Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and the City, the Fashion Movie is here!

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Carrie Bradshaw | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP Will Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big finally tie the knot?

Will Cinderella and the Prince live happily ever after?

Well it's time to find out! Yippeeee!!! After its premiere in London on Monday May 12, 2008, the movie that we've all been waiting for, the movie based on the popular HBO Sex and the City series has finally arrived with special screenings at select AMC Theatres and then followed in theatres nationwide on Friday, May 30. You can even get 'Sex' at midnight with special Thursday night screenings in selected theatres!

Sex and the City, The Buzz!

However, even before the film rolls, with the girls appearing on shows like the Today Show, the Early Show and Regis & Kelly, and of course with additional film and premiere coverage on entertainment shows including E! News, Extra, Access Hollywood, E.T., The Insider, and not to mention the multiple commercials on TV and the tidbits plastered in magazines and general press, Sex and the City (SATC) is at fever pitch!! Sex & the City fashion has been the buzz for fashionistas everywhere!!

Sex and the City, The Fashion!

I'm sure that you will be like me and just can't wait to see the movie incarnation of HBO's Sex and the City. I certainly can't!! I can't wait to see how the now 40-something Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), successful author and everyone's favorite fashion icon-next-door, and her three gal pals, Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (played by Kristin Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon), have matured in their attitude to sex, love and relationships and just as importantly, in how they have matured in the fashions that they love and wear.

Sex and the City, The Movie!

I know from Sex and the City, It's a Fashion Show! that "the fashion is really different. Everything is more expensive, more beautiful, the shoes, the jewelry..." and that the "fashion comes from Paris, it Comes from Italy, it comes from New York, it comes from everywhere" and that we can expect some maturity as Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) herself has said that "taste has changed, palette has changed and that's what happens when you grow up."

However, with all the buzz and after watching the 30-somethings in re-runs of the HBO Sex and the City series for days now, I being a mega SATC fan, can't wait to see the feature-length movie. Yes I want to sit there for 2 hours and 15 minutes and watch the ultra chic and the fabulous and sophisticated Sex and the City style! I want to see the girls strut their stuff again :)

Sex and the City, the Designer Clothing, Designer Shoes, Designer Handbags and Designer Jewelry!

Yes there will be lots of love and sex, and Mr BIG of course, but I want to see the girls in the latest designer clothing and designer shoes as well as the hottest designer handbags and wearing the to-die-for designer jewelry. SATC the movie will no doubt be like going to fabulous designer clothing, designer shoes, designer handbags and designer jewelry fashion shows all lumped into one, 2 hour and 15 minute fashion show. I can't wait.

Sex and the City, the Designer Jewelry and Designer Handbags!

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Carrie Bradshaw | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Wedding Scene Now I know that Fred Leighton and Nancy Gonzalez, both played a major role in accessorizing the leading ladies for the film.

Sex and the City, Designer Jewelry

You will see the bling when Carrie Bradshaw lights up the Big Screen in her Fred Leighton designer jewelry. Fred Leighton played a starring role along side Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City movie. And it's no surprise given Fred Leighton's celebrated uniqueness and its unparalleled one of a kind jewels.

SATC's stylist and designer, Patricia Field, chose unique unrivaled Fred Leighton pieces to wardrobe Sarah Jessica Parker in several scenes of the movie. In multiple scenes throughout the movie a pair of Fred Leighton antique diamond pendant earrings are a staple in Carrie Bradshaw's jewelry repertoire. In the Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Scene, she wears a stunning pair of Fred Leighton, 19th Century Diamond and Natural Pearl Cluster Earrings and a Fred Leighton, 19th Century Diamond Feather Brooch. Now aren't these stunning Fred Leighton designer jewelry pieces to die for :O

Fred Leighton | 19th Century | Diamond | Natural Pearl | Cluster Earrings | Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP  Fred Leighton | 19th Century | Diamond | Feather | Brooch | Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP

Now if you want to similarly impress then Fred Leighton designer jewelry pieces and collections are available at the Fred Leighton store in New York City and the Fred Leighton Store in Las Vegas. By the way, Carrie's wedding dress was designed by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood; now isn't it gorgeous!!!

Sex and the City, Designer Handbags

Synonymous with style and renowned for being the ultimate in luxurious croc handbags, Nancy Gonzalez was also on the top of Patricia Field's list for accessories for the Sex and the City movie.

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Samantha Jones | Kim Cattrall | Walking the pooch

Both Samantha and Miranda are seen carrying Nancy Gonzalez designer handbags and crazy as it might seem, Samantha’s little pooch is also accessorized in matching Nancy Gonzalez accessories. This lucky dog is seen wearing a Nancy Gonzalez one of a kind gold croc collar and leash designed to match Samantha’s Nancy Gonzalez gold tote designer handbag (see detail picture below left) and apparently made especially by the designer for the movie. I'm not at all sure about coordinating your outfit with your dog but wouldn't you just love to get your hands on that little pooch ;)

Nancy Gonzalez | Gold Tote | Designer | Handbag | Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Samantha Jones Nancy Gonzalez | Exotic Skin Tote | Designer | Handbag | Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Miranda Hobbes

In the scene where we see her walking down the street with the Sex and the City girls (picture below), Miranda is holding a Nancy Gonzalez exotic skin tote (see detail picture above right).

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Girls | Charlotte York | Carrie Bradshaw | Miranda Hobbes | Samantha Jones | Walking down the street

If you want the look then the Nancy Gonzalez exotic skins handbag and accessory collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and at fine specialty stores worldwide.

Sex and the City, the Ultimate Chick Flick!

Well will this movie incarnation of the HBO Sex and the City series be the Ultimate chick flick? Not long now to tell but it sure is looking like it will be. I just can't wait to see this chick-flick. Can't wait to see the designer clothes (Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior and Oscar De La Renta), the designer handbags (Birkin, Chanel. and Louis Vuittons), the designer shoes and all the bling, the designer jewelry :)


  1. I really would like to find out who makes the jewelry that Charlotte was wearing for several scenes in the movie. There was a necklace with three flowers, then earrings with two flowers linked vertically, and then earrings with just one flower. They all looked like they were from the same line. Any help would be great!

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    oh my god, i need similiar help. carrie wears this jacket in the scene where she goes back to the penthouse on 5th one last time...its really poofy and looks like its lace made into rosettes...does this ring any bells? if you know who designed it, i'd be thrilled to know!


  3. does anyone know who designed the jacket carrie wears, its like a black leather jacket, but its covered in lacey looking rosettes? ANYONE? IT WAS GORGEOUS!?

  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I saw the movie, and it was amazing! If I could pick just one item to have for myself, it would be Carrie's Christian Dior gladiator stilettos.

  5. I am a new Sex and the City fan (I know, I'm late!) and I loved the movie. I was really missin' out not watching the TV series.

    Wasn't Carries wedding gown beautiful? Loved the fashion =)

  6. I am trying to track down the designers of all the fashions, clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelery on the SATC movie. Some items may take some time but we're working on it.

  7. Hi Leeann, yes totally agree Carrie's wedding gown was stunning. As I mentioned in the post, the dress was designed by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. I was surprised that it's not a Dior, or Ricci, or Balenciaga.

  8. Hi, I agree with emg. I love the jewelry Charlotte was wearing. Do you know who the designers are for the jewelry she was wearing? I especially would love to know the designer of the earrings with the two flowers and the single flower. Emg, I definitely know that the necklace Charlotte was wearing in the scene where the girls are having lunch discussing "coloring" is from Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Sweet Collection.

  9. Hi if anyone knows who designed the necklace charlotte was wearing the cafe when they were talking about 'coloring' PLEASE let me know had a heart and a flower on it !

  10. Hi EmG, Evelyn and Kristy. I've found what I think is the necklace that Charlotte was wearing for several scenes in the Sex and The City movie. Check out and tell me if you think that's it.

  11. Hi Evelyn, the necklace you are looking for is from Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Sweet Collection.
    Th link is below:

    Sally any word on the flower earrings that Charlotte wore throughout the movie?

  12. I would love to know who made the gold necklace carrie was wearing on in mexico - she wore two but it was the shorter one i loved - any ideas?

  13. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I would love to know what is the name and type of the purse Carrie was carrying when she went to see Charlotte and the newborn at the hospital. It was like an envelope clutch. I can't find it anywhere!

  14. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I would love to know who designed the necklace that Miranda was wearing in the scene where she tells Carrie what she said to Big at the Rehersal Dinner. It's black and gold and fabulous. Please help!!

  15. Anonymous8:44 AM

    i love SATC! tehy're style is amazing i loved teh fashion in the movie i even finally found those white and gold gladiator sandals on that everyone has been dying for!! i love them!

  16. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I am very interested in the black and gold necklace Miranda wears too. Went to eBay and ordered some black bakelite chain and hope I can try to recreate it.

  17. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I would like to know who makes the earrlings that Miranda was wearing at the fashion show. They are fabulous chandeliers with different colored stones.

  18. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Does anyone know who designed the dress Samantha was wearing in the final scene? It was a short gold cocktail dress with sequins all over.

  19. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Does anyone know what the white sunglasses are that Charlotte is wearing in Mexico from the movie?

  20. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Just got the Sex and the City The Movie book. It is so good and has every outfit pictured and credits the designers.
    Miranda's necklace she wears when telling Carrie what she said to Big is by Versace.

  21. Anonymous12:35 PM

    For the girl that typed a message at 5.10 (don't know her name), the Bronze clutch she's looking for is a Louis Vuitton one.By the way, does anyone know who's necklace carrie was wearing on a teal dress (gold and chunky)?

  22. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I had been looking all over for the sequin dress Kim Catrell wears in the final scene ?! Where can I find it ? Thanks :D

  23. To all who have the "Sex and the City: The Movie" book which lists all the fashion designs that the characters wore. Some of the designer credits are wrong. The book was written while the movie was still in production, so there were changes. Please contact designers to verify.

  24. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Does anyone know who makes the multi flower diamond pendant necklace that Charlotte wore in the movie?

  25. Anonymous6:07 PM

    any luck on finding who made that necklace Charlotte wore with three flowers? I don't think it's the Van Cleef & Arpels...

  26. I haven't made much progress here but appreciate the help and good advice that Kristy and others are giving. Although not one of my favorites, I have tracked down that the black and ivory silk print twill shift dress that Miranda was wearing is by Maggy London.

  27. Anonymous5:54 PM

    HELP! Who makes the beautiful tank top and jeans that Carrie wears when she is packing up her house. The tank top has like vertical silk strips doing down the front and the jeans have lots of buttons up the front. She wears them a few times.

  28. Anonymous11:12 PM

    okay, did anybody find out anything about the jacket carrie wears when she visits charlotte in the hospital? its in the scene with the gold bag...i really want to figure out the technique used to make it. i can't even find a decent picture of it. it looks like white rosettes on a black leather or even just cotton jacket.

  29. I am wondering if anyone can remember one of the wedding dresses Carrie wore in the Vogue shoot. It was about second to last and was all lace and not a strapless gown- as I recall it had more of a lace V-neck. I did find the lace Oscar De La Renta that was strapless. It was the other one. I would love to find out who makes it! Thanks!

  30. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hi everyone with the SATC Movie book. Could you please tell me the name of the designer who made the gold disc necklace Miranda is wearing in the "colouring" scene? Thanks.

  31. Anonymous12:10 PM

    i have been relentlessly looking for who designed the jacket that carrie wears when she goes to the hospital to see charlotte and then to the penthouse.

    i bought the book and here's the information. it's a vintage givenchy jacket that the costumer design team deconstructed and then coupled with a leather jacket. no buying it in a store, but hopefully someone replicates it ... is absolutely gorgeous.

    the shift dress is nina ricci and the quilted, metallic clutch is louis vuitton.

  32. Anonymous10:57 AM


    I am obsessing about something NOT in the movie, but in the above
    episode in Season Six, where the trouble with Berger begins. Carrie
    brings him the Prada shirt, and she is carrying a white purse that
    looks like it's made of ostrich feathers.

    It is such a work of art, and plain enough so that she could carry it
    during the day, in summer and have it be chic and appropriate and
    edgy, yet playful.

    I spent over twelve hours looking for it on the internet today, and
    could NOT find that particular bag. There are some with jewels on
    them; some a different shape, ergo NOT THAT BAG.

    I would love to know where it came from and if I can purchase it.

    I realize that you guys are all caught up in the movie stuff, but I am
    still stuck on this bag and decided to go to those who know.

    Any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.
    Big Time!

    Many Thanks, in advance, for your help.

    Chic Fashion Slave,
    Beth Ledoux

  33. Anonymous1:13 AM

    The three flowers necklace and earrings are the Van Cleef and Arpel Socrate collection. Only the ring is shown on their website, but in the store they have the earrings and the necklace.

  34. I don't think that that necklace is it. I went to see the movie again and the necklace I'm talking about actually has three flowers joined by the tips of their petals. Charlotte was wearing it when she came back from her doctor's appointment during which she found out she was pregnant. The flowers are sort of in a triangle shape. I still haven't been able to find out the designer. Sorry that my original description was incorrect.


  35. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Charlotte is wearing a Jennifer Fisher necklace!

  36. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I'm sure that the necklace that Charlotte is wearing in the coloring scene is Van Cleef & Arpel's Sweet Alhambra collection. The multi flower diamond necklace and matching earrings that she wears are from Van Cleef & Arpel's Socrete collection but I don't think that they are on the Van Cleef & Arpel website. Also check out the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Sweet Collection as Kristy mentioned.

  37. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Does anyone know the designer of the bridesmaid's dresses that Charlotte and Miranda wore at Carrie's wedding?

  38. Hello Girls! There seems to be a confusion with Charlotte necklace in the "coloring" scene. I know for a fact that the necklace she is wearing is from Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Sweet Collection. In the openining scene when all the girls are walking together in Manhattan and Charlotte is wearing the Prada dress, she is wearing a necklace form Jennifer Fisher (And this is the only scene she is wearing Jennifer Fisher Jewelry). The Flower Diamond jewelry Charlotte is wearing is from the Van Cleef & Arpels Fleurette Collection. Please note that Van Cleef & Arpels has confirmed to me that the majority of Charlotte's character jewelry is from Van Cleef & Arpels. Please visit their site or contact them. I am very familiar with their jewelry so I immediately called them first to verify.

  39. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Liz M...

    Does anyone know what brand and model sunglasses the SJP wears, the scene she wears them is by the beach (when she throws her phone in the water). If I find them I am gonna buy em for my as a b-day gift for myself.

  40. Does anyone know who designed the dress Carrie wears that has those chunky jewels going down the center of the dress? I have not seen it anywhere!

  41. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I would like to find who makes the dress that Charlotte has on in the final sceen. It is a white, strapless dress witha bow in the back. I am looking for this for my wedding. Does anyone know?

  42. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Someone asked about the sunglasses worn in the Mexico scene and I think they are Oliver People's Dulaine Sunglasses.

  43. The sunglasses: Sporting a Hermes Fedora on her trip to Mexico Carrie is wearing Oliver People's Dulaine Sunglasses and in Mexico, Miranda is wearing Calvin Klein Square Sunglasses. The Jackie O style sunglasses that Charlotte is wearing when you see the four of them in the scene walking down the street in Manhattan are Black Nikki Style sunglasses from Salt Optics. In the scene where Samantha is wearing a yellow Versace halter style dress and a wide white sash belt, she looks like she is wearing Robert Marc's Style 576 sunglasses.

  44. Oh and someone asked about the bridesmaids dresses, Carrie's bridesmaids wore Zac Posen gowns for the wedding.

  45. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I would love to know who designed the following dresses:

    - The white strapless dress Charlotte wears in the final scene.

    - The blue chiffon cocktail dress with the long sheer sleeves Carrie wears.

    I am in love with these dresses.....

  46. Hehehe chicas! Check out the Friday, June 20 post "The Sex and the City (SATC) Movie and You!" at for your chance to win a copy of the hard covered book about the movie and some gorgeous SATC jewelry up for grabs :)

  47. EmG, Evelyn and Kristy once again please check out the necklace on the left hand side at and tell me if you think that's the necklace that Charlotte was wearing for several scenes in the SATC movie.

  48. Thanks Sally! That necklace is it. Who makes it?

  49. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Does ANYONE know who makes the huge straw hat Samantha wore in L.A. while looking at her neighbor??

  50. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hi... I am desperately searching for the shirt that carrie worn while packing her closet. It had several open slits in the front. I LOVE IT!!! Please HELP!! Thanks Shannon

  51. Hi EmG see "Jewelry in the Sex and the City Movie" posted on July 1, 2008. I think it's all there :)

  52. Please, if anyone can help me......I have been driving myself crazy trying to hunt down the massive straw hat "Samantha" wears while "spying" on the neighbor. This hat is a MUST for me. Can ANYONE tell me who makes it, where I can find it, anything!!!!!

  53. Please, if anyone can help me......I have been driving myself crazy trying to hunt down the massive straw hat "Samantha" wears while "spying" on the neighbor. This hat is a MUST for me. Can ANYONE tell me who makes it, where I can find it, anything!!!!!

  54. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Can someone please tell me who designed the shoes carrie is wearing in the wedding scene? I can't find that information anywhere!Thnx!

  55. i need that eiffel tower bag.... where can i buy it.. i saw his designer was timmy woods.. I WOULD LOVE TO FIND ONEEE!

  56. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I'm trying to find in the web where to buy the yellow dress Samantha wore in mexico
    any help would be great

  57. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I would like to find the sexy yellow dress Samantha wore in mexico. Any help would be great

  58. Don't forget the SATC giveaways at


  60. mirand is wearing these hoopp like earrings, they are silver, sh is wearing them with a black and white dress,wear can i get those earrings?

  61. Anonymous8:28 AM

    has anyone found where to get the huge straw hat samantha wore? I need that hat!!!

  62. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Does anyone know where to find the yelloow fan brooch SJP wore to her movie premiere of "Smart People". It's fabulous.

  63. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I wonder if the yellow dress she wore in Mexico is from SJP Bitten line? Does she wear anything from her clothing line in the movie?

    I know she wears it when she is going on interviews and photo shoots.


  64. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Does anyone know where the necklace that Miranda wears when she and Carrie are in the restaurant on Valentine's Day comes from? It's a green color and I think it's a horse pendant. I really want to find one!! Your help would be much appreciated!!

  65. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Would anyone know who designed the flower ring that Smith gave Samantha in the film?

  66. Anonymous8:57 AM

    The AUCTION FLOWER RING that Samantha was bidding on was designed by RAMONA M. BOUCHER of BASTION - breathtaking classic and one of a kind collection

  67. Anonymous9:22 AM

    My name is Jim and I'm trying to find a Ter et Bantine top worn in the Sex and the City movie so I can surprise my wife with it. We recently watched the movie, she loved the top and I've been surfing the web ever since trying to find it. That's when I came across this blog and thought someone might be able to tell me where to look.

    The top is black and silver and is worn by Charlotte when she and a male character are sitting on a bed and seeing Carrie's original wedding dress for the first time.

    If you could help, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm just a fashion-ignorant firefighter trying to impress his wife!!!



  68. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Does anyone know the designer of the bag that Carrie wears to the library for the first time to take her books back and discovers it's the location for her wedding? It's a big brown leather bag with flat wide shoulder straps. She even opens it for the library guard.
    What brand is this bag and where can it be procured?

  69. Anonymous12:58 PM

    My girlfriend loved this movie, she try's to get me to watch the blu-ray every night, lol!

  70. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Great movie....I am in search of the Silver sequin cap that Carrie put on to go to Meranda's Apt.
    Could any one tell me where I can get one?

  71. Does anyone know where I can find that exquisite square chunky giant lucite bracelet Samantha wore in the movie? I think it was when they were in may be Dean Harris?
    thanks, ladies!
    Miss Sally

  72. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Hi, does anyone know the designer dress carrie wore in her apartment when the viv westwood wedding dress was delivered to her????

  73. Hi
    I am trying to find close up pics of the vera wang wedding gown SJP is wearing at the vogue photoshoot.
    I cant trace it anywhere not even in Vera wang's new collection/website etc

    Can anyone help??????


  74. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Please, can anyone tell me where to find the beautiful "hamza hand" necklace worn by Charlotte during the restaurant rehearsal dinner for Carrie and Big...I have been asking at different sites and no response...hoping that any of you fashionistas know..


  75. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Hi can anyone tell me where to get samantha's yellow dress, the one she wore in mexico not the short one she wore shopping with the dog. I love it so much!!!!
    email me at:

    thanks chicks.

  76. Hello,

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me who designed the little mod-style wedding dress Carrie wore in the Vogue fashion shoot with booties and short gloves and all those big chunky necklaces?


  77. Anonymous1:32 PM

    There is an event in Miami, where the assitant stylist Danny Santiago is going to be with ALL OF THE CLOTHES from the movie, AND SAMANTHAS RING!!!! The ring designer is going to be there and all of the gowns from Carries Vogue photoshoot! SO EXCITING! If you live in Miami and are a sex and the city fan, this is a must go!!!! ITs being held at EVER AFTER in Coconut GROVE on FEB 4th - from 7-9 - Feb 7th. RSVP at OMG!

  78. Hi,
    I am looking for the outfit Charlotte is wearing in the rehersal dinner scene. In the film, all you can see is that it is black and sequenced (not sure if it's a top or dress).
    Does anyone know what it is and who it's by? (either actual designer or similar).


  79. Hi,
    I am looking for the outfit Charlotte is wearing in the rehersal dinner scene. In the film, all you can see is that it is black and sequenced (not sure if it's a top or dress).
    Does anyone know what it is and who it's by? (either actual designer or similar).
    Please e-mail me at;


  80. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Can anyone tell me who made the olive green sleeveless dress(top?) that Carrie is wearing at the end of the movie when she's wearing glasses at her book reading? I absolutely love that neckline!

  81. Anonymous10:18 AM

    i like the dress carrie wears to the fashion show, where its like a bubble dress.
    and im thinking of looking for something like that from my prom?

    help me find itt!!!!x

  82. I saw something like a bubble dress at

  83. Anonymous7:22 PM

    PLEASE!!!! The dress that Miranda is wearing in the scene where she tells the girls that Steve cheated. It's a grey/blue with black detail. Gorgeous!! I need to know who designed it!!! THANKS!!

  84. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the white shoulder bag samantha is wearing when they arrive in Mexico.

    Thank you

    email me at :

  85. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Hi, i'm also a HUGE fan of all the clothes in the sex & the city movie! Everyone's searching for the designer of the jacket carrie wore at the end in the hospital and in the penthouse, the one with the cropped flowers, i think it's chloe or nina ricci but i think chloe! Can anyone tell me where i can find or who is the designer of a light brown leather jacket carrie wears when she's at Charlotte's, when she has to babysit on Lily and when Charlotte tells carrie she's pregnant. I hope someone can help me because i don't find anything on the internet!! thanks so much

  86. Anonymous3:03 AM


    Can anyone please tell me what's the necklace Carrie's wearing in the movie in the 'colouring conversation' scene. It's a V shaped diamond necklace, like a princess's necklace!

    Thank you so much!!

  87. Anonymous9:24 AM

    The Lucite cuff worn by Samantha is made by Cec LePage and can be custom ordered.

  88. Anonymous5:11 PM

    who designed the dress samantha wears in the sex and the city movie in the closet scene; the gold and black tutu dress ??

  89. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I'm trying to find the yellow dress that Kim Cattrell wore when the girls went to the restaurant in the Mexican hotel. Where can I find that?


  90. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Does anyone know where I can find the Straw Fedora that Carrie was wearing when they went to mexico? Love it!

  91. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Does anyone know who made the Straw Fedora that Carrie was wearing when they were in Mexico? Love it?

  92. Anonymous3:13 AM

    HELLO can somone help me.. i'm hunting down the black one arm top that samantha wears at the engagement party could someone help me.. GOD IT IS SEXY !!!

  93. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Does anyone know where I can find the dress Carrie was wearing at the book reading? It' kind of olivey green. Thanks!!

  94. Anonymous8:31 AM


    I really would like to know where I can get or who made the gray cardigan with riped shoulders carrie wears in the scene where her and louise are looking through her emails and she tells louise to send big's emails into cyber space... I can't find a picture of it anywhere on the net though... If anyone can let me know that would be fantastic!

  95. Anonymous5:19 PM

    That beautiful white jacket that Carrie wears-when she returns to heaven on 5th & looks like rosebuds & lace was actually created by the creative production designers for the movie...I read about it in the Sex and the City its one-of-a- kind! :(

  96. hey does anyone know where i can find the white shoulder strap chanel bag samantha was wearing in Mexico?

  97. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Does anyone know where I can get the Purple Feather shoes that Jennifer Hudson holds? I've been looking everywhere!


  98. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Does anyone know in the Sx and the city 2 movie what brand Carrie's jeans are in the night club scene. the acid wash gem/sequin ones ??!!! they're amazing I must have! thanks :)

  99. Anonymous8:07 PM

    In the end of the first SATC movie Carrie wears an olive green modern sleeveless short gathered neckline dress while she is at her book reading. Does anyone know who made it and where to get it?


  100. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Where can I find the Sea Horse necklace worn by Miranda in Sex in the City the Movie 1?

  101. The casts have a lot of scenes in UAE specifically in Dubai and I loved their scenes in the hotel. I also found out that there is a room in one of the hotels of Dubai that's made up of pure gold. That's simply amazing.

  102. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me where I can find Carrie's gold amethyst ring she wears on her right hand throughout the shows, this is before she marries Big. It looks like either a light amethyst or a pink colored gold ring. All episodes she wears it in her right hand. Thank you

  103. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can find the ring Sara Jessica Parker wears throught SITC sequels, this is before she marries Big, she is dating Big then he leaves to Paris. Its either a pink/amethyst gold ring she wears in her right hand middle finger.

  104. I've been trying like hell (since the movie 1st came out) to find the purple feather pumps Jennifer Hudson's holding while SJP's unpacking. Can someone please, pretty please help? Want them soooooo bad. Thank you!