Tuesday, September 25, 2007

30% Off Ralph Lauren Designer Fashion

Ralph Lauren | RoseTextured Camisole Enjoy 30% OFF at Ralph Lauren stores and Ralph Lauren online through Thursday, October 11. Simply enter promotional code FALL2007 at checkout when shopping online or present this
e-mail to receive your discount in any Ralph Lauren store.

My picks: There are some gorgeous Ralph Lauren designer clothes including tees, skirts, dresses and jackets but I've gone for the Blue Label Rose Textured Camisole shown in the picture on the right. It's on sale at $69, discounted down from $198, well it is a Ralph Lauren. But take an additional 30% off before Thursday, October 11 and get this sexy number for $48.30! This crisp white cotton cami with its deep v-neckline is ever so feminine and sexy. Would look cute worn with a pair of jeans, cargo pants or even shorts.

Ralph Lauren | Adalia Canvas Heels I also like the Adalia Canvas Heels shown here on the left. Made in texture-woven canvas with luxurious vachetta leather piping, they feature two wide-crossed straps at the toe with delicate side cutouts and slim vachetta leather ankle straps with polished brass buckles. On Sale down from $450 to $160, grab these gorgeous classy peep-toe pumps for $112 with the additional 30% off discount offer.

Some of the items are pricey but being Ralph Lauren we are talking about well designed and quality fashion and with so many items on sale, plus the additional 30% discount on offer, it's a great opportunity to get into some class. Visit Ralph Lauren online and check out the available range.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I really don't need one more pair of shoes, but I'm loving this color and I don't have anything like it... so I think that I have almost convinced myself lol... :)

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    i would love to own these shoes. but, like all really sweet shoes, the designer decided not to make them in my size. i'm tall and wear a 12. most shoes only go to size 11. thru necessity, i've becomes an experienced web hunter. perfect situation. killer pair of sam edeleman ballet flats called "capri". zappos has them but not in black. nordstroms has every other size but are sold out in 12. think about this. this must mean one of two things...that the designers only make one or two of this size and they are the first sold or there are more women with big feet than they realize. its very frustrating. i'd be glad to share my resources on cute large size shoes. anybody out there have any good sites they'd like to share too?