Monday, July 23, 2007

Prada Vanilla Flapper Designer Dress

The third designer item added to the Prada prototype auction at is the really chic, Vanilla Flapper designer dress (Size: S) shown in the pictures below. It's a drop-waisted, sleeveless dress in vanilla embossed wool/silk.

Prada | Vanilla Flapper | Designer | Dress

As shown in the pictures, the neckline of this Prada designer dress in sheer gauze/silk-organza is separated from the bodice by contrasting light-green stitching at the bust and by black stitching at the waist. The skirt is made of strips of the now familiar (see previous designer dresses added to the auction such as the Prada Nude Paillette Dress and the Prada Orange Paillette Skirt) shiny vanilla paillettes layered over real cock feathers. The pleated back features a half-belt with bow.

Be seen in something top-of-the-line and entirely unique, this designer dress has never been shown on the catwalk. It fuses elements of Prada’s current style seen in the A/W catwalk collection with influences from 20s design. The vanilla is a much softer color than in the previous designer dresses added to the auction.

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