Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prada Pink Paillette Designer Dress

Along with two other designer prototype items, the gorgeous knee-length silk skirt (Size: S) layered with strips of fuschia and pink paillette sequins as shown in the pictures below was today added by Prada to its designer prototype auction at This Prada designer dress is completely handmade and is finished with a hem of matching fuschia cock feathers.

Prada | Pink | Paillette | Designer | Dress

A similar design was shown in black paillette for the A/W 2007 catwalk collection however this Prada prototype designer dress is absolutely unique as it is the only version in this color in existence. Like the Prada Vanilla Flapper Designer Dress, and the Prada Orange Paillette skirt, it fuses elements of Prada’s current style seen in the A/W catwalk collection with influences from 20s design. It's sassy, chic and feminine. I love the color and hip hugging style. I really like it! This very unique designer dress makes for a great party/dance skirt.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    hmm I can appreciate it, but I can't say that I like it.

  2. I have to say that I'm not one for all this paillette which seems to be a common thread through many of the prototype items in the auction, and then there's the 20s feel to many of these, but I do like this pink one and as I've said, I think it'd be great for a party or under the dance floor lights. It's certainly been an interesting collection.

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hello :)