Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stella McCartney Discounted Designer Sale Update!

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The Stella McCartney designer fashion sale launched yesterday in Target stores around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth was a great success and the reaction has been quite incredible but shoppers still have the chance to secure a piece from this limited-edition collection of Stella McCartney designer fashion.

"The reaction has been quite incredible and we’d like to thank Australian women for taking this range to their hearts”, says Larice Lewis, General Manager – Merchandise, Target.

“The collection re-enforces Target’s philosophy that all Australians have the right to great style at affordable prices, and allows customers to purchase a designer item at a fraction of the normal price,” she adds.

The good news is that according to Ms Lewis, customers who missed out on purchasing a piece from the designer fashion range yesterday, still may have the opportunity to secure Stella McCartney for Target merchandise.

“Whilst some stores have completely sold out, Target is currently consolidating stock across all stores and key metropolitan stores will be re-stocked. Customers should visit Designers for Target to locate their nearest store to ascertain how much stock is still available. Some customers purchased items without trying them on for correct sizing, so we are noticing some returns of stock to particular stores,” she added.

It’s important to point out to customers returning items they consider too big, that Stella McCartney’s own signature look is over-sized and generous. The sizing for the Target collection reflects Stella McCartney’s own range, as well as current fashion trends, with a key look for the season being the oversized, chunky knit worn with leggings and boots.

Despite advising customers via the web-site and in-store signage that the Stella McCartney range was for personal shoppers only, some Stella McCartney items are currently trading on e-bay at inflated prices. Target’s advice to customers is to check their local stores before purchasing items on e-bay, as there is still Stella McCartney designer items in stock in select stores.


  1. Target is pretty cool and smart to be going after designers and distributing their stuff for less. smart of the designers too, making them main stream as well.

  2. Yes I agree.....we will probably see more of this.