Friday, March 20, 2009

ShoeDazzle with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Photo Shoot in GQ Magazine

Kim Kardashian, perhaps best known for her social life, sex tape scandal, and her role on the E! reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's," and boyfriend Reggie Bush are featured together with a photo shoot in the latest issue of GQ Magazine which is out on stands now. Here's one photo of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush from the first ever photo shoot of the pair together.
Kim Kardashian | Reggie Bush | Photo | Photoshoot | GQ Magazine
When talking about the GQ Magazine photo shoot in the Kim Kardashian website, according to Kim herself,
We were super excited for this shoot but also a bit nervous. We had never done a shoot together and didn't know what to expect!
It turned out super hot and we love it. The article also gives a glimpse into our relationship.
It also covers how we met, the things we argue about, and how we just work so well together!
We did the shoot at an amazing mansion in Los Angeles.
I also see from the Kim Kardashian website that Kim has been nominated for a Bravo A-List Award in the category of Television Reality's Guiltiest Pleasure!!
Now I will leave it to the celeb news and gossip sites to talk more about her latest nomination and the Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush GQ Magazine photo shoot but thought it would be a good time to review another Kim Kardashian project, the shoe club know as Shoe Dazzle at

Kim Kardashian's ShoeDazzle Shoe Club

You might recall that ShoeDazzle was launched in November 2008 by Kim Kardashian in partnership with high-profile attorney Robert Shapiro. ShoeDazzle draws from Kim Kardashian’s years as a celebrity stylist. Essentially it's a shoe club. You pay $39 per month (which includes tax and shipping) for membership in this online show club and you get one pair of shoes per month sent out to you to wear!
ShoeDazzle | Kim Kardashian | Fashion | Designer | Womens | Shoe | Club
To join ShoeDazzle you simply take a fashion survey and register. Then based on your survey results, the ShoeDazzle stylists provide you with a choice of 5 fashionable shoes each month, from which you choose one that you like best. You can also arrange to have more than one pair of shoes in any given month. So the $39 per month covers one pair of shoes in that month, the shipping and the ShoeDazzle stylists' efforts in choosing shoes for you.
ShoeDazzle | Kim Kardashian | Fashion | Designer | Womens | Shoe | Club
Now if you don't like any of the shoes that the stylists pick for you, you simply call the customer service team and they will have their stylists send you new styles for you to choose from. In the event that you are unhappy with your shoes for any reason, you can exchange them for another pair or simply return them using the pre-printed return shipping label provided with your order and get a refund. Additionally, as not every woman wants a new pair of shoes every month, you can skip any month and you won't be charged for that month. You can also cancel your membership anytime without any cancellation fee.

Women's Shoes at ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle draws from Kim Kardashian's years as a celebrity stylist. The shoes provided are by Michael Antonio and other stylish, high quality shoe designers. On their website say that they choose shoes with great quality, high fashion, value and comfort.
ShoeDazzle | Kim Kardashian | Fashion | Designer | Womens | Shoe | Club
Perhaps you've checked out Michael Antonio shoes before. From what I know, Michael Antonio shoes are not that expensive. In fact only last weekend Michael Antonio had a blowout sale in Montclair California where you could have bought 1 pair of shoes for $20, 2 pairs for $30, 3 pairs for $40, 6 pairs for $60 and 12 pairs for $100!!!

A Kim Kardashian fan maybe but are you a ShoeDazzle Fan?

Now I don't know about you but when it comes to shoes I’m very fussy and need to try them on. As well as seeing how they look I need to check out the fit. I also have some difficulty in choosing from all the shoes in the one entire store let alone from a range of just 5 shoes.
However, if you're a Kim Kardashian fan you may have already joined ShoeDazzle and let her and her shoe fashion stylists handpick some shoes for you. If so I'd love to hear from you. Were you happy with the ShoeDazzle stylists' choices? What about the ShoeDazzle service itself? Is the $39 per month good value for money? Are you happy with the style and quality of the shoes?
Now if you haven't as yet tried out the ShoeDazzle service, is this something for you? Perhaps you have a problem choosing your own shoe style and could do with your personal shoe stylist. If so then maybe having none other than the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starlet, Kim Kardashian and her fashion experts handpick your next shoe fantasy might work well for you.
Well if nothing else then the latest issue of GQ Magazine featuring the photo shoot of Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Reggie Bush might be be your fancy.


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I just joined shoedazzle a few months ago and absolutely love this shoe club. Of course I love shopping for shoes at the mall, but this is just so much fun. Gives me an excuse to get a pair of shoes every month. The shoes are adorable and HOT too!!

  2. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I've used ShoeDazzle for a couple months and it is AWESOME. Sure, the shoes aren't Gucci but they're a great deal and super cute for just $39. Getting the new selection every month is a like a little gift to myself.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

  4. I am a member of shoe dazzle and it is fantastic!! The presentation of the shoes speaks for itself. The shoes come in a heavy duty shoesdazzle box which is important to me as all my shoes stay in there box's .When you open it the shoes are wrapped in pretty tissue paper and they come with a pink shoe dazzle dust bag. I have never seen shoes for 40.00 wiht a dust bag and the shoes are great they fit well and they hold up well. I could not be happier!!! Rock on Shoe Dazzle

  5. I just joined shoedazzle and ordered my first pair! I can't wait till they come. I think shoedazzle should add a handbag dazzle, kim would make out really well.

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I was a shoedazzle customer and cancelled.

    I received my first pair of shoes and they were extremely tight ($39.00) so I had to return them via Fedex out of my pocket ($5.95)...their policy.

    I asked them to send me a half size larger. I received the shoes and they were way too big ($39.00) so I also returned them ($5.95) out of pocket.

    I then cancelled my membership and had to follow-up with the company to get my credit. They are only giving me $33.05 (the cost minus restocking fee) per pair of shoes.
    So, I had to pay over $20 to try their shoes on and end up with no product. Unacceptable...don't do it.

  7. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I just ordered my first pair 2 days ago. Im excited to get them. I agree with above, she should do purses as well. Im a single mother of 2 kids so its not ideal for me to wander the mall looking for shoes. This 1 pair of shoes a month for $40 that I can order online is a little present to myself.

  8. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I just joined Shoedazzle and received my first pair of shoes. Totally cute and I forgot to set my shoe size a half size larger (I normally order up a half size for heels so they are comfy) so I needed to exchange them. Called CS & they said to use the prepaid label for FREE EXCHANGES. If you choose "exchange" the postage is free. You can return for a different shoe, or a different size. If you want a refund, the shipping ($5.95) is not refunded. Duh. No one does totally free shipping. My babysitter costs me $10 an hour, so quite frankly, having my shoes sent free to me is a piece of cake. Sure they aren't D&G, or made from glove leather, but hell, for $39....what do you expect? They are adorable, and as a SAHM to 2 kids, I love a little sass and flair in my day. Love Shoedazzle...thanks for doing all the thinking for me. Class act all the way.

  9. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I have a question is there a cancellation fee I was thinking about signing up but i dont know if I should is there like a catch anything else I should know about?

  10. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I've been a Shoe Dazzle member for four months and I love it! I've bought three pairs of shoes so far and I get tons of compliments on them. I too am a single mom and have a two year old, so I just can't walk into a mall or store and try on shoes at my leisure. This is a fun alternative and I love recieveing my shoes in the mail! It's like a treat I give myself after each month of working full time, college full time and being a single mom. Love it!