Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Exclusive Prada Auction

Prada.com is auctioning a number of its designer prototypes originally created for the catwalk of the Fall/Winter 2007 season. There are currently 3 items on auction, a Prada designer dress, a Prada designer coat and a pair of Prada designer shoes. The auction for each designer item has a maximum duration of 7 days from the moment of the online placement of the auction for that item and the time remaining until the termination of the auction is constantly indicated on the site by a counting down clock. The highest bidder for a given item will be the successful bidder/purchaser of that Prada designer item. At any time you can track the bid history of each product through a graphic chart.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Fiocco | Dress

Of the three items on auction, the first is a unique beige colored Fiocco designer dress (Size: S) with a faded green embossed bodice and voluminous wool silk radzmire skirt. The dress is sleeveless and has a round neck and comes complete with a beige organza peep-through petticoat. This Prada designer dress is described as being block stitched with bright orange thread that was one of the main accent shades of the A/W 07 catwalk collection. It is finished with a red belt in double Shetland stitching fixed by hand.

A unique prototype for the A/W 07 collection, this designer dress has never been shown on the catwalk and this is the only one in existence.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Quartz Mohair Coat

The second item now being auctioned is the Quartz Mohair Coat (Size: S) shown here. Like the Fiocco Prada dress, this Prada designer coat is sleeveless and has a round-neck. The coat is made from quartz colored mohair treated with a fur effect. As shown in the image, the coat has two side pockets and divided by a stripe of black stitching below the wasit, the coat's skirt is formed of layers of beautiful fuschia pink sequin strips interspersed with matching long cock feathers at the back. A similar example of this Prada design was shown in different colors as part of the A/W07 catwalk collection.

Also currently being auctioned are the gorgeous size 38, yellow and black patent high-heeled 'Maryjanes'. The distinctive super-gloss yellow of these designer shoes fades to black. With a black elasticated ankle strap, these shoes are offset by a pointed closed-toe and curved spline heel. These designer shoes are the only ones of their kind in existence and have never been seen on the catwalk in this closed-toe style. They are gorgeous but I have to say that I'm not at all sure if these shoes are for me.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | High-heeled Shoes

There can be little doubt that these very unique Prada designer items are exclusive collectibles and it will be interesting to see if and what other designer prototype items will be auctioned after these items are finally sold.

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