Thursday, November 29, 2007

MAXX New York Designer Handbags On Sale

MAXX | NEW YORK | Designer | Handbags You've seen MAXX NEW YORK designer handbags in stores like Nordstrom's and Lord and Taylor. You've seen MAXX NEW YORK designer handbags on the shoulders of many celebrities as well as in the top fashion mags and TV shows like Desperate Housewives. And now here's your chance to get yourself one of these fun and fashionable designer handbags at much reduced sale prices.

MAXX NEW YORK currently has a number of its designer handbags on sale at its online handbag boutique. Now some of the handbags on sale like the gorgeous Milky Way Hobo and the knock out metallic Shooting Star Tote have already sold out and at these sale prices it's no wonder why. However, there are still some gorgeous MAXX NEW YORK designer handbags available and ready to be snapped up.

MAXX NEW YORK designer handbags are made from sumptuous Italian leather, hand selected fabrics and trend setting hardware. They are simply gorgeous and well thought out in terms of design, fashion and style as well as with functionality and convenience in mind...cell phone pockets, Ipod holders, keys...

Visit MAXX NEW YORK designer handbags and check out the handbags still on sale.


  1. Designer handbags have distinct aspects in them that makes each bag unique.

  2. I agree. This is the reason why designer bags are quite pricey. The uniqueness of the design makes a bag compelling and expensive. Anyway, I have a collection of designer bags and other travel bags for women.