Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teenage Fashion, Summer Sale

Delias | Fashion | Swimwear | Teenage | Summer | Sale

Best of Summer Sale save up to 25% on teenage fashion! Shine on at Delia's in the season's best dresses, tops, shorts, swim, sandals and more! And if your after a new swim suit, all swimwear is on sale with big savings on the latest shapes, hottest colors and prints, new D-cup and long torso.

Free shipping on orders over $25. Use code DTFW25

Delia's is a retailer of fashion-forward clothing, shoes and accessories. Its everday lines are aimed mainly towards teenage girls and young women. As well as the regular sales, I often browse through Delia's clearance section where you can save up to 75% off in their continuing end of season clearance of teenage fashion and even though quantities are sometimes limited, you can usually find something really cute and of great value there.

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  1. very lovely swimsuit.. like one that Kate Moss has