Friday, September 21, 2007

Alex Monroe at London Fashion Weekend

Not long now until the London Fashion Weekend (LFW) event kicks off outside the Natural History Museum (26 - 30 September 2007). One of the top jewelry fashion designers who will be appearing at this year's  show is Alex Monroe.

Twenty years ago Alex Monroe set up a little studio in South London to design and make jewellery. In all that time Alex has maintained the quality and principles that he first started out with.  All of the jewellery is still handmade in London to the same exacting standards that would be demanded of such an exclusive designer.

Alex produces two collections of jewellery a year as well as commissions where he works directly with clients making their 'dream' wedding or engagement rings (in 18ct gold or platinum).

For those of you in the UK you might even recognize some of Alex's work that has appeared in "EastEnders" and "Inspector Linley".  Outside of the UK you may also have seen some of his designs in the film "Love Actually".

Alex Monroe | Hummingbird necklace | Designer Jewellery Alex takes his inspiration from his love for wildlife and the great outdoors and this can be seen in three of the designs that Alex is displaying at this year's London Fashion Weekend.

The Dragon Fly earrings, Hummingbird necklace and intricately designed Lockets shown here are all made in 18ct gold. All three are available to buy at this year's show where you can see much more of the exclusive designer jewellery range from Alex Monroe
Alex Monroe | Lockets | Designer Jewellery
Alex Monroe | dragon fly earings Often quoted as "sometimes glamorous, sometimes cute, but always feminine", you should make a point of seeing Alex Monroe's work for yourself and visit his display at this years London Fashion Weekend.

To see an online gallery of Alex Monroe's work, visit his Designer Jewellery Collections at his web site.

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