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Lanvin for H&M

In our post, Exclusive Lanvin Designer Collection for H&M back in early September, we wrote about how the Paris-based and luxury, super chic Lanvin was going to be H&M's next high-fashion designer collaboration. We reported that the Lanvin H&M collection will go on sale on November 23 in 200 H&M stores worldwide. However, the launch is now only 5 days away when the collection will be seen for the first time on the H&M website but to build up publicity and while doing so whet our appetites, already some leaks are starting to be released.

First, there's the following video clip in which fashion model/actress Natasha Poly talks about the line while backstage on the set of the Lanvin for H&M campaign shoot. The images are deliberately blurred no doubt to hide the Lanvin for H&M collection being worn by the models. However, do not despair....

As the Huffington Post in its article, Lanvin For H&M Sneak Peek Revealed and Vouge in the article, Lanvin For H&M have reported, the cheap chic, high-street global retail chain H&M has already revealed a couple of images from the collection.

4 Outfits from the | Lanvin H&M | Designer | Fashion | Collection
Four Outfits from the Lanvin for H&M Collection
In particular, the image above from the launch shows four models wearing completely black Lanvin H&M outfits, frightfully sexy in Black and accessorized with Black sunglasses and some with white pearl necklaces. Starting from the left, the first model is wearing a nothing short of stunning Black Taffeta one-shoulder dress with the most beautiful tulip styled short Juliet sleeve over the left shoulder. The dress is short and hits high above the knees and also features a wide black belt. I'm really excited about this Lanvin for H&M dress. The next model is wearing a two-tone Black matt and satin coat with belt and a feature collar. The third model is wearing a Black low-cut Tuxedo jacket with a Satin-look lapel over a Black Satin mini-skirt that once again hits high above the knees for that 'killer' look. The fourth model, Natasha Poly, is wearing a Black sleeveless ruffled dress again hitting high above the knees and featuring a wide black belt. So most are flirty LBDs hitting high above the knees and you can definitely see the Lanvin cut and tailoring in these pieces with a definite focus on form and detail.

I'm really excited about the Black Taffeta one-shoulder dress shown in the picture below in more detail. It looks super chic and oh so Lanvin.

Black Taffeta one-shoulder dress from the | Lanvin H&M | Designer | Fashion | Collection
Black Taffeta one-shoulder dress from the Lanvin for H&M Collection
For more clues about the soon-to-be-released Lanvin for H&M collection this is what Lanvin's Alber Elbaz said last month:
And then the phone rang. I said, "Hello? Hello?" And it was H&M on the phone. I thought, "H&M?" They actually told me, "Alber, you make so many people dream in fashion. Let's try to see if you can't translate that dream to a bigger audience." And we created a dream and I hope it makes you feel good. Just take a floral dress, take a tuxedo. Just enjoy this kind of tulle and T-shirts and printed dresses. We wanted to have more people around the world be able to afford it, and that's why I was behind the project and I hope you like it.

When I saw the final samples that H&M brought, after a couple of months of working on them, I almost got a panic attack. I mean, they were so good. I couldn't see the difference between the originals and what H&M re-created. I realize more and more how important, though, is what we are going to do and what we are doing at Lanvin today. It is the difference between creating and re-creating. Whatever took me nine years to create was actually re-created in three months, and it was done in an amazing way. And the importance of experimenting and trying to find solutions and to go higher and higher because this is actually the essence of high fashion.
So when Alber saw the final collection they were so good he couldn't see the difference between the originals and what H&M re-created. Like I said back in September, "H&M going luxury, oh I can't wait for this much anticipated collection." In the meantime, stay tuned as we'll bring you more updates on the Lanvin for H&M collection very soon. Oh before I go, check out this video of the Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-wear runway show at Paris Fashion Week. Alber Elbaz filled the runway with a mix of classy and chic long pleated skirts split open at the sides, pantsuits and elongated jackets. Celebrities including Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz and Deeta Von Teese were there showing their support for Lanvin.

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