Thursday, March 22, 2007

Muleos for Sexy High-Heeled Backless Shoes

Q. "If you owned 37 pairs of shoes, of which 14 are backless what would you need?"

A. "Muleos!"

"Muleos," did you hear me say?

"Yes Muleos."

High-heeled shoes, necessity is the mother of invention!

Muleos for Backless | High-heeled Shoes | Slides | Mules

One fateful night in early 2006, Michele Hickford was having a party. She wanted to wear her new high-heeled mules with jeans, but the hem of her designer jeans kept catching under her heel.

“As well as slapping the floor, every time I took a step my backless sexy high-heeled shoes caught my jeans. Here I was dressed to kill, in my new sexy high heel shoes and designer jeans and I just felt and looked like a dork,” she recalled.

With a bit of blind inspiration, Michele borrowed a pair of men’s shoelaces, wrapped them under the sassy shoes and around the ankles, tied a bow, and voila – the first "Muelos" prototype was born. Like most successful innovations, Muleos were created out of necessity.

The next morning, a light bulb went off over Michele’s head. If she needed to solve this problem, there were probably a lot of other women who needed to solve it too. Naturally, the next call she made was to a patent attorney.

Less than twelve months later, Muleos opened its online store with the first collection of ties and straps for backless mules and slides. Now thanks to Muleos, women from coast-to-coast can walk around the office or home without that annoying slap-slap and can wear their favorite backless shoes more comfortably with trousers, and can also wear them more safely when hitting the dance floor.

What makes Muleos unique?

It’s not enough to simply secure your backless mules and slides – you want to make them more beautiful too! Muleos straps and ties let you change the look of your shoes, and match them to whatever you’re wearing. Plus they keep your backless shoes from slapping the floor like a pair of flip-flops as well as keeping them from nipping the hem of your trousers. You'll be much safer wearing backless heels on a girls night out and when rocking the dance floor.

Muleos for all backless shoes.

Muleos are for any woman who has a pair of backless shoes! They look great with expensive designer shoes like Prada, Gucci, Stuart Weitzman, Anne Klein, as well as budget shoes all the way to shoes from Target!

Muleos come in strap and tie versions and in a variety of styles and colors. Which to use depends on the shoes you wear them with. The Muleos leather straps, available in black, tan, gold and silver with gold or silver buckles, are a bit more tailored perhaps – well-suited for shoes at the office. The Muleos ties, available with either jet black beads or signature Muleos charms, give your shoes a sexier, dressier look. The Muleos straps and ties range from $9.99-$11.99 a pair. But fancy-shmancy versions with Swarovski crystals and exotic leathers are planned.

Muleos are really Chic and Functional!

Muleos Ties for Backless | High-heeled Shoes | Slides | Mules

I tried out the Antonia Gold, classic black leather with gold buckle Muleos shoe straps and the Cosima, black satin shoe ties with signature charms and love them. Both are really sassy, chic and functional with my hot and sexy backless shoes. No more looking like a dork when tripping while wearing my backless high-heeled shoes with jeans :)

Muleos, a great accessory for backless high-heeled shoes.

Muleos straps and ties are a must-have accessory for the Spring fashion season and warmer weather. A great accessory to have when you want to wear backless slides or mules. They will easily slip into your purse and can very easily and quickly be put on your backless heels if and when required

One thing I've noticed when wearing my stylish black satin tie Muleos - they're much more secure if after you make the bow, you tie the loops a second time :)

You can see the full range of available styles and colors and can purchase your Muleos straps and ties at the Muleos online store.


  1. Yeah I can see how the Muelos would come in handy...that's not a bad idea to have them just in case. Although, I don't know if I'd want to add that to any of my backless shoes, it would defeat the purpose. But still, awesome creation!

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Why didn't I think of this?

    I too have a few very pretty backless shoes that are almost hard to keep on. They would look awesome with these!

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hi Sally, thank you so much for introducing me to Muelos. I have so many annoying issues with my shoes getting caught when i'm walking, and I think these shoes would solve that problem and really look chic! I am in the designer inspired handbag business so its great to see affordable shoes that have the same great look of designer options. Very cool blog, I will check back often! If you find some time, stop by and say hello at my blog The Purse Buzz. Thanks again for the tip!

  4. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Those look really cool however they don't solve MY pet peeve - and that is strappy high heeled sandals that the pants get caught in between the shoe and the heel. It drives me crazy - yet in all of the magazines you see actresses wearing high heeled open toed, sling backs with long jeans or pants. Unless the pant is above the heel (which looks bad) it ALWAYS does this. Any ideas?

  5. Comfort needs to be a priority when it comes to shoes. Have the one that fits just right.