Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Want to Own a Celebrity Designer Handbag?

Donatella | Versace | Designer | Fashion | Handbag | Womens

How would you like to own a celebrity designer handbag? Now I don't mean a fake designer handbag or a designer knockoff handbag, I'm talking about authentic designer handbags like a Gucci designer handbag or a Prada designer handbag that was once actually owned by a model or celebrity, an Emmy Award or Academy Award winning actress or a television personality.

Take for instance the nothing short of stunning, yellow patent leather Versace handbag shown above. And you just have to click the image to see the amazing detail on this Italian designer handbag stunner, sporting that oh so desirable Versace Medusa. And get this! This Versace handbag was once owned and will probably always be missed and loved by Donatella Versace herself!! Yes, owned by the Vice President & Creative Director of The Versace Group. "Impossible!" I hear you say! Well don't discount all this just yet, read on....

But perhaps you'd prefer to own the dark tan, genuine Carteras Italianas handbag previously owned by Christie Hefner, Chairman & CEO, Playboy Enterprises Inc. Or maybe the Liz Claiborne handbag owned and adored by the actress, Jenna Fischer ("The Office"). Then there's the luxurious Lambertson Truex once owned by Emmy winning actress, Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order").

Gucci | Designer | Fashion | Clutch | Handbag | Womens

But then again you might fancy a Gucci designer handbag like the black Gucci evening bag previously owned by actress, Mariska Hargitay or the pinnacle of chic, the gorgeous, sleek black Gucci designer handbag, in this case the Gucci clutch shown on the right and previously owned by model Camille Grammer.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Handbag | Womens

And there are many more stunning, celebrity handbags that you can choose from including the bright turquoise leather Moe "C.L.I.C.K." bag owned by journalist, host Samantha Harris ("E! News," "Dancing with the Stars"), the gorgeous reversible designer tote bag by Enzo Angiolini, from the Splitpursenality line by Sherie D. Giles, the soft black leather Prada handbag shown above left, featuring a Prada engraved silver metal clasp and once owned by ABC News Correspondent, Deborah Roberts, as well as the golden tan leather, "Jil Sander" handbag previously owned by Emmy winning comedienne, Vicki Lawrence ("The Carol Burnett Show").

I guess it all depends on what's your celebrity favorite handbag? But either way this is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to own one of these priceless celebrity handbags! A chance to own a designer fashion handbag used by any of these famous women as well as other handbags owned by other celebrities and there are some luxury designer handbags amongst them including the two gorgeous Gucci designer handbags mentioned above and two to die for Prada designer handbags.

Fashion | Handbag | Owned by Emmy-nominated Actress (One Life to Live) | Ilene KristenHow? Well all of these women and others have donated a personal handbag for an on-line auction, the net proceeds of which will be used by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) to support research. Bidding for these handbags will begin on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 and will end on Wednesday, May 9.

There really is something for everyone in this auction, from upscale, luxury designer handbags to whimsical tote handbags for the beach. There are many different handbags featured. Some of the handbags are truly one-of-a-kind, plus, the auction benefits a good cause: digestive disease research. Oh and you will also get a donation card signed by the previous celebrity owner, and in some instances a little more, included with any handbag that you end up purchasing.

And once again remember that these are not fake designer handbags or a designer knockoff handbags that you might come across on some auction sites. These are authentic designer handbags. Yes they are used designer handbags but used by their previous celebrity owners and judging from the pictures they look in near perfect condition. So if you're looking to buy designer handbag, then I'm sure that you'll agree that this is a great opportunity.

To participate in and keep track on the progress on the bidding of any handbag simply visit the Celebrity Handbag Auction

IFFGD is a registered nonprofit education and research organization dedicated to informing, assisting, and supporting people affected by gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Founded in 1991, IFFGD has been working with patients (both adults and children), families, physicians, practitioners, investigators, employers, regulators, and others to broaden understanding about gastrointestinal disorders and support or encourage research.


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    This looks fun. How can I find the auction

  2. Yes I agree this will be fun. Thanks for picking up my omission Allison. I've added the details to my post. Which bag do you fancy?