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Miss Gustto Designer Handbags

Greetings fashionistas! I hope you’re enjoying a stylish and spectacular summer! It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we’ll be getting ready to trade our beachwear for boots. However, we can’t be too sad about the cooler temps to come. After all, the super-thick September issues of our fave fashion magazines are all hitting the shelves, and boy, do we have some fabulous Fall fashion to look forward to! At Chic Alert, we’re always excited to share the latest style news, and one of the big stories for Fall is the new line of budget-friendly designer handbags from Gustto, a line by French fashion designer, Agathe Planchon.

AnnaLynne McCord | Gustto | Women's | Chic | Designer | Handbags | Shoes
AnnaLynne McCord sporting a Gustto "Malia" designer handbag.

Hollywood Celebrities Love Gustto Handbags

If you’ve picked up a fashion mag during the past five years (and who hasn’t?), you’ve no doubt seen some of the exquisite pieces from Gustto, Planchon’s super chic and sophisticated line of designer handbags. Her buttery soft creations have earned a loyal following among high-fashion celebrities and style-setters around the world. And it really is no wonder so many celebrities have been spotted carrying these beautiful designer bags. They are classy and chic and easily transform from day into night!

Fans include Hollywood A-listers Eva Longoria Parker (Eva has quite a collection of Gussto bags including a Purple "Brescia" bag, a Red "Rosa" clutch and a Taupe "Bonba" clutch), Kim Kardashian (has the "hot" "Andrea" Gustto handbag in Black), Paris Hilton (Paris has been seen carrying a Fushia "Brescia" Gustto handbag) and Cameron Diaz (spotted recently with the lovely Yellow "Ciosa" Clutch) as well as up-and-coming starlets Emmy Rossum, Dancing With the Stars champion turned actress, Julianne Hough, and 90210’s reigning “It Girl,” AnnaLynne McCord.

Earlier in May this year, AnnaLyne McCord was spotted out and about in Los Angeles wearing Black Orchid's "Black Jewel" skinny jeans in Snow White wash (available on for $105) and keeping her outfit neutral, the 90210 star carried a Tan "Malia" Gustto handbag (see image above). With lace up detailing in ultra soft tan Italian leather, the "Malia" Gussto handbag features a removable strap that effortlessly transforms the bag and allowing it to be worn a variety of ways. Paired with bright peep toe pumps, don't you just love the super-chic look. An avid fan of both lines, AnnaLynne has been seen sporting Black Orchid and Gustto handbags on numerous occasions. She also loves her Black Andrea Gussto handbag as does Kim Kardashian. Miley Cyrus also loves the Camel "Malia" bag.

Enjoying the warm summer weather, dressed casually in shorts, t-shirt and sandals, as well as cap and sunnies Hollywood A-lister Halle Berry was recently spotted out and about in West Hollywood wearing the "Falcha" Gustto handbag. The ultra soft Italian leather shoulder bag features a removable strap that effortlessly transforms it into a messenger. With exposed zippers and a bright purple suede interior, the "Falcha" Gustto designer handbag is the perfect accessory to edge up Halle's laid back look. Halle is definitely a big fan of the luxurious handbag line having also been spotted on a number occasions wearing the "Milano" Gustto messenger.

Halle Berry | Gustto | Women's | Chic | Designer | Handbags | Shoes
Halle Berry carrying the Gussto "Falcha" Designer Handbag

Miss Gustto Handbags

It’s no surprise that Agathe Planchon’s superbly crafted Gustto handbags can retail for more than four figures. However, for those of us who crave the cutting-edge cool of the Gustto brand without the eye-popping price tag, Planchon has created a fab new line, Miss Gustto. Inspired by a group of young girlfriends on a budget, and timely so given the tough economic climate we have found ourselves in, a Miss Gustto handbag will set us back a mere $40 to $130 – an affordable price point for such high-end designer style! Let's take a quick look at the new Miss Gustto handbags! Here are my top picks.

"Bonnie" - Miss Gustto Handbag

First on my must-have list is the uber-chic "Bonnie" bag as shown in the image below. This sumptuous designer handbag meets all of the criteria on my “fantasy bag” checklist: Contemporary, Versatile, Fashionable and Affordable! Made of luxe, glazed faux leather, the "Bonnie" bag is the picture of urban chic. Studded detailing, along with side zippers and leather rope tassels, give this designer handbag plenty of attitude without going too over-the-top. I absolutely love the expandable shape and claw closure. As someone who has a tendency toward overstuffing her handbags (I’d love to be one of those ladies who can get through the day with just a lipstick and a wallet in her purse, but I’m so not! ), the roomy interior is a huge plus. Equally awesome is the top zip closure. In addition to keeping your items secure, it allows you to keep your personal items from prying eyes in a way that one-button or snap closures don’t. (The cute guy next to me on the subway doesn’t need to know that I’ve got a Hello Kitty makeup mirror and enough old receipts to fill a small warehouse in there!).

Miss Gustto | Women's | Chic | Designer | Handbags | Shoes
The uber-chic Miss Gustto, "Bonnie" Designer Handbag

Available in Dark Brown, Black, Charcoal and Stone, the "Bonnie" Miss Gustto handbag features dual shoulder straps with a 7” drop. It has a flat bottom and measures 9 ½” deep x 12 ½” high, expanding to a maximum 18” width. The fabric interior lining contains both a back wall zip pocket and front wall, multifunctional slip pockets – perfect for everything from your cell phone to your hairbrush. Available at at $98, this of-the-moment designer handbag is a stylish steal!

"Elena" - Miss Gustto Handbag

My next pick is the stunning "Elena" bag as shown in the image directly below. Where the "Bonnie" handbag exudes a hint of motorcycle chic, the Miss Gussto "Elena" bag has a classic feel that makes it the perfect addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. This lustworthy designer handbag has been spotted on Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars (my guilty pleasure). It is made of shiny faux leather and features dual chain Silver shoulder straps with an 8” drop. But it’s the attachable cross body strap that brings this designer handbag from my want list to my “absolutely, positively, have-to-have it” list. If you’ve caught any of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s appearances on the talk show circuit this month, you already know that the Messenger Bag is on her list of top 10 items for Fall. With its attachable 24” dropcross body strap, the "Elena" Miss Gustto handbag lets us work the more daytime Messenger Bag style when we want to, but leaves us free to wear the classic dual strap look at night. The best of both worlds – I love it! This gorgeous designer handbag comes in Black and Blue, and measures 6” deep x 13” high, expanding to a maximum width of 17 ½”. Like the "Bonnie" Miss Gustto handbag, it features a rear exterior zip pocket, top zip closure and an interior lining with a back wall zip pocket and front wall multifunctional slip pockets. The "Elena" bag, however, features an interior zip divider in addition to a flat bottom with feet to protect it when set down. This statement designer handbag retails for just $99. At that price, can I afford not to get it? LOL!

Miss Gustto | Women's | Chic | Designer | Handbags | Shoes
The stunning "Elena" Miss Gustto Designer Handbag

"Clarice" - Miss Gustto Handbag

Last but definitely not least, the "Clarice" bag as shown in the image below is a bagonista’s dream. This phenomenally chic Miss Gustto designer handbag is crafted from subtly glazed, crinkled faux leather and features dual shoulder straps with an 8” drop. Not to be outdone in the versatility department, it also has an attachable shoulder strap with a 14” drop. I just love the way these Miss Gustto designer purses allow for different looks! At 6” deep x 9” high and expandable to a maximum 16” width, it’s slightly smaller than the "Bonnie" and "Elena" bags, but still roomy enough to hold your designer wallet, designer sunglasses, BlackBerry and a small makeup case. It has a top zip closure along with front and exterior side pockets. The lined interior includes a back wall zip pocket and front wall slip pockets that always come in handy for those loose items that would otherwise get lost at the bottom of your purse. At $112, the Miss Gussto "Clarice" designer handbag is available in Black, Charcoal and Stone. It’s definitely on my Fall shopping list!

Miss Gustto | Women's | Chic | Designer | Handbags | Shoes
The super chic "Clarice" Miss Gustto, Designer Handbag

Where to Buy Miss Gustto Handbags

These are just a few of more than ten fashion-forward Miss Gustto designs, available online at,,, and, as well as in-store at Macy’s, Nordstrom and Von Maur. Internationally, Miss Gustto handbags are available at the popular Brown’s in Canada and at Seibu in Hong Kong. The gorgeous budget-friendly line will also be featured in upcoming Macy’s and Von Maur catalogues. I’m so excited about this collection! Combining Planchon’s sophisticated designer aesthetics with affordable price points, it’s sure to appeal to today’s smart, fashion-savvy shopper! What do you think, are you ready to embrace the Miss Gustto girl style? Do you have a favorite? Let us know!


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