Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Is A Sellout

The Lanvin for H&M collection was out on the racks in stores in North America on November 20 and its worldwide release on November 23. As expected, early indications are that the Lanvin for H&M collection is going to be a massive sellout at most stores worldwide. With stores opening at 9:00am, queues began forming very early in the morning and, as reported by The London Evening Standard (see Shoppers queue overnight for Lanvin range at H&M) some even the night before (e.g. London's Oxford Circus, Regent Street).

Not only were there queues going around the block for the coveted designer collection, but also the H&M online site was struggling to keep up with the demand from online shoppers wanted to avoid the queues. In fact, it became impossible or at best most difficult to get on and eventually when you could, after clicking the BUY NOW button you more than likely would see the Sold out message: "The items have sold out during the day."

The same fate was found for many in-stores with the collection selling out within one or two hours. In fact, the Dubai Mall reported that the Lanvin for H&M collection sold out in just 10 minutes!!! As well as ransacking and clearing the racks, mannequins were stripped naked. Videos of the opening are already starting to appear. For instance, check out the Lanvin for H&M Collection opening in Montreal video by The Montreal Gazette.

Of course the news wasn't all bad as some lucky shoppers managed to cash out and purchase a number of pieces from the much sought after designer collection, and judging from early reports, some it would seem with more than their fair share. I just checked on eBay and as can be expected there are already hundreds of Lanvin for H&M items being auctioned off, even the popular, Lanvin for H&M Pink Cocktail Dress, the Lanvin for H&M Signature Purse Clutch and the Lanvin for H&M Faux Fur Coat Jacket are up for grabs.

H&M has also recommended that we check stores over the weekend for returns as the next best way to pick up those sold out items. One warning though, reports are that some shoppers spent as much on Lanvin for H&M as they might have on the real Lanvin :(

Fashionistas, stay tuned!!!

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