Friday, January 23, 2009

Up To 50% Off Designer Handbags Sale

The Paris based leather goods designer Brontibay currently has a sale on its range of colorful and fashion forward French designer handbags. There are some great basics here in tantalising colors to tickle your fancy and at great sale prices. And to boot they're super chic and stylish!!! Here are some of my faves.

Honolulu | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

First I like the Gemme handbag. This is a small handbag with a long adjustable strap, in Blue (bleu), Silver (taupe) and Black (noir) metallic leather. It measures 9 inches (23cm) high by 11 inches (28cm) wide. Originally priced at 175 Euros the Gemme designer handbag is now discounted by 40% down to 105 Euros ($136.50).

Gemme | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

For a matching evening bag the Ambre designer clutch handbag, a large evening pouch in Blue, Silver or Black metallic leather is just perfect. It can be worn day or night and is quite large and volumous measuring 5.5 inches (14cm) high and 12 inches (30cm) wide. This bag could easily be used as your makeup bag. Originally priced at 78 Euros but now discounted by 40% down to 47 Euros ($61.10). For a different yet similar style check out the Rebecca handbag.

Ambre Clutch Blue | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

For a totally different and more casual look, I love the Gemme handbag and Ambre clouch in tartan fabric as shown in the pictures below.

Gemme Tartan | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

Ambre Clutch Tartan | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

The Nacre designer handbag show below, also in tartan fabric makes for a perfect shopper. This large handbag measures 16.5 inches (42cm) by 13.5 inches (34cm) wide and has been discounted by 40% down from 215 Euros to 129 Euros ($167.70).

Nacre | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

The Barbara designer handbag, described as being a large bourse with adjustable strap is also a cutie. Made from sumptuous lambskin, the Barbara handbag features a generous form decorated with pleats and measures 12.5 inches (32cm) High by 16.5 inches (42cm) wide. It's available in two colors, Black (noir) and Perle and has been discounted by 30% down from 245 Euros to 171 Euros ($222.30).

Barbara | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

Another great looking shopper is the Tutunylon handbag in an original and generous "tutu" tote form. This designer handbag is available in a range of 5 fantastic colors Noir, Acajou (below left), Charbon, Mures and Souris (below right), and measures 14.5 inches (37cm) high and 18.5 inches (47cm) wide. This designer handbag is a large shopper in gathered nylon. It's waterproof and very easy to clean. It features multiple inside pockets including a cellphone pocket. Originally priced at 115 Euros, the Tutunylon handbag is now discounted by 40% down to 69 Euros ($89.70).

TutuNylon | Brontibay | French | Designer | Handbags

Brontibay of Paris make truly authentic and fashionable designer handbags. As well as style, I love the colors in the collection. This designer handbag sale is definitely worth a look.

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