Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Christmas Wish List (Well one of them)

In a few weeks time I'll be returning home to New York to be with my family for Christmas. I haven't been home in over 8 months and if it wasn't for the odd video call via MSN, I'd probably have forgotten what my family look like such has been my hectic schedule this year. 

This Christmas should be a special occasion since the whole family will be together at my parents house for the first time in decades. Now the fact everyone will be together (and trust me, we'll need quite a few turkey's this year or at least one the size of a cow), that will be the biggest present enough. But just on the off chance that any one is wondering what to get to put in my Christmas stocking, I've come up with a few suggestions from the excellent Fire & Ice Art Glass collections.

Now don't feel compelled to buy me all of the following, just one or two will suffice ;)
I've listed my top 10 items just to make it easier for you.

This year I've decided to let my Irish roots show through and I'm going for a "green theme".
(You can click on the images and each will open up the web page from Fire & Ice with the full description and how you can order it, not that I am trying to make it easier for you in buying my present(s) this year).

Roman Glass & Prehnite Earrings(1) My first choice are these gorgeous Roman Glass & Prehnite Earrings.

An ancient Roman glass bead and a faceted prehnite hang from silver chains, and silver tubes top off the pair. Prehnite and Roman glass earrings with sterling silver posts and backs.

Delicate Roman glass, with a frosted appearance, serenely glows in contrast to the icy cool variegated sterling silver surface. Four organic disks, centered with Roman glass, are connected together by sterling links. An organic and distressed-looking toggle clasp completes the piece.

My second choice is this Roman Glass Round Bracelet which doesn't look too heavy to be distracting.

Roman Glass Round Bracelet

My third choice is the Roman Glass & Amethyst Cross.

Roman Glass Amethyst Cross
I struggled as to whether to make this my number one choice mainly because each cross is uniquely designed, in that no two items are every the same making this a very individual gift.

This cross necklace makes a personal statement. Deep purple amethyst and iridescent 2000-year-old Roman glass are set in sterling silver and dotted with tiny pearls. The pendant hangs from a silver snake chain and features a toggle clasp.


Ablaze with inner light and color, an oval of created blue opal sits above a larger created blue opal, separated by silver beadwork. An 18" sterling silver chain passes through a curved bar, acting as a bezel.

Now I am switching my attention to the Native American selections and here I really adore the Blue Created Opal Necklace.

Blue Created Opal Necklace
If I were to wear (4), then I would have to have these Created Blue Opal Oval Dangle Earrings to match. These actually remind me of a pair of earrings that my grandmother had and I hadn't thought of those in 16 years !!

Oval pools of created blue opal sparkle and shine, hand-set in lustrous sterling silver and emphasized by six silver beads below the stone.

Marvel at how this conventional shape could hold such passionate color. In these immaculate heart dangle earrings, granulated silver beads and lime green and silver-filled art glass beads dangle from a streamlined French hook.

These unusual Green Art Glass Heart Dangle Earrings have to be seen close up to appreciate the beauty and although they are down at (6),they do rank as one of my favourites.

Green Art Glass Heart Dangle Earrings
Purple Art Glass Dangle Earrings
I chose these Purple Art Glass Round Dangle Earrings mainly down to the "Christmas" feel and these would be the ones I would wear on Christmas day.

Like the luminous moon, these full-bodied earrings are as ravishing as they are simple in design. A shimmering bead of mystic mauve rests between the textured radiance of gold filigree beads. Sweeping French hooks add grace and elegance to these lovely dangles.

An elegant bale of luscious yellow gold cascades in a glistening rush of lovely bezel-set diamonds to a dazzling drop of sunny, olive-green peridot. The stone's radiant color and gracious cut are lavishly accented by the brilliant tone of its 14K yellow gold setting and fiery diamonds. A gold chain adds quiet grace to this ravishing pendant.

14K Peridot Pear Necklace
This Peridot Pear Necklace is the first of the gold jewellery I've selected in my list.  As much as I love silver, gold is the color that best compliments my skin tone (which after spending far too much time in London is fast approaching silver in color due to the lack of any sun it appears).
14K Peridot Pear Dangle Earrings
Now if I am to wear the Peridot Pear Necklace, what better to accompany them but the 14K Peridot Pear Dangle Earrings.
I even have the perfect party frock in mind to wear that will let both pieces stand out, but that means that you will have to buy two items from the list.

Elegant grace and ravishing beauty come together in this exquisite design. Three fiery, bezel-set diamonds cascade down to a glistening teardrop of dazzling green peridot. The glorious teardrop rests within a classic prong setting. Gleaming 14K yellow gold and dazzling diamonds accentuate the dramatic shape of this radiant stone. Gentle European hooks complete these graceful dangles.

Diamond-studded circles decorate your ears. These drop earrings begin with two circles of 18K white gold set all around with sparkling diamonds. The top circle is attached to the earrings' posts; the other swings freely below. Behind and between the white gold circles is a circle of 18K yellow gold, also filled with glittering diamonds. Dangling below the circles are long pendulums of diamond-studded 18K white gold. Absolutely magnificent!

Now despite these 18KWY White & Yellow Diamond Circles Drop Earrings appearing last on my list, they are my favourite item beyond all doubt.  Unfortunately, I would need to attract a very rich boy friend between now and Christmas in order to find these in my stocking on Christmas day, (and at $2,450.00 now you know why they are sadly at the bottom of the list).


Now not that I want to panic anyone, but there can't be more than 35 shopping days to Christmas, and if you are going to be ordering any goods online, we will need to get our skates on to ensure our deliveries arrive on time.

Fire & IceNow I don't really expect 'anything' for Christmas because I've never been pretentious enough to do so. All I ask for every year is the love from my family and friends.  But if you are searching for that special gift for your love one(s) this year, then head on over to Fire&Ice and you'll spend hours looking through the so many beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewellery, just be sure to allow enough of those 35 days for delivery!!

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