Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Kate Moss TopShop Collection Now Available Online

Following on from the footsteps of the Madonna endorsed fashion range for Sweden's H and M, Kylie Minogue's swimwear range for H and M, and Stella McCartney's womens designer fashion collection for Target in Australia, the often controversial Kate Moss today launched her new fashion collection for the UK based, chic fashion boutique, Topshop. Topshop are renowned for putting high fashion on the high street but at affordable prices. Have they done it again this time with Kate Moss?

Hundreds of fashionistas queued outside Topshop's flagship store in Oxford Street London to catch a glimpse of this naughty supermodel, nicknamed "Cocaine Kate" posing as a mannequin in one of her sexy dresses for the launch! No doubt they were also there to grab a fashion designer bargain at the opening sale.

Kate Moss | Topshop | Fashion | Designer | Strappy Vest | Women | Teen | Girls

Unlike the hysteria that we saw earlier this year at the Stella McCartney womens designer fashion sale in Target stores throughout Australia, fashion shoppers at the Kate Moss TopShop sale were each given an individual wrist band allotting them a 20-minute access to the Kate Moss collection, and in batches of 150 at a time. What's more, they were each only allowed to buy five items from the Kate Moss fashion collection which includes pieces priced from £12 to £150.

The Kate Moss Topshop collection, which Kate Moss helped design, includes a pansy flower dress, one-shoulder mini-dresses, a striped waistcoat vest, t-shirts, pinstripe pants, skinny jeans and suits. Following the central London launch the Kate Moss fashion collection will go on sale nationwide and next week will be available in the US through Barneys.

Kate Moss | Topshop | Fashion | Designer | Wet Look Halter Neck Dress and Short Dress | Women | Teen | Girls

Also, in a bid to avoid the mayhem seen at other similar in-store sales, the Kate Moss Topshop collection is now available online at TopShop.com

However, once again, due to the expected demand and in fairness to all customers, you will only be able to purchase 1 of each Kate Moss style and can buy no more than 5 items at a time. So choose wisely!


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