Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Prada Designer Items on Auction

Earlier this week (see Exclusive Prada Auction) Prada launched its auction of designer prototypes originally created for the catwalk of the Fall/Winter 2007 season. Three items were included on Monday namely, a Prada designer dress, a Prada designer coat and a pair of Prada designer shoes. Well now three new Prada designer prototypes have been added to this unique Prada auction.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Orange Paillette | Skirt

The first item added is the Prada Orange Paillette skirt shown here. This knee-length silk skirt is layered with stripes of orange paillette sequins. The handmade designer skirt is finished with a hem of matching orange cock feathers.

Like the other Prada designs being auctioned, this prototype is absolutely unique as it is the only existing version in this color in existence. A similar Prada design was shown in black paillette for the A/W 07 catwalk collection and I have to say that I would prefer this Prada designer dress in black as it would be much easier to accessorize. I just don't have orange shoes!

Also added is the sassy sleeveless navy blue, silk radzmire dress shown below. This ultra light Prada designer dress has a trim of dark blue stitching at the neckline and arms.The gorgeous layered skirt is made of a mixture of double cloth, cashgora, and operated wool stripes with contrasting multi colored stitching in green, yellow and royal blue. It also comes complete with a ruffled navy organza petticoat. Drawing on a combination of different styles from various collections, this Prada designer dress is entirely unique and as I say I think it's really sassy.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Silk Radzmire | the Dress Prada | Designer | Fashion | Silk Radzmire | the layered Skirt

The third item added is the distinctive yellow and black open-toed patent high-heeled 'Maryjanes'. As you can see they are similar to the yellow and black pointed-toe Prada high-heeled 'Maryjanes' we saw introduced earlier this week. The open-toe Maryjanes are in the same color as the pointed-toe version, a gradient colorway sees the super-gloss yellow fade to black. With a thick black elasticated ankle strap these Prada designer shoes are offset by a pointed toe and curved spline heel. Again they are the only ones of their kind in existence.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | High-heeled Shoes

As in the case of the first 3 items added to the Prada auction, there can be little doubt that these very unique Prada designer items are exclusive collectibles. It will be interesting to see what Prada designer prototypes will next be added to the Prada auction.

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