Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chic Ideas for Mother's Day

Chic Ideas for Mother's Day Thank you mom for making me chic Chic daughters are born from chic mothers, and thankfully, your mom has raised you as a dashing, well-balanced individual. Let’s take a second to reminisce and reflect on the teachings of mom and the skill set that she has provided:
  • The skilful art of putting together the perfect ensemble. You may have had your ups and downs over the years, on what is appropriate dress code. You may have at times not behaved in such a daughterly fashion when she dared have an opinion on your creativity. However, let’s face it: Without mother’s guidance, fashion disasters would have been a much more significant feature in your teens and more than likely you would never have achieved the level of chic that you are at now.
  • Relationship no-no’s. Remember when you hated mom and felt like you were never going to forgive her for RUINING your life? Ok, it was a while ago and there have most likely been many since. But, if you can cast your mind back to when your beloved boyfriend came complete with a bad record and the birth date that long expired your own. You will remember the frustration felt, when mom was incapable of recognising his charms and instead grounded you for a sentence that had him move on to the next unlucky victim (in the space of under a week). Leaving you momentarily heartbroken and eternally grateful for not being the depressed young single-mom that was to be the fate of your Successor. With tastes that evolve with time and experience you are now able to hold on to gorgeous, ambitious, professional: The perfect chic accessory!
  • Bad education. Mom forced you to work, you wanted to play. Tantrums and vile rebellions should have driven you apart, but mom stuck by you and was there to support each fail and celebrate every achievement. With the battle won, your career prospects and future have paved the way to a life where inspiring environments, fabulous pastimes and stylish outfits are an actuality.
May 8th 2011: A date for the diary With all the above in mind, you have a lot to thank mom for. If ever you needed an excuse to treat mom, this May is the perfect time to show your appreciation; Mothers day, a whole day dedicated to the special lady in your life. Unless you still live at home, an awkward breakfast in bed featuring cold eggs complete with shards of shell and an overflowing glass of home grown flowers (that you have thoughtfully ripped from the garden) is not going to cut it! So, what are you going to put together to mark this occasion? Answer: Treat mom the chic way

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Celebrating mothers: An ode to my chic mother, stood in the middle posing with her cousins… Mother’s don’t get much more adorable (and chic) than this!

Chic Treats for Mom You want to get mom something special and unique. Consider the following points before diving in:
  1. Realistic for your budget (and time): Mom will not want you spending more cash than your budget allows. As for time, you organise a fab day with mom, you must ensure that you can get the time to carry this out.
  2. Be In tune with mom: Don’t blow your cash on something that you love but mom may only hold onto to make you happy. Different generations have different tastes!
  3. Consistent appreciation: You love mom and you always will. With birthdays, holidays and mother’s days being annual events, you should keep your chic treats realistic and evenly applied year in, year out.
With all things considered, here are some great ways to spoil your mother: Tic Toc Mother and daughter time is a precious thing, you may well be lucky enough to spend lots of time with your mom already. However, carefully planning a day where mom is the leading lady makes a special gift idea. This mother’s day present mom with some sort of gorgeously created invitation to a shared day. Day ideas could be anything that is right for your mom. For inspiration think: a day at the spa; afternoon tea; wine tasting; theatre. The list is endless, what is important is that you spend her day doing something that you will both enjoy and will provide some real quality time together. Get creative Make your mom proud and showcase your creative streak on Mother's Day with a hand made or customised gift. If you are blessed with the skill of creating inanimate objects that are appealing to the eye, mom will be in for a stylish treat! Art? Apparel? Words? Your talents will make the perfect, personal gift for mom, so start creating! Possibly creating things from scratch is not your forte; you may have the vision but not the facility for putting things together. Well, no need to fret! There are many creative gifts that are easy to achieve, which will only require thought, vision and in most cases; the internet. How about a personalized calendar? Research a company that makes these (most photo developments companies will). Collect twelve chic photos, edit if necessary and submit. Easy and fabulous! How about customizing a piece of jewelry or clothing? A whole host of companies offer the opportunity of providing their customers with artistic licence over existing designs. Another fab option is to  Design your own mothers jewelry? Where you can actually choose the arrangement, metal, stones and all the significant aspects that go into a ring, and hey presto you have created a mothers ring (and avoided disaster!) A fantastic gift for a stylish mom. If neither of the above areas suits your mom, here is an additional list of chic ideas:
  • Go green: If mom thinks gifts look best in green. Get her something made from renewable or recycled materials. A hemp purse? With so many green treats available all over the place it is easy to treat mom to guilt free gifts.
  • Culture Vulture: Bring mom up to the present and introduce her to the literary efforts of new authors, directors and musicians. Chic moms are open moms, so share your recent finds and get connected.
  • Attention to detail: Next time your visiting mom, have a look around the house and see what mom loves, does she collect certain items? Are certain brands or themes reoccurring? Take these hints and use them as gift tips.
  • Hobby horse: Does mom have passions outside of being a chic, fabulous role model? Maybe, mom loves gardening. If so, how about some stylish gardening gloves and a nourishing hand cream? Look into how mom spends her spare time and think of ways to inject added glamour and accessorize!
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