Thursday, March 08, 2007

2007 Spring Fashion Designer Sale!

Birds are chirping, buds are on the trees, the car starts on the first try. It can only mean one thing, Spring is in the air!! Time to stow away the sweaters, pack up the parkas and stash the coats and scarves. But wait...I hear you say that you haven't a thing to wear! Spring Designer Fashion Sales like the Beta Boutique Spring Stock-Up Sale to the rescue!

Harkham | Fashion | Designer | Womens | Silk Top

Beta Boutique has so much wonderful new fashion clothing that it's bursting at the seams and just can't fit it all in the store. So it's a four-day chic shopping bonanza!

You'll find many of the Chic Clothes in this sale at places like Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York but this is your chance to snap them up at dazzling discounts of 40-90% off retail price!! Here's a quick look at some of the drop dead gorgeous chic clothing at this great designer sale:

From the urban, edgy yet feminine Harkham collection, you'll find heavily discounted fashion tops like the gorgeous silk georgette top shown above. At this Spring Fashion Designer Sale, these Harkham tops have been discounted from $229 down to $120

Also on sale are Sensual fashion items from that independent label Rachel Mara as well as gorgeous items by Fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson, a favourite Designer Label of many celebrities, socialites and fashionistas

The first image below shows the lovely print dress on sale from the Brazil-based fashion designer label Maria Bonita Extra. This stunner retails at $461 but can be snatched up at this designer sale for $150. To see more of the styles of this fashion designer go to Maria Bonita Extra.

Maria Bonita Extra | Fashion | Designer | Print Dress Fashion | Designers | Margaret O'Leary | Colorblock Shrug | Gold Hawk | Silk Cami

Click on the second image above to see the detail on the lovely colorblock shrug by the knitwear goddess Margaret O'Leary. The shrug is discounted from a retail price of $176 down to $58. I just love the quality and detail of the Knitwear and Sportswear from this San Francisco-based fashion designer.

The second image above shows how great the Margaret O'Leary shrug looks layered with a sexy Gold Hawk long silk cami. This gorgeous, sexy Gold Hawk cami retails at $104 however at this designer fashion sale it's discounted down to $38!! And there is no question why Gold Hawk has become an international sensation or why trendsetters like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain are all Gold Hawk devotees. Most will adore the hand-embroidered silk dresses from this Fashion Designer label. The combination of sensuality and edgy elegance makes Gold Hawk a "must have" addition to any fashionistas wardrobe!

Hester & Lizzie | Fashion | Designer | Womens | T-shirt

You'll also love the gorgeous patterned Hester & Lizzie Henna long sleeve t-shirt on sale at $40 for which you would normally pay a retail price of $80. If you're after style and comfort you can't go past the gorgeous t-shirts from Hester & Lizzie, the Miami based fashion designers.

As shown in the image below, there's also a lovely Mara Hoffman bamboo print dress discounted from $485 down to $188. Fashion Designer Mara Hoffman is probably best known by her sexy and chic clothes on the HBO hit Sex and the City. This fashion designers specialty dyed and batiked jersey-knit garments are also adored by many celebs including Naomi Campbell and Kate Hudson.

Mara Hoffman | Fashion | Designer | Bamboo Print Dress

Also on sale at this Spring 2007 Fashion Designer Sale you will find lots of items by Geren Ford, Cynthia Steffe, Twinkle, Alvin Valley and more.

Beta Boutique works with key fashion designers to schedule dedicated designer sample sales and you'll find tons of sassy and chic womens and teen designer clothing from a host of these fashion designers at 40-90% off retail price. And the good news is that Beta Boutique will be putting out new sassy and chic clothing on the floor every day during its Spring 2007 Fashion Designer Sale and each week in March it will be unveiling brand new stunning Spring Designer Fashions in store at the same smart savings of 40-90% off retail price.

So if you're after some cute or sassy and young, fashionable chic clothing including chic summer wear, then before you lash out on a pair of new sassy shoes or a new chic handbag, make sure that this great 2007 Spring Fashion Designer Sale and the ongoing unveiling of brand new stunning Spring Designer Fashions is on your radar!

So if you're a Chicago Bargainista or in the Chicago area over the next four days, Beta Boutique, located at 2016 W. Concord Place, is certainly worth a visit. As well as gorgeous teen clothing and discounted designer teen dresses, there's something here for every chic and sophisticated woman from top fashion designer labels and what's most importnat, at up to 90% off retail prices.

Don't worry, I know exactly what's running through your mind and I'm with you on this. Yes, this is one boutique that I also wish would go online! Fashionistas! Let's look forward to many other great 2007 Spring Fashion Sales.

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