Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stella McCartney Discounted Designer Clothes!

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Fashion designer, Stella McCartney has designed a limited-edition 42-piece collection for Australian Target department stores. But we’ve seen this before, haven’t we? I was hoping for something fresh and new but the clothes in this Target department store line look similar to that she designed for H&M some 2 years ago. You may recall that in November 2005, Stella McCartney launched a hugely successful one off collection with H&M, entitled "Stella McCartney for H&M". But still I love Stella and in fact, I bought a couple of Stella McCartney pieces in London. I like the way she cuts, and the pastel and neutral colors will suit fashion business and style conscious fashionistas. The range takes inspiration from the unique signature Stella looks for a fraction of the regular price and features key items from her collections including Autumn/Winter essentials.

The collection was first launched on the runway and watched by a sell out crowd on Saturday in the Fashion Cube marquee in the Melbourne Museum forecourt as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Top | Women | Teen | Girls Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Top | Women | Teen | Girls

The Stella McCartney collection for Target department stores incorporates a full range of separates including designer skinny jeans in black, indigo and oat, pants, tailored jackets, swing coats and taffeta trench coats, silk dresses, over sized chunky designer knits in shades of charcoal, oat and dusk, blouses, tee-shirts and camisoles in a range of fabrics and colors from black to sage, beige, charcoal and teal blue. I think at $200 AUD the trench coat will be popular as will the T-shirts at $50 AUD and while not cheap, so will the silk dress at $180 AUD.

Stella McCartney | Fashion | Designer | Clothes | Cardigan | Women | Teen | Girls

Visit Stella McCartney to see the full range but the collection is available in selected Target department stores nationally from today, March 12. So if you're after discounted Stella McCartney designer clothes, your nearest Target store is the place to be today, or is it?

Stella McCartney launched her label in April 2001 under her own name as a joint venture with the Gucci Group. The brand already includes a successful range of womens ready to wear, accessories, fragrances and eyewear and earlier this year Stella McCartney launched her luxury skincare line called "Care by Stella McCartney", which contains 100% active organic ingredients.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Since this post was put up they’ve also added a line designed by Josh Goot, which, though good, is not as good as Stella McCartney’s. I actually like this move both by McCartney (and other designers) and Target. Target has really positioned itself as a store that sells affordable style. There was a real danger for some time that they might simply become a lesser Wal-Mart (not something any store wants to become), but instead they’ve become a department store with quality looks levels above what can be had in a place like Wal-Mart. True, these aren’t the haute couture you will see in Paris or Milan, but why can’t the world look good for all of us rather than just those who can afford a steep price tag? As for Stella, I think this gives her a down-to-earth image that will position her as unique among designers (never mind the fact that her father must be proud of her for never being too haughty to design for a chain).

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    The Josh Goot for Target Designer Collection was released today.

  3. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Beautiful! Sexy! Elegant! It’s perfect for any kind of woman. I am sure it will sell out soon as it is sold in a discounted price. This post was made last year, will this ever be promoted annually as these kinds of clothing are always trendy?