Friday, June 29, 2007

Marc Jacobs - Designer Fashion Sale

Marc Jacobs | Designer | Jewelry | I LOVE MJ pin

Summer is here so don't miss the summer perks on designer handbags, jewelry and more at BrandsBoutique and what's more, you on top of the great sale prices, you can get an additional 20% off your entire purchase, plus FREE Shipping on $200 Orders and NO Sales Tax when you use coupon code 20SUMMER today through the end of August!

With hundreds of designer fashion items on sale there's lots that will take your fancy. I know that the Marc Jacobs stuff is selling like crazy especially the Marc Jacobs Panam totes and siganture/collector's items. They're flying out the door. There's Marc Jacobs designer handbags, designer purses and designer wallets, a Marc Jacobs designer backpack and a Marc Jacobs t-shirt, as well as Marc Jacobs hats, Marc Jacobs designer jewelry and leather bracelets. There are also gorgeous Marc Jacobs designer flip flops, monogram sandals available in red, black and blue, and even Marc Jacobs designer umbrellas (red, green, olive green or navy). Here are some of the Marc Jacobs designer fashion items that I really like and you just have to click on the images to see the items in detail:

Marc Jacobs | Designer | Handbags | Panam explorer bag

I love the Marc Jacobs for Panam explorer bag, designer handbag, travel bag. This Limited Edition, collector's item is the Marc Jacobs designer handbag that we have all been waiting for. A rare find and treasured item. Hot Hot Hot. Available in either blue or white the Marc Jacobs Innovator for Panam bag purse measures about 21 x 12 with double straps to carry in hand or over the shoulder. PVC construction with zip closure, and monogram and engraved details. Great for all your needs. Grab it now. Retails at $188 but discounted by 21% to $149 at BrandsBoutique .

Marc Jacobs | Designer | Handbags | Shoulder Tote Bag

The Marc Jacobs designer purse, shoulder tote bag in navy blue cotton canvas with monogram is great for school, play, shopping, work or travel. It also folds nicely for easy packing and fit inside a larger bag for shopping. Great for carrying books or papers. This Marc Jacobs designer handbag with monogram exterior Marc Jacobs measures about 13.5 x 5.5 x 11 inches with double shoulder length straps measuring about 24 inches each. Retails at $39 but on sale at $26 at BrandsBoutique.

In the Marc Jacobs designer fashion accessory range I like the Marc Jacobs designer key ring, leather monogram key loop. Available in different colors, the Marc Jacobs designer key ring is constructed of durable leather and has the Marc Jacobs monogram embossed on one side and a silver engraved Marc Jacobs key ring. The leather key loop snaps open to hold other items or snap onto belt loop or inside a bag. The Marc Jacobs designer key ring measures about 5 inches long from end to end. It retails at $15 but discounted by 20% to $12 at BrandsBoutique. Like many of the Marc Jacobs items it's in limited supply.

Marc Jacobs | Designer | Key Ring

The Marc Jacobs large terry towel American Flag with Marc Jacobs monogram makes a perfect beach towel. Made in plush thick velvet cotton terry cloth, this Marc Jacobs towel measures about 39 x 70 inches and has been discounted from a retail price of $79 down to $56, a saving of 29%.

Marc Jacobs | Designer | American Flag Towel

Remember, to get added vaue at this BrandsBoutique summer sale, use coupon code 20SUMMER today through the end of August for an additional 20% off your entire purchase, plus FREE Shipping on $200 Orders and NO Sales Tax!

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