Monday, July 23, 2007

Prada Vintage Peep-toe Designer Shoes

The second item added today in the Prada prototype auction at is the distinctive black and brown peep-toe patent high-heels with curved spline heel (Size: 39) shown in the pictures below. The vintage black calf leather in these designer shoes fades away to light brown at the square cut toe to reveal antique style brogue stitching.

Prada | Designer | High-heel | Shoes

These designer shoes are once again truly unique as this prototype was never shown on the catwalk and is the only example of its kind in this style and color. Visit to see the other unique designer items that you can still bid on.

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  1. An antique collection od design.Nice pair of
    designer shoes which will be liked by all.Nice blog.Keep posting more like this stuff about shoes.Thanks