Friday, August 10, 2007

Bordeaux - Ready to Wear Fall/Holiday 2007

Bordeaux | Driver | Designer | DressBordeaux - Ready to Wear Fall/Holiday 2007 with Skinny Waistline Belts in Satin, Rich Hues in Luxe Fabrics, and Sexy Silhouettes with Intriguing Details....

If you're a woman that appreciates the special touch and quality craftsmanship that is the result of high fashion design then you will appreciate Bordeaux. Established in 2000, Bordeaux has become notorious for its trademarked seamless technology and the brand’s “fascination with color” to create new trends in the marketplace.

Los Angeles based Bordeaux is a complete women’s designer collection now lead by Montserrat Gonzalezlugo (Monet Lugo), couture designer from Hermes and Jean Paul Gaultier. Monet has lead the company’s newest designer collection including a wide array of seamless tanks, billowy tops and sexy dresses.

The pictures shown here give you a quick look at some of gorgeous pieces in this exciting signature couture designer fashion collection by Bordeaux. The picture above shows the Driver, a dress so named because Minnie Driver took such a liking to it. Below you'll see one of the sexy, flirty tops. This embellished top looks great with basic jeans or dresses up with pants.

Bordeaux | Embellished Designer Top Bordeaux | Embellished Designer Top with Jeans

Each item in the Fall/Winter 2007 “pret-a-porter” Bordeaux collection is based on Parisian fashion house standards. Monet’s garments will be exclusive clothes that are virtually made by hand, carefully interlined, stay taped and fitted to perfection to give the sense of a “personal touch” for each client. This prêt-a-porter collection will boast new luxury fabrics and treatments including, but not limited to, woven fabrications, ribbon trims, and exquisite fit.

The current Bordeaux women's designer fashion collection retails for between $52 and $350. The complete Bordeaux collection is available this summer in U.S. specialty retail stores On Sunset, Madison, and Fred Segal Santa Monica.


  1. Ooh, beautiful clothes! Is that Winona Ryder in the first image on their website?

  2. Yes, I believe it is. The Bordeaux collection is a fave of and worn by a number of celebs including Brittany Murphy, Andie MacDowell, Kristen Bell, Sofia Bush, Hayden Panitierri and Winona Ryder.

  3. I found their website confusing. I'll check them out at Fred Segal next time I'm in LA

  4. Thanks for all your comments G. Have to agree with you on that point. The new collection looks awesome so now they hav to get their website right for online sales. I want to revisit the new collection and post about one piece in particular and hope to do so soon.

  5. I cant find any website for Bordeaux clothing and I think its bizarre because I shot their Fall 08 campaign. Can anyone tell me where the heck the photos of Fall 08 Bordeaux clothing are?
    please email me. Thanks.