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Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Latest News (August 2009)

In our post, Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Spoilers and Speculation (May 2009), we took an early look at some of the much-buzzed about rumors surrounding the upcoming SATC sequel to the 2008 box-office smash. With less than a year until May 28, 2010 when the SATC movie sequel is scheduled to hit theatres, the gossip mill shows no signs of slowing down. So, let’s take a peek at the latest scoop on our favorite fashionistas and try to sort the fact from fiction!

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sequel

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Lights, Camera, Action! NYC Filming Date Set!

If your summer vacation plans include a trip to New York City, you might want to mark August 19 on your calendar. According to Production Weekly, that’s when cameras are set to start rolling on the SATC movie sequel. But don’t worry if you won’t be in town on August 19. The reputable industry resource indicates that production is scheduled to last two months, so we have some time to catch a glimpse of stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall and Chris Noth if we’re lucky. Production Weekly also reports that the two-month filming schedule will include a two-week stint in London, so it looks like Big’s rumored re-location to England, reported in our May 31, 2009 post, may be true after all.

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: No “Sex” for Dubai

While production in New York and London is set to move forward, plans to film the SATC sequel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are presenting some major problems. Multiple sources including the San Francisco Chronicle (see “'Sex And The City' Sequel Stalled”) are quoting an US Weekly report which claims that producers have hit a major stumbling block in negotiations with UAE government authorities. According to sources for US Weekly, the government is displeased with plans to base part of the plot in Dubai. Explains one source, “The UAE authorities aren’t keen on the title because of the word ‘sex’.”

Sex and the City | SATC | Sarah Jessica Parker What does this mean for the scheduled release date on May 28, 2010? Hopefully nothing. However, some online sources are going so far as to say that it could mean a delay in the SATC movie sequel release, see for example, BlackBook Mag’s article, “Dubai Bans ‘Sex and the City’ Sequel Production, New York to Follow?” The British lifestyle magazine, In2Town has even stated that the film’s release could be pushed to 2011, see “Film News Filming of Sex and the City is Halted.” Personally, I refuse to believe it. Until we hear otherwise from Warner Brothers Pictures and New Line Cinema, I’ll assume that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha will be gracing the big screen next May :-)

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Extra! Extra! SATC Needs You!

Big news for aspiring thespians! Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking extras for the SATC movie sequel and they’ve put out an Open Casting Call on their website for background performers. According to the agency’s website, they’ll be holding their Sex and the City Open Casting Call for the following roles: fashion models, celebrity types, upscale socialites, urban club goers, gays and lesbians, international types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European / British), and professional soccer players. Best of all, the opportunity is open to both SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and non-SAG members. Here are the deets!

Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Place: Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
between 6th & 7th Avenues.
SAG Members: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Non-SAG: 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

How exciting! I’ll bet there will be tons of people there. If you’re one of them, please let us know how it goes!

Can’t make it to NYC on August 4? No problem. Just e-mail a recent photo, along with your contact info, to Grant Wilfley Casting. You can also phone 212. 685. 3168 for more details. Who knows? You may be sharing the screen with Sarah Jessica Parker before you know it :-)

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Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: The Script is In! With Four to Spare?

Another key development since our last update is that the script for the SATC movie sequel has been finalized!’s Entertainment Scoop, ‘Sex and the City’ script is finished quotes an US Weekly report stating that SATC writer-director Michael Patrick King submitted his screenplay to New Line Cinema on June 8. According to the mag, King said, “I will be thrilled to deliver the sequel scripts to our four amazing stars just as soon as I finish checking them for typos!”

Sex and the City | SATC | Mr Big | Chris Noth For spoiler-loving fans like myself though, we may be in for a long wait before we know what’s really in store for Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes-Brady, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, and Samantha Jones this time around. In the “Sex And The Sequel Script Secrets!!!” post, Perez Hilton reports that, in an effort to prevent leaks on the highly anticipated SATC sequel, five different scripts have been circulating, each with a different plot line. Perez cites an US Weekly report stating that Big leaves Carrie in one version of the script, while another version includes a baby for the newlyweds. Perhaps the truth lies in a combination of the two. As we reported in our May 31 post, Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Spoilers and Speculation (May 2009), the majority of early “leaks” have speculated that Mr. Big will lose his millions as a result of the economic downturn and subsequently relocate to London where he lives under far more modest circumstances. Once there, Big cheats on Carrie but then confesses everything to her, prompting her to head to London to confront him in-person. It is at that point that Carrie finds out that she is in fact pregnant.

Not surprisingly, the SATC stars are remaining tight-lipped about any twists and turns that might be coming our way. Kristen Davis, who plays Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, was recently asked about the SATC movie sequel while at a red carpet event in Sydney, Australia. According to, Davis replied, “I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. I’m so sorry but I mustn’t say anything that gives the plot away. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve had to sign. It’s total lockdown.”

I love Kristen Davis. In addition to always being impeccably dressed, she just seems so down-to-earth and genuinely nice. Here’s a recent clip of the star answering a few impromptu questions from paparazzi news channel, Splash News, “Video: Kristin Davis Talks To Splash About SATC Sequel.” Of course, she didn’t divulge any plot secrets, but I thought she was sweet to take the time to speak with the reporter when so many other celebs might not have bothered.

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Casting - Who’s In and Who’s Out?

In casting news, there have been a few developments since our last post in which we confirmed that Chris Noth has signed on to reprise his role as Mr. Big. Noth was the last of the “SATC husbands” to commit to the sequel, joining Evan Handler (Harry Goldenblatt) and David Eigenberg (Steve Brady) who had already signed on. There’s still no word on whether Jason Lewis will reprise his role as Samantha Jones’ now-ex, Smith Jarrod. However, we can confirm that Willie Garson will be back on-screen as the fabulously flamboyant Stanford Blatch. Garson told the Boston Herald’s Inside Track that he “cannot wait” to be back with Sarah Jessica Parker and his fellow co-stars, but that he hasn’t seen the script. “All I know is that I have to show up and what they are paying me,” he laughed.

Sex and the City | SATC | Gilles Marini While we can look forward to the return of stylish Stanford as Carrie’s male BFF, it appears that fans of Gilles Marini won’t be so lucky. Marini, who played Samantha’s sexy neighbor Dante in the first SATC movie, has told that he most likely won’t be part of the sequel. The Dancing with the Stars runner-up said, “It would be such an honor to come back, but I know for a fact that I'm not going to be in the next Sex and the City — or there's a 99 percent chance I'm not going to be part of it, I should say.”

Contrary to our last report citing an interview with Britain’s OK! magazine in which Marini said that he would definitely reprise his role if asked, the actor is no longer so sure that he would say ‘yes’ to the sequel. He explained to,

In the first movie, Dante helped Samantha realize maybe she's not ready to be married and whatnot. But now she's back in New York, so is the guy going to go to New York and all of a sudden they're going to meet?” He continued, “I believe it'd be great if I could come back, but it won't make much sense and it's pretty much a story between the four girls. I don't know if I'd say yes or no, but there's a big chance I'm not doing it.

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Posh and the City?

Marini may be out, but one of the world’s most famous fashionistas may be in. Multiple media outlets have been reporting that none other than Victoria Beckham may be making a cameo appearance in the SATC movie sequel. In its article “Is Sex And The City going Posh?” according to the UK Daily Mail, the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has been taking acting lessons with the hope of landing a part alongside fellow style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. Posh had been offered a walk-on role in the 2008 SATC movie, but had to turn it down because she was rehearsing for the Spice Girls’ reunion tour at the time. “She really wanted to be in the last movie, but wasn’t able to take part because of her commitments with the Spice Girls,” said a source. “This time she’s keen to take part.”

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sequel | Victoria Becham | Posh US sources including are reporting that producers are indeed eager to cast Victoria Beckham in the role of a fashionista, one that would no doubt suit her well (read the full article here “Victoria Beckham taking acting lessons in hopes of landing cameo in 'Sex and the City' sequel”). Although it has long been rumored that the 35 year-old covets an acting career, her roles to date have been limited to ones in which she portrayed herself. Beckham appeared on the big screen at the height of the Spice Girls’ fame in 1997’s Spice World and, a decade later, played herself in a 2007 episode of Ugly Betty, a show that she reportedly favored for its fashion focus. What do you think? Would Posh be a welcome addition to the SATC sequel or an unnecessary distraction?

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Katie Buzz

If Posh does indeed end up slipping into a pair of Manolos alongside Carrie & co., could she be joined by her real-life BFF, Katie Holmes? According to British tabloid The Sun, the actress, who is currently in Australia filming “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark,” is rumored to be in negotiations for the role of a feisty businesswoman. The article quotes an unnamed source who says, “The character they want her to play is a really ballsy, high-powered company executive who tangles with Samantha.”

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sequel | Katie Holmes  As reported in Reel Movie News, “No Sex for Katie Holmes,” Katie’s rep, however, has denied the rumor, calling it a “totally fabricated story.”  Kate or no Katie, I love the idea of another alpha female going toe-to-toe with Samantha. Kim Cattrall is so fabulous when she goes into power mode. It would be fun to see her paired against a formidable rival.

But the Katie buzz doesn’t end there. This time, it’s British tabloid staple Katie Price who has been the subject of casting rumors for several weeks. In its article, “Jordan can’t get sex in the city,” according to The Sun’s TV Biz, the reality TV star and former model, also known as Jordan, auditioned for the role of Erin, a “naturally sexy” lesbian Irish nanny. However, despite reportedly spending thousands of pounds on acting lessons (see “Katie Price Auditions for Sex And The City 2”) in hopes of landing the part, the 31-year-old failed to make it to the top 20.

The Irish nanny “with amazing breasts” is just one of several new characters that producers reportedly plan to introduce. According to The Sun in its story, “SATC casts its net wide” others include a 50-year-old sheikh and “sexy” Danish male architect. It sounds intriguing -- especially the Danish architect. A new love interest for Carrie perhaps? If so, I cast my vote for Aussie, Hugh Jackman. What about you?

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Hannah Montana Takes Manhattan?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, here comes a rather unusual casting rumor. Canadian gossip maven Lainey (see “SATC 2 - Exclusive”) is reporting that pop princess Miley Cyrus is confirmed to be on the SATC movie set for one day. However, it remains to be seen whether the teen sensation will actually be appearing on screen.

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sequel | Miley Cyrus Last September, SATC author Candace Bushnell confirmed to Access Hollywood (see ‘Sex And The City’ Author Wants Miley Cyrus For Prequel) that she has signed a deal to write two young adult books about Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years. When asked who she would like to see as the teenage Carrie in the event that the books are adapted to television or the big screen, Bushnell reportedly responded, “I don’t know…Miley Cyrus!”

So, my theory is that if Cyrus is in fact on set, it will just be to observe. Of course, your guess is as good as mine. Do you think there may actually be a place for Miley in the movie?

Lainey has also served up a few fresh spoilers unrelated to Carrie and Big: a wedding for Stanford (with Liza Minnelli performing at the reception!) and a stint in jail for Samantha! Juicy stuff. As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know.

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel: Costume Controversy: Pat Field vs. SJP?

Last but definitely not least, we’re thrilled to confirm that costume designer Patricia Field has definitely signed on for the SATC movie sequel.

Sex and the City | SATC | Movie | Sequel | Patrica Field In the past month, the media had been abuzz with rumors that the celebrated fashion stylist would not be returning because of a feud with star Sarah Jessica Parker (see for example, the recent article, “Sex and the City' Stylist Patricia Field May Not Return for Sequel”). According to reports, Field was furious with Parker’s comments that, given the current economic climate, it would be “inappropriate” to showcase the designer clothes for which the franchise has become famous. When asked about the impact that the recession would have on her style choices, Patricia Field told British fashion magazine Grazia, “I don’t use the recession as a reference for my creativity,” prompting speculation that the influential costume designer would not be back for the follow-up to last year’s wildly successful movie.

Fortunately for those of us who have come to adore Field’s larger-than-life fashion sense, the legendary stylist has confirmed to Radar Online exclusively that she is “absolutely” on board for the SATC movie sequel (see Radar Online, “Patricia Field Staying On Sex and the City Sequel).” Referencing the alleged feud with Sarah Jessica Parker, she said, “I don't use the recession as a reference for my creativity. True. I am furious and had a row with Sarah Jessica over whatever? False.” She added, “Making up stories is a common mispractice, nothing new.”

Lest there be any doubt that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha will remain the fashion mavens that we know and love, in its article “Sex and the City staying stylish, BANG media is also reporting that Patricia Field has no plans to dramatically alter the characters’ wardrobes. When asked about reflecting the recession on-screen, Field is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t do it. Of course the four girls are going to be fabulous and flamboyant - otherwise what is the point? I want to do it the other way. I'd be like, ‘Forget your troubles.’”

With production on the SATC movie sequel set to begin in just a few weeks, there will no doubt be plenty of new plot rumors, casting updates, and behind-the-scenes gossip to discuss. What do you think so far? Are you excited about what you’re hearing? Let us know! Until next time, my fellow SATC fans!


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