Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rachel Pally Designer Clothing Sale

Rachel Pally | Designer | Dress | Backless Tied in Front at bust Designer clothing by Rachel Pally is now available at up to 60% OFF plus get an EXTRA 20% off on all merchandise at and you'll find a good range of Rachel Pally designer clothing including dresses, skirts, tops and more.

At checkout, use coupon code OFF20 and score an extra 20% OFF all merchandise already on sale.

Rachel Pally | Designer | Dress | Halter with Ties Tied at BackIf you haven't tried this designer clothing line, then you're missing something special. But here's your chance to try out this classic, beautiful and sassy line at the lowest prices.

My pick: I love the Rachel Pally full tie designer dress shown in pictures here, and yes all of the pictures shown here are of the Rachel Pally full tie dress. It's available in two colors, namely Heather Grey or Grape and has been discounted by 41% from $220 down to $129 however, with the EXTRA 20% OFF using coupon code OFF20 at checkout you can save another $25.80 reducing the price of this stunner down to $103.20!!

Now why do I like this dress? As well as its sassy look and great price, it's a very versatile designer dress that can easily be worn for different looks.

Rachel Pally | Designer | Dress | Halter with Ties Criss-Crossed at Front and Tied at BackFor example, in the picture on the very top left above, the ties are tied at the center-front for a backless style and the dress is worn with flats for a sassy, casual look. For a more formal and dressy look, in the picture on the top right, this designer dress is shown being worn as a halter with the ties tied around the back of the neck to give a stylish (especially with heels) halter look. The two pictures on the left, show yet another classy halter-look with the ties criss-crossed across the front and tied at the back. I can think of other tie combinations, can you? Yes, I love it! It's really chic and just wonderful for any occasion!

Visit to see the full range of Rachel Pally designer clothing on sale and don't forget to use coupon code OFF20 at checkout to score that extra 20% OFF ;)


  1. Hey, I lovvve reading your blog! I'm all for sales on great designer stuff!:) I have a question...what is the appeal of all of these designers like Rachel Pally, C&C California, Ella Moss...they seem to be really simple, and to pay $100 for a cotton shirt I could find anywhere? I guess I don't get it, I've tried on C&C California and feel like I'm missing something! Thanks, I really want to know!r

  2. Hi Kate, and thanks for your comment and a great question.
    Some people buy designer fashion just because they like to be seen in or with it like for example carrying a Prada handbag so everyone sees the Prada logo if you know what I mean. Maybe they feel it important that people think that perhaps they are successful and can financially afford top designer labels. I have no problem with that and I've seen many a girl with her Prada or Chloe handbag at the supermarket but I'm not like that. If I can get the style, the look, the fit etc in a non-designer brand then generally I would go for it. For example, for basics I shop at places like Target, or Tarjay if you like :) and often I'll see a pair of great looking heels, or a bag, or skirt or even a pair of sunnies that are a no-name brand if you like but because they look great, suit my style, make me feel good and I like them then I'll buy them and I have to say I've got tons of non-designer clothes, shoes, handbags, sunnies and even jewelry exactly like this. But generally I find the designer stuff is of a much better quality both in the materials used and the workmanship and because of this I'm happy to pay that bit extra. I have to add though, that often I find the styles and fit of designer clothing to also be superior. It's precisely because the designer stuff is generally more expensive that I started this website. I remember one day trying out a gorgeous outfit at one of the expensive department stores but I just couldn't justify the spend so I waited and waited until they had a sale on but by then they only had a couple left in my size however sadly I just missed out as by the time I'd got to the store they sold out. The outfit had been reduced by 40% to clear :( Well a week or so later I accidentally found the same outfit in a much smaller boutique store which had it on sale for 60% off :) Then I thought if I didn't accidentally walk into that store I would never have known about or found that outfit on sale and I was sure that other fashionistas would love to hear about such sales. The Chic Alert was born :) It's about all things chic but Designer Sales and Hot fashion sales is my focus. Glad you enjoy visiting and reading :{

  3. I know the feeling of waiting for prices to come down, then missing out! I've done it enough times to know the hurt. :) That's why I read your blog to make sure that doesn't have to happen again!
    I have to say, I do buy some designer things for the name as you mentioned many people do, but with other things I just like the style and art brought to designer pieces. I get basics at "tarjay" as well:), and I've also found great fit and quality things in lower-end stores, that happened to make something high-quality. That's what I look out for when I want a basic style.
    For one example among many in my wardrobe, I've had these K-mart(!) leather sandals for at least 7 or 8 years, and they are still in excellent shape and fit perfectly. On the other hand I have a pair of similar Nordstrom sandals that I've equally worn, but have the soles nearly falling off. I've found great things at Gap and Banana Republic as well. It varies enormously! I suppose it's a bit of personal style as to whether people like simple things or like more obvious design elements in their clothing. Thanks for answering my question!!!

  4. Yes you will often find nice things at stores like Gap and Banana Republic. I often browse through their shelves and just love it when friends say you look great in such and such or they ask where did you get that and I say, Tarjay, or Gap or Banana Republic :)