Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bilingual Designer Clothing at Maneater Threads

Billingual | Designer | Fashion | Bohemian Fleur Ruffle Top

Recently in my post "Up To 50% Off La Star Style Celebrity Fashion" I raved on about a halterneck top by Bilingual which was discounted down by 50% from £79.99 to £39.99 but even at that discounted sale price I didn't think much of it until I'd seen it worn by Halle Berry. I then quickly changed my mind but on return to LA Star Style, this exclusive online celebrity boutique had run out of this gorgeous designer top, and it was no real surprise!

Well today I decided to do some googling and I came across Maneater Threads, don't you just love the name! This online boutique  offers a great selection of designer labels and styles and one of the hot designer labels that it carries is Bilingual.

As well as a number of sassy dresses, skirts and tops, Maneater Threads has two Bilingual contrast halter tops on sale (see pictures below), that are similar to the Halle Berry halterneck top first mentioned above.

Billingual | Designer | Fashion | Bohemian Contrast Halter Top in Plum Billingual | Designer | Fashion | Bohemian Contrast Halter Top in Sea Green

The first, in a pairing of plum and bronze-y peach silk, is on sale at $80 (down from $108) and the second, in a fun sea green and ivory print is on sale at $90 (down from $121). Made from 100% silk, both are sassy, have a gorgeously daring neckline, pleating details, and that wonderfully soft and slightly stretchy material. These designer tops are gorgeous and will give a perfect look of casual elegance.

I also like many of the other Bilingual pieces that Maneater Threads has in store including the sassy Bohemian Fleur Ruffle Top shown in the very first picture above. The Bohemian Fleur Dress in the collection is also cute. As well as Bilingual, with hundreds of other designer clothing and jewelry on sale, Maneater Threads is definitely worth a visit.

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