Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel Update

Hello SATC fans! It’s been a long winter, but spring is officially here :) And we all know what that means: We’ve finally entered the homestretch to the release of the Sex and the City movie sequel! By now, most die-hard SATC fans have more than likely seen the official SATC 2 trailer and SATC 2 movie poster that we shared in our January 20 update. (If you haven’t, check them out here!) So I’m thrilled to report that New Line Cinema has released some new photos to help quench our thirst for all things SATC while we count down to the release of the SATC movie sequel on May 28.
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kim Cattrall | Samantha | Kristin Davis | Charlotte | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | Cynthia Nixon | Miranda

New SATC 2 Photos Hit the Web

The newly released stills, which have been published by media outlets such as Britain’s Daily Mail (see the article Souks And The City: Sneak peek of Carrie & Co's Moroccan adventure in Sex And The City 2), and (see: Sex and the City 2: New photos released), feature some fantastic shots of our fabulous SATC foursome – Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes-Brady (Cynthia Nixon), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis). They include a photo of our fashionistas kicking up their designer heels in a Morocco nightclub and another, published by In of Carrie and her fellow SATC 2 stars taking to the stage in what appears to be a lively karaoke performance (see New Sex and The City 2 Picture Revealed and the two images below); don’t you just love the SATC fashion in these shots!!!
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Cynthia Nixon | Miranda | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | Kim Cattrall | Samantha | Kristin Davis | Charlotte
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kristin Davis | Charlotte | Kim Cattrall | Samantha | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | Cynthia Nixon | Miranda
Along with these awesome group shots, New Line has released an official photo of Charlotte wearing a cupcake-printed apron while clearly reveling in domesticity with now two-year-old daughter Rose (see first image directly below), as well as a shot of writer-director Michael Patrick King on-set in NYC with Carrie (SJP), wearing the now famous White Halston Heritage v-neck jersey dress from the official SATC 2 poster, and Charlotte (Kristen Davis), sporting a $3090 Pink Christian Dior jacket and $790 Dior skirt with Pink and White Christian Louboutin designer slingbacks (second image directly below).
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kristin Davis | Charlotte York | with lovely little Rose
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Michael Patrick King | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | Kristin Davis | Charlotte York
The studio has also released a new pic (see first image directly below) of Samantha (Kim Cattrall) dashing across a busy NYC street in a low-cut, Black body-hugging mini, (with daring cutouts no less!) and yet another alluring pic of the PR maven, this time lounging in a luxurious Yellow robe while spending some quality time with her laptop and BlackBerry (see second image below). Leave it to Samantha to make “working from home” look so chic and sexy!
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kim Cattrall | Samantha
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kim Cattrall | Samantha
These photos join the previously released official shots of our fierce SATC 2 fashionistas strolling across the Moroccan desert (see the very first image above in this post), and sipping champagne while enjoying a sumptuous feast in an exotic Bedouin tent (see image below and 8 New Sex and the City 2 Photos). And let’s not forget that great pic of Carrie wearing the “J’adore Dior 8” designer tee that is sure to become one of the most sought-after designer clothing items this year (see second image below)!
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Kristin Davis | Charlotte | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | Kim Cattrall | Samantha | Cynthia Nixon | Miranda
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Carrie | J’adore Dior 8 | Designer tee

Style in Sin City: SATC 2 Stars Get Glam in Vegas

A huge ChicAlert congratulations to the cast of SATC 2 for picking up the Ensemble Award at ShoWest 2010, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, in Las Vegas! On-hand to promote the upcoming release of the SATC movie sequel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis treated us to not one, but TWO, sets of designer looks! (see: Fashion face-off: The gals of SATC 2 versus themselves!).
First on the style schedule, the trio of SATC leading ladies attended the Warner Brothers “Big Picture 2010” event on the afternoon of March 18. SJP looked amazing in a Yellow sequined one-shoulder dress from the Lanvin Spring-Summer 2010 collection. The actress paired the super-flattering draped designer dress with Pinkish-Nude suede Charlotte Olympia luxury designer heels. Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, meanwhile, both opted for one of this season’s hottest trends: prints. Kristin Davis looked radiant in a $1,990 Black, floral, pre-Fall 2010 Oscar de la Renta silk twill dress with a ruffle skirt, which she paired with a Black Jimmy Choo clutch and Black patent peep-toe shoes. And Cynthia Nixon looked fabulous in a Carolina Herrera Purple and Amber rope print sheath from the designer’s Spring 2010 collection. Dressed up with Purple satin Christian Louboutin pumps, Jimmy Choo clutch and Fred Leighton jewelry, the look was perfectly polished from head-to-toe. The Carolina Herrera designer dress features colorful Purple/multicolor rope-weave print on soft Italian cotton, a tailored shape pencil skirt and finished with cap sleeves. If money is no object then you can purchase this chic designer dress at up market boutiques such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Cynthia Nixon | Carolina Herrera | Rope-Print | Designer Dress
But it was at the closing ceremony later that evening that the SATC ladies really pulled out all the fashion stops. As Marchesa PR tweeted in real-time, Sarah Jessica Parker looked spectacular in a delicately beaded Black Marchesa mini. I especially love the ultra feminine tulle fabric and the sheer arced neckline of shooting stars. She looks like a fairy princess. (And I mean that in a good way!)
Sex and the City | SATC 2 | Movie | Sequel | Carrie | Sarah Jessica Parker | SJP | Marchesa | Black Mini
Yes, SJP is definitely loving Marchesa these days. Just two days earlier, on March 16, captured the SATC starlet exhibiting her trademark creativity when she wore Marchesa’s Black shooting star tuxedo dress as a jacket while on-hand for a Halston Heritage promotional event in Toronto, Canada. The designer dress, from Georgina Chapman’s Marchesa Fall-Winter 2010 collection, looked ultra-hip paired with a Halston Heritage Purple mini, a sparkling mesh Halston Heritage handbag, and Grey satin Ferragamo pumps.
But getting back to Vegas, SJP wasn’t the only one to raise the glamour quotient at the ShoWest 2010 evening festivities. Accepting the Ensemble Award with her two SATC co-stars, Kristin Davis opted once again for pre-Fall 2010 Oscar de la Renta, but this time in the form of a Black A-Line Dress loaded with Gold embellishments and paired with Christian Louboutin sandals. Cynthia Nixon, meanwhile, looked smashing in a body skimming Black cut-out shift by Roberto Cavalli, Black tights, Fred Leighton jewelry, and a clutch and Black pumps, both by Christian Louboutin.
While Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis were dazzling Las Vegas, Kim Cattrall (Samantha) was noticeably absent. No scandal here though. As we reported in our March 11 Sex and the City (SATC) Movie Sequel Update update, the actress is in London where she is performing in a West End production of Noel Coward’s play, Private Lives. Joking backstage about the rumored catfights between herself and Cattrall, SJP told E! Online (see: Sex in Las Vegas: Where Was Kim Cattrall?,
“We don’t like her, so she’s gone.”
Lest anyone take her remark seriously though, Parker continued,
“We’ve actually been e-mailing with her for the last three or four hours. The next time you see us, we will be complete.”
Also speaking with E! Online, Cynthia Nixon echoed SJP’s sentiments, saying, “We miss her.” So, I guess the tabloids are out of luck if they were hoping for some evidence of juicy backstage rivalry. I think that our SATC stars have dealt with more than their share of manufactured rumors at this point, so here’s hoping that the catfight stories will end sooner rather than later! 

Kristin Davis Dishes on her SATC 2 “Crazy Pants”

When it comes to Sex and the City fashion, I think we can all agree that the more eye-popping choices are usually reserved for eclectic Carrie or sultry Samantha. But it looks like Charlotte will have at least one scene-stealing style moment of her own when the SATC movie sequel opens this May. The actress spoke to In Style magazine (see: Shop SJP’s Sexy Heels from SATC2!) at the Montblanc Charity Cocktail for UNICEF, hosted by the Weinstein Co. on March 6.
“I had these Zac Posen pants in the sequel,” said Davis. “They are red satin lunatic pants – [Zac] admits that they are crazy pants. I would never wear them in real life because they are insane!”
As for whether Kristin Davis and her fellow SATC 2 stars get to keep the designer clothes and designer shoes and handbags that they sport on-screen, she reveals,
“Generally speaking, we get to keep our clothes from the movie…We’re really, really careful though because we often have one-of-a-kind samples from the runway. We don’t eat in them.”
Given the expense of their designer outfits, I can’t say that I blame them. Of course, that’s not to say that one might not have a cosmo or two. ;-)

SJP on Alexander McQueen: A Touching Tribute

Finally, on a somber note, the fashion world is still mourning the tragic and shocking loss of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. As we mentioned in our post following his death on February 11 (see: British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Dead), Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the many high-profile celebs whom the designer, born Lee McQueen, counted among his fans. In the wake of his passing, SJP has written an eloquent piece for Time Magazine in which she captures the fashion designer’s passion, creativity and grace. In an excerpt, she writes:
“When I asked Lee if he would make my dress for the premiere of the Sex and the City movie, he was gracious enough to say yes. He flew to New York City on a couple of occasions to keep fitting it on me. In London, he fitted it on me again, with the same exacting precision he had about everything. Big and little. And he was just lovely. When he'd look up and smile--which he rarely did, since he was very shy – he was just so winning.”
If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the full Alexander McQueen tribute by SJP, I think you’ll appreciate it.
That’s all for now, my fellow SATC addicts! We’ll be back very soon with more inside scoop on the SATC movie sequel and fashion, including the deets on what initially propelled Sarah Jessica Parker to start thinking about her new partnership with Halston. And, yes, you can bet that there’s an SATC connection!


  1. The movie and acter are great.

  2. Can you tell me who is the designer of the fabulous skirt SJP is wearing with the black J'adore Dior tee? I love it!

  3. Anonymous2:52 AM

    zac posen, actually a dress the skirt is simply the under core of the dress. Fabulous, and i believe valued at around $10,000.00