Thursday, July 19, 2007

Designer Handbags - Part 1

Handbags are an important fashion accessory, but will one or two handbags do the trick?

Gucci | Fashion | Designer | Evening | Handbag | WomensSeveral times before I've mentioned that like most fashionistas I just love handbags. In fact, I have many including low-cost handbags, mid-priced handbags and even some designer handbags. Like a sassy pair of shoes, I just love the way a great bag can set off an outfit even the basics like jeans and tee shirts but I can't stand accessorizing different outfits and different moods each time with the same one or two handbags, and the same applies to other accessories like shoes, jewelry and even watches.

It's because of this that like shoes and jewelry, handbags have become important fashion accessories. So I have bags that match different outfits and even different shoes and I change them from one outfit to the next.  It's about creating different looks while looking good, being trendy and stylish!

Designer Handbags are Super Chic and Trendy!

Prada | eDesignerShop | Fashion | Designer | Handbag | WomensIt's precisely this that I find really super chic and trendy about Hollywood A-list fashionistas like Paris Hilton and Halle Berry. It's not only that they go for top brand, designer handbags, it's also the fact that they don't just have one designer handbag, they have many. From one day to the next just about each time they're spotted they're seen with a different handbag to compliment their style and to suit the different mood or occasion! This to me is what gives them that ultra-trendy and stylish look. It's super chic!

We All Want the Latest Trendy Designer Handbags!

The other thing of course is that styles of handbags also change from one season to the next and it's this constant changing that creates the excitement in fashion and style. So even though I already own so many, I'm always on the lookout for the next perfect handbag.

Prada | Fashion | Designer | Handbag | WomensI guess that it's because of this that we want the latest trendy handbags from leading designer brands as worn by celebrities and models, the beautiful people, don't we? Of course it's true that pop divas, celebrities and socialites like th e Hilton heiress can afford a new look and a different designer handbag from season to season and from one day to the next, but what about the woman who doesn't want to or just can't afford to spend a fortune on designer handbags and purses?

But Can We All Afford the latest Designer Handbags? | Hermes | Fashion | Designer | Handbag | Womens The prices of designer handbags have skyrocketed of late and while it surprises me that some women still continue to buy $1000 and $2000 handbags on a regular basis, unfortunately, when it comes to designer handbags, to suit different moods and occasions not everyone can afford to purchase and own a collection of  top designer labels like Coach, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry and Prada, and the list goes on. While willing, most of fashionistas are sadly unable to pay the top prices that designer handbags attract and just can't justify a closet full of them in different colors and styles to suit our different moods and looks from one day to the next!

How can we Afford a Collection of Quality, Stylish, Fashionable and Trendy Handbags?

Gucci | Fashion | Clutch | Designer | Handbag | WomensSo what's the solution? How do we fashionistas satisfy the need for quality, functional and practical handbags to suit different outfits and different moods and occasions? How can we get the Hollywood A-list look when it comes to handbag design and style but without breaking the bank?

In Part 2 of my Designer Handbags journey I will begin to explain how I have and you too can easily afford to have a closet full of quality, stylish, fashionable and trendy handbags for each mood and occasion.

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