Monday, July 23, 2007

Prada Purple Patent Designer Handbag

Prada has just added three new items to its designer prototype auction at The first designer item added today is the gorgeous rectangular handbag made from purple and aluminium patent leather with a gold and silver double zip opening on top and two decorative zip fastenings on the base.

Prada | Designer | Handbag

This Prada designer handbag has a shoulder strap as well as short patent leather double handles which end in distinctive gold buckle fastenings. Inside is a black logo-printed lining and an interior pocket and the outside is finished with the Prada signature metal logo.

This style of Prada handbag has never been produced in this color. It's a gorgeous designer handbag and is truly unique as there is only one of its kind in existence.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Sally -- why don't you wait until the end to bid in the Prada auctions? You and several other people are just bidding against yourselves. It makes no sense whatsoever unless you like having your name on the web site alot - and forgiveable only because ultimately the proceeds DO go to charity. Maybe getting your name and blog posted is the point, as I'd never heard of you before this. And btw, if you read the terms on their site -- I don't believe you're supposed to be using their graphics without permission.

  2. Oh this bag is gorgeous. I want it soo much but each time I bid someone just outbids me :( I've tried all sorts of tactics with other items I love. I've tried coming in early and bidding from the start as well as sneaking up from behind at the very last moment and each time I'm out bid :( I guess there's someone there that wants these gorgeous prada prototypes more than me :(

  3. My wife got her first Coach bag for Christmas from her Mom, which was purchased at the "Coach Outlet" in Freport Maine. It's definitely a much better product than her Gucci purse, and the design of the pockets, etc. seem to really fit her needs. It also seems pretty durable, which considering how busy she is and how much she's in and out of the car, driving from kid function to function, it gets banged around quite a bit.

    Needless to say we're impressed overall with Coach so far as a manufacturer, and are hopeful it holds up as well as its reputation.