Saturday, August 18, 2007

Up To 50% Off La Star Style Celebrity Fashion

Paris Hilton | Moyna Mother Of Pearl Shell | Designer | Handbag

Here's another great Summer Fashion Sale with up to 50% off on must-have LA brands such as Nicky Hilton, Sweetes and Hank as worn by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Madonna. And I'm not talking about fashion copies as the online boutique LA Star Style only offers genuine and authentic items.

At this sale you'll find a great range of designer clothing and designer jeans, lingerie, footwear and designer handbags from a big range of fashion designers including Baby Phat, Blue Tattoo, Gold Hawk, Vitamin A and Voom and lots more.

Paris Hilton | Moyna Mother Of Pearl Shell | Designer | Handbag

Now I couldn't resist having a quick browse and here's what caught my fancy. The Moyna Mother Of Pearl Shell Handbag as carried by Paris Hilton is simply gorgeous (see pictures above and on right). Paris Hilton is a huge fan of Moyna's unusual handbag designs. This stunning designer handbag is hand-made with mother of pearl shells. It has circular leather sturdy handles and pink 100% silk lining. It was priced at £75 but on sale now for £37.50, a 50% saving.

Halterneck Top | Bilingual | Fashion | Designer

When I first saw this halterneck top by Bilingual which was originally priced at £79.99, and even at the 50% discounted sale price of £39.99 I asked myself yeah sure, who'd pay that much for this? I was intrigued so I had a closer look. Click on the image and you'll see how this halterneck top looks being worn by Hollywood A-lister, Halle Berry. Yes I too now want one of these limited tops. It's nothing short of super sexy! This exclusive and very limited top has a low back and is made from 100% pure silk in lilac and royal blue. It's truly gorgeous!

Paris Hilton | Blue Tattoo | Designer | Jeans

I also like the Blue Tattoo Jeans shown here in the picture on the right being worn by Paris Hilton. These bootcut designer jeans are unique to LAStarstyle and are limited They feature intricate embellishment details (click on the image to see the details) and are a good buy at £50.

If you're after real designer clothes that you see your favorite stars wearing then La Star Style is a must visit. From designer jeans like the J Brand skinnies as worn by Victoria Beckham, to chic designer dresses like the exclusive and stunning Michelle Jonas white goddess dress as seen on the style queen herself, Paris Hilton, LA Star Style has exclusive access to what's hot in celebrity land.

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