Friday, September 19, 2008

Designer Fashion Warehouse Sample Sale

Krelwear | Fashion | Designer | Women's | Clothing Up to 75% off!

Krelwear is a knitwear line founded by fashion designer Karelle Levy with the underlying philosophy based in the beauty of "toobular" knit design. Since its original inception the fashion line has evolved into two separate collections, one of a kind and made to order.

The couture collection is comprised of hand knit fashions pulling from the extensive archives of unique yarns that the designer has amassed over the last decade. Using a wide array of yarns from organic to industrial fibers, Karelle Levy has developed garments by reconfiguring what she calls “toobular” fashion, using few or no seams in her knitting technique.

The ready-to-wear line consists of uniform colors, minimal construction techniques, eased wear ability and are entirely made-to-order. These fashion items are interchangeable and convertible; a single piece can be worn as a sleeveless top, or a skirt and all of the pieces reflect her independent, no rules ethic, “Living garments, embracing flaws - let it run.”

The Krelwear products range from elegant and funky sweaters, dresses, skirts and tanks, to accessories such as hats, scarves, leg warmers and cuffs. To get a better idea of what the Krelwear fashion line is all about, check out the video above.

The line is available in fashion boutiques around the U.S. and Japan but through this weekend's Krelwear Warehouse Sample Sale you can bag some chic pieces at prices of up to 75% off. This is a great chance to join Krelwear celebrity clients including Patricia Fields and Alanis Morrisset, as well as Christina Ricci, Carmen Electra, Pink and Cameron Diaz.

Alanis Morrisset | Krelwear | Fashion | Designer | Women's | Clothing

Visit the Krelwear studio and check out this designer warehouse sample sale and get some great new duds for the fall! Great for Miami and traveling weather. Here are the details of this Designer Warehouse Sample Sale


Fashion Designer, Warehouse Sample Sale


Krelwear Studio
180 NW 25th Street
Miami, FL 33127
contact (305) 576-7465 or for more information.


This Weekend, Saturday September 20 and Sunday September 21
12 noon - 7pm

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