Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Prada Black Mohair Designer Coat today added three new items to its designer prototype auction. The first prototype item added is the really chic, black fur/mohair designer coat (Size: S) shown in the pictures below. As shown in the pictures, and note the matching orange and black shoes being worn in this case, the coat is sleeveless with side pockets.

A bright orange-red stitch divides this designer coat at the waist and leads into a fully layered skirt of paillette strips in a combination of bright yellow and distinctive orange shades. At the back of the coat a tail is formed from a profusion of orange cockerel feathers applied by hand.

Prada | Black Mohair | Designer Coat

A similar example of this design was shown in a different colorway as part of the A/W07 catwalk collection. It's also similar to the Prada Quartz Mohair designer coat that was added to the Prada prototype auction site on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 (see: Exclusive Prada Auction). However this prototype is the only existing version in this color in existence so you won't find it anywhere else not even in Prada stores.

Remember that the auction for each designer item has a maximum duration of 7 days from the moment of the online placement of the auction for that item and the time remaining until the termination of the auction is constantly indicated on by a counting down clock. The highest bidder for a given item will be the successful bidder/purchaser of that Prada designer item. At any time you can track the bid history of each product through a graphic chart. If you're after something super-chic and truly exclusive, then the designer prototype auction is definitely a must visit.

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