Friday, July 13, 2007

Prada Designer Auction - Set 3

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The Prada designer prototype auction continues with a third set of unique items being added. But now, from yellow, black and orange as in the previous items released for auction, the dominant designer color has shifted to green and black.

Described as being a brown/green coat, this Prada designer coat is better described as being a brown/green/blue coat as blue is also definitely one of its dominant colors. This single-breasted light brown three-buttoned coat in wool-silk radzmire with contrasting strips of beige and violet stitching at the waist is certainly something! When I first saw the coat I immediately thought that it looked like a hybrid male/female coat and sure enough the upper body of the coat employs the traditional design of a classic men's coat with brown buttons and two front flap pockets at the hip. It's the below waist part of the coat that doesn't appeal to me. Here the hem is realized in precious moss-green mohair that has been treated to create a fur effect.

This Prada prototype designer coat has never been produced in this combination of colors and materials and while it is the only existing example of this particular design in existence, this design is not for me :)

The next Prada prototype item added is the distinctively colorful green and black flat patent loafer. As you can see in the pictures here, a gradient colorway sees the glossy green of the toe fade to black at the ankle and heel, with a double line of black stitching midway. They are certainly unique and would go well with the brown/green Prada designer coat mentioned above.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Shoes

The third Prada designer prototype item added today is the glossy mini trunk in aquamarine and aluminium faded patent leather. This Prada designer handbag has short double handles offset by iron platens and is characterized by the use of umbrella stitching and unique metal lettering logo. The Prada designer handbag has black logo-printed lining and an interior pocket.

Prada | Designer | Fashion | Handbag

Looking at the latest 3 designer items added to the Prada designer prototype auction, collectively they make a matching set with the strong green color being the designer thread between them. I think that if I were interested in any one of these 3 Prada designer fashion items then I would have to bid for each of them and get the set. You'd certainly stand out in the crowd wearing these Prada designer items but the question is, if you bought them would you wear them or treat them as exclusive collectibles?

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