Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Luxury Designer Handbag Line

Michelle Vale, a New York based designer has just recently launched a new luxury designer handbag line. Now what's really interesting about this debut collection is that all of the bags come with both a gold and Michelle Vale | Travesti | Designer | Handbagsilver set of removable hardware components. One set of hardware is on the bag and the other is elegantly enclosed in a suede-lined leather jewelry case inside a zipper compartment. The two sets allow you the option to wear silver or gold hardware on your bag as you choose. You can change it once if you have a clear preference or you can switch it back and forth for example, if you like to match your jewelry to your handbag!

The other interesting feature of this new designer handbag line is that the bags easily convert from a tote to a shoulder bag and even a backpack to suit the occasion.

With these two unique features, Michelle Vale designer handbags offer women the unique ability to completely customize their own look, from being able to choose the color of the hardware they want to wear on their bag to changing the way they carry the bag.

For example, the Travesti handbag shown in the picture above in luxurious Camel Italian leather (also available in Jet Black, Cloud and Midnight Blue) comes with a shoulder strap, back pack straps and top handles in silver and gold hardware components. This designer handbag features a suede-lined interior with metal logo plates, two zipper compartments, cell phone and blackberry pockets. You get a suede-lined leather jewelry case with a second set of hardware provided inside the bag along with a second strap for a back pack look.

Michelle Vale | Tombé | Designer | HandbagI also like the Tombé Bag shown on the right, once again supplied with both silver and gold removable hardware.

Visit Michelle Vale Handbags to see the full debut collection but as the September issue of Lucky named Michelle Vale as one of the Best New Designers for Fall 2007,  one can imagine that these new designer handbags will be in demand.


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    The convenience is definitely appreciated, but they look convertable and to me that's just not attractive. I would never carry one of these bags.

  2. I think these bags look awesome! I have ordered the Entrechat in cloud and can't wait to get it!! It is great to see some fresh new designs from a new designer!

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I really liked the look of these bags so I finally ordered one after I saw Kate Bosworth carrying the Entrechat. The leather is spectacular. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the leather to feel so nice. I have a couple of expensive bags and my MV bag feels the nicest out of all of them. I found a really great price at http://www.kataphileo.com/michelle%20vale/ You can get 3% off by becoming a Kataphileo member..not much but definitely something.