Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Hilton Out of Jail -- 20% Off for Good Behaviour

Seen modelling and smiling for the cameras and media during her "walk of fame" as she left jail just proved that no jail can break celebrity Paris Hilton. But Paris, the Hilton heiress, isn't the only one getting the perks. In honour of Miss Hilton's check out, 1690 Swimwear is offering 20% off Paris, her namesake bikini. Check out the stunning orange PINK Paris bikini at 1690 Swimwear.

Celebrity | Paris Hilton | Check Out

1690 produce an entire line of high quality bikinis inspired and modelled after some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Sexy suits named after celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton, are designed and cut with the star’s body type in mind. Women with identifiable similarities with the star can replicate their style and flaunt their own best features!

Paris Hilton | Halter Top Bikini | 1690 Swimwear

1690 bikinis are super. From sexy sporty to classic pretty, each well constructed and fashionable piece has personality all on its own but are perfect for mixing and matching. With bikinis ranging from sizes x-small to medium, these swimsuits are designed for women that love their particular hot body type and being priced in the range of $90-$110 a suit, the reasonable prices invite everyone to plunge in!

Available exclusively in Southern California boutiques, 1690swimwear.com makes the glamour of Los Angeles Swimwear accessible worldwide!

Visit 1690 Swimwear now to take advantage of the Paris Hilton Out of Jail, 20% Off for Good Behaviour offer. The 20% discount will be applied off all suits at check out.

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