Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex and the City, It's a Fashion Show!

The world premiere of the much anticipated movie, Sex And The City (SATC) takes place in London tonight. Personally I think that New York should have had the first screening, I mean that's where the HBO series was set and shot, that's where the 30-somethings Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha strutted their stuff!

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Regardless, as much as Sex and the City is about columnist Carrie Bradshaw, her three gal pals, and their lustful urban quest for good sex, love and fab clothes, being set in New York City, fashion has always been a major part of the story. But now some four years on what can we expect when it comes to the fashion?

Also, will it simply continue on from where the series left off or will the now 40-somethings have matured and matured in the fashions that they wear. Will we see more of the breaking of the rules, the unexpected and outrageous, or will we see a more mature collection of fashion. The following video by BlackTree Media might shed some light on these questions.


Well there are some clues there. It is said that "the fashion is really different. Everything is more expensive, more beautiful, the shoes, the jewelry..." and when talking about the show's stylist and costume designer Patricia Field, Sarah Jessica Parker says that "she's really good at telling the story with clothes and she really knows these women in the city." And yes we can expect some maturity as Sarah Jessica Parker later says that "taste has changed, palette has changed and that's what happens when you grow up."

Pat Field herself says that the "fashion comes from Paris, it Comes from Italy, it Comes from New York, it comes from everywhere" and when talking about the costumes Kristin Davis (Charlotte) says that "there were just tables of bags, like every new bag that you haven't even seen in the stores yet and then there were tables of shoes, and I mean it was just like Mecca."

So from this we can expect some new ideas but I'm sure that we'll see the latest in designer clothing, shoes and designer handbags. Yes there will be lots of love and sex, but just as importantly, the feature-length Sex And The City movie will be like going to a fabulous fashion show. I can't wait.


  1. Admittedly, I was a bit disapointed by the fashion at the London premier. Cynthia looked stunning & I really expected more from Kim. Also, I thought the jewelry could have been a bit more impressive. But I still love it!

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Wow... I haven't seen the movie yet but the advertisement about it is like off the wall.. its too much... I hope its good cause I am thinking about watching it! But I still love the vivienne westwood dress SJP wore on the movie!

    take care

  3. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the movie. You are absolutely correct - one big fashion show/inspiration.

  4. Sex and the city´s fashion is one of the most important characters of the show... i really enjoyed watching all the episodes not only for its content but also for its outfits. I need a favor for you guys... does some of u know the name of the designer of the beautiful white dress (with a flower over the shoulder) carrie used on the SATC movie:
    I just love it, but im not sure who designed it! Sorry, fashion lover…. !