66 Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC 3141.

All cards and cash will be accepted.

Stella McCartney Discounted Designer Sale Update!

Stella McCartney | Womens | Designer Fashion | Clothing | Sale

The Stella McCartney designer fashion sale launched yesterday in Target stores around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth was a great success and the reaction has been quite incredible but shoppers still have the chance to secure a piece from this limited-edition collection of Stella McCartney designer fashion.

"The reaction has been quite incredible and we’d like to thank Australian women for taking this range to their hearts”, says Larice Lewis, General Manager – Merchandise, Target.

“The collection re-enforces Target’s philosophy that all Australians have the right to great style at affordable prices, and allows customers to purchase a designer item at a fraction of the normal price,” she adds.

The good news is that according to Ms Lewis, customers who missed out on purchasing a piece from the designer fashion range yesterday, still may have the opportunity to secure Stella McCartney for Target merchandise.

“Whilst some stores have completely sold out, Target is currently consolidating stock across all stores and key metropolitan stores will be re-stocked. Customers should visit Designers for Target to locate their nearest store to ascertain how much stock is still available. Some customers purchased items without trying them on for correct sizing, so we are noticing some returns of stock to particular stores,” she added.

It’s important to point out to customers returning items they consider too big, that Stella McCartney’s own signature look is over-sized and generous. The sizing for the Target collection reflects Stella McCartney’s own range, as well as current fashion trends, with a key look for the season being the oversized, chunky knit worn with leggings and boots.

Despite advising customers via the web-site and in-store signage that the Stella McCartney range was for personal shoppers only, some Stella McCartney items are currently trading on e-bay at inflated prices. Target’s advice to customers is to check their local stores before purchasing items on e-bay, as there is still Stella McCartney designer items in stock in select stores.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Stella McCartney Designer Discount Clothes on Target!

Stella McCartney | Womens | Designer Fashion | Clothing | Sale

All the reports are now in and it was definitely nothing short of a buying frenzy at Target department stores today. The budget Stella McCartney, sassy and chic, winter collection of new women and teen designer clothing as first paraded on the fashion runway during the 2007 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, was finally released for sale. Reports are that within half an hour of opening it was a designer fashion sale sell-out at Target stores around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Believe me it was no different at the Melbourne store that I went to and with the eager women and teen lovers of designer fashion stretched out in a line as far as I could see and around the block (see image below), when the doors finally opened at 10:00am these fashionistas simply paid no heed to the clearly visible "no running" signs. Possessed with an insatiable shopping appetite they just raced to the Stella McCartney fashion stacked racks and once there, just grabbed anything that they could get their hot little hands on. Within 20 minutes it was virtually all over; racks emptied, shelves bare and even the mannequins stripped naked of their Stella designer fashion clothes :).

Queue outside Target Store in Melbourne | for Stella McCartney | Designer Fashion | Sale

It's not hard to imagine what any department store with three or four hundred frenzied women and teen shoppers all after the same limited designer fashion clothing would be like. To give you some idea of the frenzy, some of the racks were emptied within 30 seconds and, for example, when the second batch of trench coats were brought out to re-stock the empty shelves, they suffered the same fate but without even having made it to the shelves. These hot Stella McCartney coats were snatched straight out of the shop assistant's hands.

I've been to many designer fashion sales but have never ever been to or seen a fashion sale anything like this! There were even women and teens climbing over each other and blindly grabbing anything that they could reach. As well as being stripped naked of its chic designer clothes, one of the mannequins even lost both its arms and I reckon with some of the war-like face-to-face stares, some of the girls could have easily ended up in the very same state if it were not for the security staff present!!

Of course this behaviour is all explainable! It is rare after all to have designer fashion clothing available at an affordable price and this Stella McCartney, Target promotion certainly gave trendy women and teens a fantastic opportunity to get designer clothes at bargain prices. The bargain prices and limited stocks together made the Stella McCartney range highly sought after but the real surprise to me when I first heard about this designer fashion sale was that instead of it being run by the higher-end designer fashion retailers like Myer and David Jones, it was happening at Target, a normally fashion on a budget shop. What a coupe!

Stella McCartney | Designer Fashion | Empire Dress

Before I got to the sale my plan was to buy the Stella McCartney dove-grey, taffeta trench coat, the olive green silk dress with beading around the neckline and the sassy and chic, long V-necked wool-cashmere jumper similar to that worn by celebrity Jennifer Aniston. I thought, that the much-hyped Stella McCartney trench coat in grey and navy at $200 and the long, V-necked cardi at $150 were must-have fashion bargains. When compared to the $400 price tag for a similar coat at Country Road, the Stella coat was a definite designer fashion bargain at $200, and after all, it was a Stella McCartney designer coat.

However, despite my best plans, in the frenzy all I managed to grab in my size was the Stella McCartney midnight colored Silk/Cotton Empire Dress shown above ($180) and the Silk/Cotton, dusk, pleated blouse shown below ($100). My girlfriend was a little luckier and despite the chaos and fast emptying racks, she managed to grab the Stella McCartney suit jacket and the billowing top in blush pink. The jacket in particular, is a really sassy and chic fashion garment with beautiful stitch detailing.

Stella McCartney | Designer Fashion | Pleated Blouse

In the mayhem there was absolutely no chance to visit the change rooms and try the fit before you buy :( It was simply a matter of grab what designer fashions you could, join and get through the long cash register queue, and then get the hell out of there in one piece and with your bag of designer fashions sill in your possession!!

This Stella McCartney and Target promotion was certainly a win-win-win. Target had a massive win over its designer fashion big sisters Myer and David Jones; it was a great way for Stella McCartney to reach a wider women and teen, designer fashion audience and to get them to know her line, and of course fashionistas got the benefit of buying high-end fashion from an international Fashion Designer like Stella McCartney at bargain prices.

Although a limited collection, what I also like about this Stella McCartney line is that even with a few garments, say a couple of jackets and tops, a pair of designer jeans, and a skirt or two, you can easily mix and match to create a number of very different, sassy and chic, designer fashion outfits.

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Designers for Target Stella McCartney Discounted Designer Clothes! Stella McCartney for Target 2010 Collection

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stella McCartney Discounted Designer Clothes!

Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Coat | Women | Teen | Girls

Fashion designer, Stella McCartney has designed a limited-edition 42-piece collection for Australian Target department stores. But we’ve seen this before, haven’t we? I was hoping for something fresh and new but the clothes in this Target department store line look similar to that she designed for H&M some 2 years ago. You may recall that in November 2005, Stella McCartney launched a hugely successful one off collection with H&M, entitled "Stella McCartney for H&M". But still I love Stella and in fact, I bought a couple of Stella McCartney pieces in London. I like the way she cuts, and the pastel and neutral colors will suit fashion business and style conscious fashionistas. The range takes inspiration from the unique signature Stella looks for a fraction of the regular price and features key items from her collections including Autumn/Winter essentials.

The collection was first launched on the runway and watched by a sell out crowd on Saturday in the Fashion Cube marquee in the Melbourne Museum forecourt as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Top | Women | Teen | Girls Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Top | Women | Teen | Girls

The Stella McCartney collection for Target department stores incorporates a full range of separates including designer skinny jeans in black, indigo and oat, pants, tailored jackets, swing coats and taffeta trench coats, silk dresses, over sized chunky designer knits in shades of charcoal, oat and dusk, blouses, tee-shirts and camisoles in a range of fabrics and colors from black to sage, beige, charcoal and teal blue. I think at $200 AUD the trench coat will be popular as will the T-shirts at $50 AUD and while not cheap, so will the silk dress at $180 AUD.

Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Cardigan | Women | Teen | Girls

Visit Stella McCartney to see the full range but the collection is available in selected Target department stores nationally from today, March 12. So if you're after discounted Stella McCartney designer clothes, your nearest Target store is the place to be today, or is it?

Stella McCartney launched her label in April 2001 under her own name as a joint venture with the Gucci Group. The brand already includes a successful range of womens ready to wear, accessories, fragrances and eyewear and earlier this year Stella McCartney launched her luxury skincare line called "Care by Stella McCartney", which contains 100% active organic ingredients.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

2007 Spring Fashion Designer Sale!

Birds are chirping, buds are on the trees, the car starts on the first try. It can only mean one thing, Spring is in the air!! Time to stow away the sweaters, pack up the parkas and stash the coats and scarves. But wait...I hear you say that you haven't a thing to wear! Spring Designer Fashion Sales like the Beta Boutique Spring Stock-Up Sale to the rescue!

Harkham | Fashion | Designer | Womens | Silk Top

Beta Boutique has so much wonderful new fashion clothing that it's bursting at the seams and just can't fit it all in the store. So it's a four-day chic shopping bonanza!

You'll find many of the Chic Clothes in this sale at places like Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York but this is your chance to snap them up at dazzling discounts of 40-90% off retail price!! Here's a quick look at some of the drop dead gorgeous chic clothing at this great designer sale:

From the urban, edgy yet feminine Harkham collection, you'll find heavily discounted fashion tops like the gorgeous silk georgette top shown above. At this Spring Fashion Designer Sale, these Harkham tops have been discounted from $229 down to $120

Also on sale are Sensual fashion items from that independent label Rachel Mara as well as gorgeous items by Fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson, a favourite Designer Label of many celebrities, socialites and fashionistas

The first image below shows the lovely print dress on sale from the Brazil-based fashion designer label Maria Bonita Extra. This stunner retails at $461 but can be snatched up at this designer sale for $150. To see more of the styles of this fashion designer go to Maria Bonita Extra.

Maria Bonita Extra | Fashion | Designer | Print Dress Fashion | Designers | Margaret O'Leary | Colorblock Shrug | Gold Hawk | Silk Cami

Click on the second image above to see the detail on the lovely colorblock shrug by the knitwear goddess Margaret O'Leary. The shrug is discounted from a retail price of $176 down to $58. I just love the quality and detail of the Knitwear and Sportswear from this San Francisco-based fashion designer.

The second image above shows how great the Margaret O'Leary shrug looks layered with a sexy Gold Hawk long silk cami. This gorgeous, sexy Gold Hawk cami retails at $104 however at this designer fashion sale it's discounted down to $38!! And there is no question why Gold Hawk has become an international sensation or why trendsetters like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain are all Gold Hawk devotees. Most will adore the hand-embroidered silk dresses from this Fashion Designer label. The combination of sensuality and edgy elegance makes Gold Hawk a "must have" addition to any fashionistas wardrobe!

Hester & Lizzie | Fashion | Designer | Womens | T-shirt

You'll also love the gorgeous patterned Hester & Lizzie Henna long sleeve t-shirt on sale at $40 for which you would normally pay a retail price of $80. If you're after style and comfort you can't go past the gorgeous t-shirts from Hester & Lizzie, the Miami based fashion designers.

As shown in the image below, there's also a lovely Mara Hoffman bamboo print dress discounted from $485 down to $188. Fashion Designer Mara Hoffman is probably best known by her sexy and chic clothes on the HBO hit Sex and the City. This fashion designers specialty dyed and batiked jersey-knit garments are also adored by many celebs including Naomi Campbell and Kate Hudson.

Mara Hoffman | Fashion | Designer | Bamboo Print Dress

Also on sale at this Spring 2007 Fashion Designer Sale you will find lots of items by Geren Ford, Cynthia Steffe, Twinkle, Alvin Valley and more.

Beta Boutique works with key fashion designers to schedule dedicated designer sample sales and you'll find tons of sassy and chic womens and teen designer clothing from a host of these fashion designers at 40-90% off retail price. And the good news is that Beta Boutique will be putting out new sassy and chic clothing on the floor every day during its Spring 2007 Fashion Designer Sale and each week in March it will be unveiling brand new stunning Spring Designer Fashions in store at the same smart savings of 40-90% off retail price.

So if you're after some cute or sassy and young, fashionable chic clothing including chic summer wear, then before you lash out on a pair of new sassy shoes or a new chic handbag, make sure that this great 2007 Spring Fashion Designer Sale and the ongoing unveiling of brand new stunning Spring Designer Fashions is on your radar!

So if you're a Chicago Bargainista or in the Chicago area over the next four days, Beta Boutique, located at 2016 W. Concord Place, is certainly worth a visit. As well as gorgeous teen clothing and discounted designer teen dresses, there's something here for every chic and sophisticated woman from top fashion designer labels and what's most importnat, at up to 90% off retail prices.

Don't worry, I know exactly what's running through your mind and I'm with you on this. Yes, this is one boutique that I also wish would go online! Fashionistas! Let's look forward to many other great 2007 Spring Fashion Sales.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fashion Designer Dresses and Designer Suits

Last week we had a great SmartBargain shoe deal, 3 pairs for $99 and while this deal quickly ran out, there are new arrivals of designer shoes from designers such as Kate Spade, Prada, Gucci and more that are worth a look at. However, what has really caught my eye this week is the new arrival of Designer Spring Dresses and Fashion Designer Suits.

Fashion Designer Dresses

Have you ever wanted to buy one of those amazing prom dresses that you saw in Seventeen Prom magazine, Your Prom magazine, Teen Prom magazine or perhaps Cosmo Girl magazine? Maybe you're into prom fashion or currently looking for a new elegant cocktail evening dress or party dress. Well here's your chance to snap up a designer dress or evening gown for such occasions and at a heavily discounted price!

Take for example this glamorous JS Boutique juniors pink organza designer evening gown. You sure would make a spectacular entrance and keep them looking all night long in this gorgeous designer dress. Don't you just love the color and style with sparkling pink beading and sequins beam on the upper bodice. But only the early bird caught this pink worm! As it was discounted by 70% down to only $45 this stunning designer gown has already sold out! Yes I know :(

JS Boutique | Fashion | Designer | Dresses | Women

However there's still a good range of great valued Spring designer dresses available. For example, For example, you will look absolutely stunning when you slip into any of the elegant, special occasion Adrianna Papell cocktail evening dresses, short dresses and halter top prom dresses. If you're into prom fashion then I'm sure you will have seen the hottest prom dresses from Adrianna Papell in Seventeen Prom magazine or Teen Prom magazine.

There is also a number of classy party dresses and evening gowns from De Laru, Dusk Collection by Sheila Yen and Donna Ricco. I also don't mind the sassy solange jersey wrap dress and the charming "chica" dress from French Connection, and who doesn't like FCUK?

Then there's the range of classy and sophisticated designer dresses from L.A. based fashion designer James Perse as well as from JS Boutique. The list goes on as there's a number of evening/party designer dresses from Laundry by Shelli Segal, Mary L Couture, Max Studio and Morgan & Co. In particular the classy Morgan & Co black halter style V-neck with glittery pink and silver rhinestones lining is worth a look as are the designer dresses from MSK, Necessary Objects and Velvet Torch.

This Spring range of designer dresses also includes a number of stunning dresses from Romeo & Juliet Couture, several cute silk dresses with handkerchief hems by the celebrity adored Sue Wong, and quite a few classy Vera Wang gowns. Something different from your typical top, there's a gorgeous gold crochet tank by KM Collections by Milla Bell. The Nina Leonard mock wrap dress in solid black, with V-neck, three-quarter length sleeves and a handkerchief hemline is also very stylish and elegant.

My picks: The Donna Ricco Petite Black Chiffon Lace V-Neck Dress discounted by 74% down to only $40 is really cute! However, for me my picks from all these gorgeous designer dresses and gowns are the Romeo & Juliet Couture pleated black belted dress and the Romeo & Juliet Couture black baby doll dress shown below. Yes they're simple but they are really chic!

Romeo & Juliet | Couture | Fashion | Designer | Apparel | Clothing | Dresses | Women

Both these designer dresses are discounted by 74% down to only $40 so are great bargains! But all in all there's quite a big range of designer dresses and chic and classy evening gowns to choose from but my choice in the end was influenced by the fact that my CC is maxed out at the moment :( Again as the JS Boutique designer evening gown sold out so quickly, don't leave your run too late with all these specials. They won't last!!!!

Fashion Designer Suits

Don't forget to also check out the range of womens Fashion Designer Suits from Tahari, Kasper, Atelier and more, discounted down to $99!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

There's a great SmartBargain deal going but you just have to rush as this deal will not last very long!! Get 3 for $99. Discount will be calculated in your shopping cart.

There's a big range to choose from and I like these shoes: Aerosoles Ballcelona Leather Flat with Buckle, Ann Marino Avation Rhinestone Evening Sandal, Anne Klein Franki Polka Dot Cork Wedge Sandals, Arturo Chiang Maddie Peep Toe D'Orsay Pumps, BCBGirls Rain Platform Pump with Ankle Strap, Bill Blass Larson Mid-Heel Slingback Pump, Carlos Native Pointy Leather Mule, Circa Joan & David Benwick Mule with Buckle, Chinese Laundry Isabella Leather Pump on Wedge, DaniBlack Dora Suede D'orsay with Flower, Enzo Angiolini Liberty Leather Slip-on Flat, Etienne Aigner Cheryl Peep Toe Pumps with Buckle, G-2 by Two Lips Dani Suede Stiletto Pump,

Jessica Simpson | Designer | Shoes | Women | Teen | Girls

Jessica Simpson Ola Open Side Pump with Zipper (shown here), JLO "Punch" Metallic Platform Ankle Strap Sandal (also favs of mine are the JLO "Metal" Leather Knee Boot with Buckle - buckle shoe and the JLo Damask Women`s High Heel Round Toe Boot), Luichiny Suede Pump with Patent Leather Trim, Luna Rosa Jagged Mid-Heel Mule with Stud Details, Matisse Kicker High Mule with Grommet Detail, April Leather Ballet Flat with Bow, Michelle K Suede & Leather Ankle Strap Pump, Naturalizer Amour Leather Slingback Sandal, Nicole Tarise Leather Loafer with Ruching, Nina Clarise Black Ankle Wrap Pumps, O by Oscar de la Renta Bonita Low Heel Pump, Sam Edelman Kody High Heel Loafer with Tassels, Steve Madden "Spoon" Mary Jane with Wedge Heel, Tahari Riot Ankle Wrap Sandle on Wedge, Tyler by Richard Tyler Mambo Strappy Dress Shoe, Vaneli GoKart Round Toe Whipstitched Pump and UNISA Primp Camel Pony Hair Mules - Narrow Width. Would love to get them all :)

At up to 65% off, the celebrity style jewelry by Kenneth Jay Lane SmartBargain deals are also worth a look.