Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exclusive Prada Designer Auction

Prada | Designer | Plum Buckskin | Handbag You may remember back in July 2007, the elite Italian fashion house Prada began auctioning a number of its designer prototypes originally created for the catwalk of the Fall/Winter 2007 season. This Exclusive Prada Auction started with the auction of 3 items, a unique Prada designer dress with a faded green embossed bodice and voluminous wool silk radzmire skirt, a Prada designer coat made from quartz colored mohair treated with a fur effect and a pair of gorgeous and really chic Prada designer shoes, yellow and black patent high-heeled 'Maryjanes', truly one-of-a-kind items.

Well Prada recently started its Spring/Summer 08 auction with exciting designer prototypes from the spring 2008 collection. The first items on the bidding block were three pairs of couture pants but currently up for grabs is a Plum Buckskin Bag, an Antique Rose Boot and a Plum Buckskin Boot. So if you're a Prada girl then here's your chance to bag something truly exclusive!!! However, be warned this is a hot, hot auction! I tried several times last year to snag some of the stunning items being auctioned but each time I bid, there was someone else out there even keener that out bid me :(

Prada Designer Plum Buckskin Handbag

This super fabulous designer handbag, measuring 36cm by 26cm, is made of Plum colored buckskin that underwent a stunning ink jet printing process and was subsequently polished to create an extremely glossy surface. As well as a Gold Prada insignia, the bag features Gold plated hardware and a zipper closing. It's lined with nappa leather and has a zippered pocket and small buttoned pocket inside.

Prada | Designer | Plum Buckskin | Handbag

As you can see the Plumb Bucksin designer handbag is decorated in an imaginative and colorful print. A similar design is distributed in the Spring/Summer 2008 collection, but this Prada designer handbag is absolutely unique because it is the only version in existence in this color. At the time of writing Hollywood has the hots for this designer handbag having placed the highest bid of 3100 Euros and with some 4.5 days to go before the close of bidding on this item, one can easily see that this exclusive designer handbag will fetch a boatload. It's a real stunner!

Prada Designer Antique Rose Boot

Prada | Designer | Antique Rose | Boot Oh yes the Devil wears Prada! Well the pictures here say it all, don't they? The Prada Designer Antique Rose Boot is certainly a unique piece of Prada history. This exclusive designer prototype is made from antique rose colored buckskin that underwent an inject printing process and was subsequently treated to create its extremely glossy surface. Apparently the heel is hand painted and coated with transparent enamel.

You can easily see that the Antique Rose Boot is as decorative as and printed in a style very similar to the Plum Buckskin designer handbag. You'll definitely stand out in the crowd in these one-of-a-kind boots :) However if the 37 size fits you, would you wear them? At the time of writing the highest bid for the Antique Rose Boot is 1200 Euros, and with 4.5 days to go it will be interesting to see what this unique boot fetches.

Prada Designer Plum Buckskin Boot

Similar in style to the Antique Rose Boot but in a totally different print and color, the Plum Buckskin designer boot is another unique piece, Prada | Designer | Plum Buckskin | Boot exclusively produced for the auction. The boot is made of plum colored buckskin and printed with inkjet technology before being rubbed down to obtain to create its extremely glossy surface.

The ABS heel is hand painted and protected with a transparent topcoat enamel. The highest bid thus far is 1250 Euros so at the time of writing this post, of the first three items in this auction, the Plumb buckskin designer handbag is certainly way out in front in terms of the highest bid so far.

The auction for each designer item has a maximum duration of 7 days from the moment of the online placement of the auction for that item and when you visit the Prada site, you will see that the time remaining until the termination of the auction is constantly indicated by a counting down clock. The highest bidder for a given item will be the successful bidder/purchaser of that item. At any time you can track the bid history of each product through a graphic chart. The auction ends on April 29, 2008 and proceeds from the sales will benefit the San Raffaele Foundation, one of the most important Italian institutions concerned with medical research, clinical work and training.

There can be little doubt that these very unique Prada designer items are exclusive collectibles and it will be interesting to see what prices these once-in-a-lifetime designer pieces finally fetch. It will also be interesting to see what other Prada designer items will be auctioned after these items are finally sold although I have heard that we can expect some really chic Prada skirts. I'd love to hear from you if you manage to snag one of the covetable goodies.


  1. The Prada boots are a bit too much of a good thing in my opinion but I love the bag.

  2. Totally with you on that and thnks for the visit Danz...

  3. The Devil may wear Prada but Transito came in from behind and snagged this lot bidding 4000 Euros for the Prada handbag (OMG that's 6228 USD), 1300 Euros (2025 USD) for the Antique Rose Buckskin Boot and 1450 Euros (2258 USD) for the Plum Buckskin Boot.

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I just love the boots and I am sure they will be a hit. Very nice indeed :)

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hi! How are you doing?! OMG! I love those shoes, I think prada had leg horses in their minds when they design these shoes (the structure I mean)... Don't you think so? But I am kind of in shock when I saw the art details its very seductive and sensual...

    But still, its hard to wear these shoes on a normal basis; but thanks for the heads up! I love your blog,, keep it rockin!

    ** I have saved you on my links! (Care for ex link?)

    Take care, mwuahs

  6. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Did you know that the items for offer on the Designer Auction site are also listed on their other international sites. You are not only bidding against UK bidders you are bidding against the rest of the world. Louis Vuitton bag went on their on Sunday 31st January and its still there, with bidders still thinking that they are going to get some kind of bargain. It costs £1 per bid so you're going to have to spend an awful lot of money to get your 'bargain'.